Sunday 3 November 2013

No November!

No November well I have not got any further with November wordplay , I have been busy with a couple of exchanges and so time has slipped away. I am going to do December this month and fit in November as and when. So my blogging friends I chose a commentator from this past years blogging and the chosen one was Andrea of The Craft room. I have ordered her the new Drawn Thread Chart Christmas Sampler and she is delighted. I had mail from DSL this morning to say they will be posting it tomorrow Monday  about a week or so Andrea and it will be with you. The next one maybe a stitched one for when I reach 200 followers ,so keep commenting and you never know next time it may be YOU!.

So as I said I have been busy stitching exchanges one I cannot show ,but I received this and 6 little bars of chocolate for the grandchildren, this was the Spooky Exchange from Clare at Needlecraft Haven, I have to say she made me smile.The grandchildren said thankyou to the kind lady and it made them smile too!!
Does she make you smile too. 
The next pic is the one I sent to Tina and she loved it ,I am so pleased as I was loving it too and found it hard to part with , I think I may have to stitch it again for myself.
The coffin closes and opens . 

This was a design by Just Nan the charm was by her too .called Ghosts and Ghouls. I am loving the Christmas exchange design I have chosen too. One day I can show you that. I have not a great deal to tell you this time. Not much done on Quaker Diamonds I will show pic next time. Patience needs its border and then I will start the next in the series.
I did Mummy sheep as a woolly one and the baby one as normal. I love these sheep. Talking of sheep ,look what my Julie friend sent me ,a sheep bag, I love the one in the wellies or do I like the Summer one best hmmm no cannot choose lol.
Jardin Prive part 3 is out and I have just started it as I had to frog some of part 2 ,so again a pic next time , this next part has sheep!!!!! on it. I was watching a programme the other evening that was saying despite them having a reputation of being silly , they are in fact quite intelligent . 
I also have done a little on Song of the Seasons that I stitch on a Wednesday night in the parlour. Sally is taking part too so that is 3 nights a week we stitch together. When the sheep have finished we have decided I shall start the Calendar Girls by LHN and she is doing the Frosty ones by CCN . 
My post this time is short , sorry, we have not done too much this last week or two, Martins Mum who is 87 took a tumble and things have had to be done for her. She is wearing purple accessories i.e. two black eyes .She decided to go and clear some leaves in the very windy weather last weekend and tripped. It is such a worry when a parent gets old. 
Anyway I shall end on that note and hope to get back with you soon. We have 4 of the grandchildren , a girlfriend of Jack and Kate for dinner on Tuesday so will be busy on Tuesday. Take care all and from a blustery day here in Weymouth Keep stitching.
Hugs Barb.


Vickie said...

Love that gift from Julie!
I am so sorry to hear about Martin's mum. I am praying for her.
What a great dinner you have coming up. Enjoy!

cucki said...

Aww sweet gift from Julie :)
I am so much praying for martin's mom too...
Sending you big hugs and love x

Clare-Aimetu said...

Prayers for Martin's Mum Barb x x glad she made you smile :)
Lovely bag from Julie, perfect for this weather

Samplers, Silks and Linens said...

love the halloween ornaments and the fluffy sheep makes me want to reach out and feel it, so cute - Amanda

stitchersanon said...

Prayers being sent; lovely ornies and gifts and sending hugs from Ireland

Barbi said...

What wonderful gifts, both given and received! that coffin is the cutest thing!
Hope your mother in law feels better. At 87 any fall is a scary fall!

butterfly said...

Hope MIL will be better soon, It is a worrying time with our aging parents , I had this worry for the last 12yrs .
But they are all in a better place now.

Love all your stitching the just Nan one is great.
Love the fluffy sheep and your exchange, hugs.

Tina said...

Loved my ornie Barb,didn't realise it was a JN one,one of my favourite designers and my favourite holiday,love the colours,witches and cats!
Hope MIL is feeling better soon,my mom had a tumble down the stairs to her bungalow,which means she was due to have a hip replacement on Monday but it's had yo be put back a while now.
All wips are coming on well,fab bag off Julie,love mother sheep she looks so fluffy.
As usual I have written an essay
Hugs xx

Michelle said...

Prayers for Martins Mum Barb - lovely pictures x

Jane said...

Sorry, you didn't get your November wordplay finished Barb but I shall look forward to seeing Decembers!
I love the Spooky Exchange creations and yes! that witch did make me laugh and I wouldn't be frightened if I met her on a dark night, not with that grin! Your stitched gift to Tina is adorable, never seen a charm like that before, it's so quirky, I love it! Love your fluffy woolly sheep too!
Hope you survived the storm last week, DD is near you in Bournemouth and apart from 1 fallen fence panel, she was okay!
Keeping Martin's Mum in my thoughts and praying she'll make a good recovery quickly
Take Care xxx

Catherine said...

Great stitches ~ love the coffin! So sorry about your mother-in-law ~ hope she mends quickly!

Mouse said...

cooo where to start .... that witch is cute ... love that coffin and ornie :) patience is looking good ... the sheep bag well wellies are a hit at the moment
sounds like you have been busy with your needles on other stuff too :) and hope the purple accessories go down soon ... thinks she needs some moon boots to weigh her down in the wind ... have a happy stitchy week :) love mouse xxxxxx

Christine said...

Lovely stitching Barb and the sheep bag is very cute.
Hope MIL recovers quickly

Julie said...

Saw the Halloween ornie at the meet up, its brilliant, I love the little coffin that opens, you always make something wonderful and different for the recipient.

So pleased you liked the bag, it just shouted 'send me to Barb' when I saw it lol.

The fluffy sheep is cute in your latest little virtue.

Get well wishes to Martin's mum and {big hug} to you too. xxx

Shirlee said...

I am saying prayers for Martin's mum. Poor dear ... I'm glad she was not more seriously hurt.

angelasweby said...

Barb hi,
So sorry to hear about martin's mum. i hope she heals soon. How amazing that, at 87, she still has energy to go out clearing leaves!
Love the ornament you sent Tina. it's so full of colour and action. Those little coffin charms are a hoot..hahaha!! The little witch ornament is gorgeous too.
Julie's seasonal sheep bag is wonderful. Doesn't it sum up our British weather perfectly!

Andrea said...

Beautiful exchanges. Love the witch, she looks a kind witch. The coffin charm is fantastic! Sorry to hear about Martins mum. It's good that she is still up and about at that age but I don't suppose she will be told to be careful what she does. It's always "I'll be OK, don't you worry".Mmmm.
Thank you again for my lovely chart, I can't wait for it, I'm so excited.

Carol said...

Oh, how cute is that coffin charm--that is one adorable finish, Barb! And the sheep bag from Julie is so cute--does it really rain that much in England?

So sorry to hear about Martin's mother--my mom is 86 and I live in fear of her falling as she has horrible osteoporosis. I hope she heals quickly...

Sally said...

Lovely exchange pieces and a fantastic gift from Julie.

Love how Patience is looking. I'll be seeing you Monday for more stitching I hope!

Congratulations to Andrea! What a lovely idea.

I hope Martin's Mum is doing well after her fall.

Hugs xxxx

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