Friday 27 December 2013

All over for another year- but still a few more days to go for the 2013 stitching.

I am hoping all my blogging friends that you have had a good Christmas and had goodies that you love. I had lovely pressies from family and clothes featured. Martin bought me a new winter coat ,whilst out walking before christmas  I heard this strange clunking sound and looked down to see the sole of my boot flapping about and after a few steps came off altogether. As we were betwixt and between, we walked on ,and by the time I reached the car hmmm I had a very soggy foot. I have had them many years and they have walked many miles. Anyway I opened a box at Christmas to find a new pair of walking boots. So yesterday Boxing Day I had to christen them and we went to Portland Bill to do a long/short walk.
A rather cold me sitting on a rock . See the muddy boots.We took a flask of coffee and boy were we in need of it. It was a lovely few hours though and we took this for Julie as a reminder of her visit in the summer..It is not a good photo as I have so many layers on and that warm hat.
It is not leaning its my idea of straight-I do not do straight! How many steps did you climb Julie. A little further along is Pulpit rock , not sure of the wisdom of climbing on it yesterday though. 
There were lots of families out too , a little girl was walking between her parents so sweet singing Jingle Bells. On the subject of Christmas we did have a lovely time with Kate and her family . However my 2 finishes came before Christmas. I finished Quaker Diamonds on the same night as The Strictly Come Dancing final. This as you know has been stitched on the last 2 series of strictly ,with Julie and Mr Stick over at Needlecraft Haven. I did need lots of encouragement to get this done especially as I lost the threads and had to buy more. So big drum roll ...........Quaker Diamonds stitched over one on Sassys 28count fabric.

Just have to get it framed. The other finish I can show you is Bah Humbug which was a freebie design from Gaynor French over at Stitcheranon. I did not do the border though as I wanted to finish it on Christmas Eve .It is just perfect for the Scrooge theme. 
Thankyou Gaynor. I did have a couple of handmade ornies for the tree.One from my friend Tina (no blog) who said a friend of hers makes these.
Tina loves gingerbread men .I love this little basket and as it was addressed to the tree,I must say the tree loved it too. 

This is a hardanger angel that came from my friend Barbara,we exchange or have for the last 3 years an ornie and this little sweetie arrived in time to hang on the tree. Not sure if she reads this but thankyou again Barbara and Tina. I also said I would show you the blogaversary cushion I had from Sally. 
Thanks again Sally ,it will be treasured with my other Sally bits. As you know Sally and I are busy stitching Sheep and next time I hope to have Friendship to share with you. Just 2 more to go. I have signed up for the Calendar Girl series from LHN  and Sally is doing the CCN Forest Series. So our Monday night stitching will be slightly different not stitching the same. We have decided though to do the Little Stitcher series 12 days as a 12 months of next year. I am stitching on the Positive thinking by Jardin le Prive tonight as I need to catch up before the next part comes through. I do have a couple of new charts and I have 2 more I want ,THEN I have said to myself no more until 2015 , do you think I can do that. Hmmm. 

Mother in law said she will buy me the new Shepherds Bush pincushion Tis the Season for Christmas so I am awaiting a phone call from Chris at the nimble Thimble to say she has it in. Gosh I have more to do than I know I have. Are we all in need of therapy ?

This woman is. I need my hair cut properly I think 

Taken at Portland Bill yesterday I am sure Ollie was daring us to say he could go in the sea off that ledge , I was almost beside myself that he would. Well my dears he is off to vets for check up and boosters and feet check tonight so the bank of Martin will be decidedly lighter. Will show you some Christmas goodies next time but thankyou so much for all the lovely goodies you sent. 
Take great care and I will catch up again soon.
Much love Barb.x


stitchersanon said...

Oh wow, Bah Humbug looks amazing! You did a fantastic job. I don't usually do borders either unless they are integral for the design. I think your ornie looks perfect without it xxx Glad you had a good Christmas; I need to get walking but there are gale force winds at the moment here! Maybe tomorrow!

Karyn said...

Your walk looks amazing, Barb, as do your photos…and the lady is beautiful :) Sweet Ollie is always one for adventure!
Your sweet treats and finishes are gorgeous, and your home looks so cozy and festive. I applaud your Quaker Diamonds finish…THAT is cause for celebration, I can't wait to see it framed!

Julie said...

Well don't you look splendid in those new boots and all wrapped up nice and cosy warm. 153 steps to the light at Portland Bill lol.
Hope all goes well for Ollie tonight.
QD looks magnificent and love the Scrooge ornie too. Your tree looks wonderful.
Much love xxx

Michelle said...

I love Portland Bill Barb - love your new boots xx

Catherine said...

Love your boots, your walk and your stitches!

Vickie said...

Quaker Diamonds looks wonderful! And so do you!! You wore your boots right out Barb. You are doing great healthwise. =)

Tina said...

Don't you look fab!
You've lost so much weight,well done you! Please send slimming vibes my way.
Lovely ornie,when I saw it I thought......Barb
QD looks fab,well done on persevering.its thanks to you I have Quaker Xmas on my wall.
Do I think you can stitch from stash...mmmmm not sure lol not placing bets!
Your tree looks lovely,hoping to add lots to mine next year.
Phew as usual I've wrote an essay,there's always lots to say about your blog,always so interesting
Happy New Year to yourself and Martin

Parsley said...

Great stitching. Love your Golden!! Hope you had a great Christmas!

Hazel said...

What a lovely post Barb. Love the pics of Portland Bill. Your stitching is beautiful as ever. Merry Christmas to you. x

Shirlee said...

Such a lovely photo of you in the cold with your new coat & boots : ) You received some wonderful gifts! I'm glad your Christmas was/is a happy one : )

Christine said...

Looks a bit nippy out there Barb!
Quaker diamonds is absolutely stunning!

Charlene ♥ NC said...

Such a nice post! You sent me searching for Bah Humbug and made me fall again in love with Quaker Diamonds. Thanks! It is kitted and waiting -- maybe THIS year! Wishing you a very Happy New Year!!

butterfly said...

I have been to Portland Bill before a few years ago, lovely place. Like your new coat and boots.
Lovely stitching and gifts.
I like that you said you don't do straight I never do. and my DH is always saying well thats not straight I always say l know and I don't care it's different ha.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Quaker Diamonds looks spectacular! Congratulations on such a wonderful finish!

Kate said...

Congratulations on the QD finish - it's gorgeous. Lovely ornaments received, those gingerbread peeps look great. Lovely pictures of your walk and Ollie.
I've just received my 12 Days from Laura at Little Stitcher today, I'll see if I can keep up with you and Sally.
Happy New Year to you and yours x

Carol said...

Wonderful post, Barb--looks like a nice ending to your year! Love the Bah Humbug ornament and your Quaker Diamonds finish--just lovely!!

Wishing you all the best in the New Year!

Carin said...

Barb your Christmas tree looks so beautiful with the ornaments !!!!
That basket with the gingerbreads are so wonderful, love it !

Also the freebie you made is a wonderful patter, I looked it up and have saved it ;-)

Great pictures of your walk.

Clare-Aimetu said...

Portland Bill holds many memories for me - especially climbing to the top whilst using a walking stick when I was 12 due to an operation. My Dad and his best friend pulled me up the ladder at the top!!

Great stitching, perfect new coat for this horrid winter.

Andrea said...

Your sampler looks beautiful. Lovely, useful gifts.

A Happy New Year.

Sally said...

Glad you had a lovely Christmas Barb. Your new walking boots look very comfortable.

I think I need to stitch Scrooge for next Christmas. He looks fantastic. Must look see if I have it saved. I'm sure I do.

Your Quaker Diamonds is beautiful. Congratulations on your finish.

I'm looking forward to our SALs next year. So glad we are going to continue them.

Happy New Year my dear friend!

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