Wednesday 10 August 2011

Pull up a chair,

and come sit with me a while , I will regale you with snippets of news and stitching finishes and "I have some" that will hopefully make you want to stitch too , so many seem to be missing a mojo lately. Just perhaps ,perhaps perhaps.

I am firstly going to show you my "Little packet"that Angela (no blog) sent me. We are very taken with Miss Austen and you can imagine my delight when this arrived for me.

From time to time we send a little "Jane" item and I now have to think of the return gift. I was thrilled to have the little needlebook ,it is just so sweet. Now I know Angela will not mind as she asked if anyone would like one or two or three or maybe even 4 then she is selling them. Her email is and she will be delighted to hear from you .
The thread winder apparently came from the US and has taken a while to get here,so meantime Angela put needle to thread and stitched the sillouette of Jane .I have hung it above my Jane dresser.

So a big thankyou Angela .
I also received my Summer Exchange parcel but cannot show you that just yet.
Now on to the stitching I have done,as you may remember I had mentioned that Julie had a birthday this is the piece I stitched for her.

This was taken from The Honeysuckle Manor book by Blackbird Designs , I changed the colour of the GAST silk and the backing fabric which I cannot show you was a new line from Thread Bear.
Julie loved it and I am so pleased. Seymore sent Miss Rose shopping with me to find a little present for Julie Mum and she chose a guardian angel pin , as she had been made to shop, he had to write the card. If you do not know about" Seemore and his family" they are my little family of Julies knitted bunnies ,who keep me on my toes stitching wise. In fact Seemore has been so good at his job making sure I stick to my UFOs along with Mr Stick (thats another reason to get stitching) that I have this to show you ,Whoo hoo !!!

This is Autumn, you hadn't guessed had you lol. It is a design by Cross eyed Cricket ,I stitched it over one one Sassys 28count fabby. I now have to do the other 3 to do!!!!
Another finish that was a quick one but when I saw it I could see it finished for Hallowe'en ,PrimitiveDesigns by Jennifer Taylor-Goss. Her blog is if you like Primitive then you will like her home and blog.
This is Shadows of a Thousand years.

Again stitched on Sassys fabric over one then tea dyed and splashed with coffee.You do not need to adjust your eyes ,the blanket stitch I made crooked on purpose .Honest.
You know I sal with Sally and Colleen (I think Colleen is still with us) and this week yep another!! finish this is Sophies Pincushion a SB design. I keep looking at the new ones they have just brought out , hinting heavily to other half here, I think I am talking to his left deaf ear !!

I will be sending the chart on to Sally.The wording reads She tended her garden of gladness and fears,nurtured with love watered with tears.

SO have I inspired you to get your needle out and stitch.
I had a phone call from a friend who I do not see as often as I would like , she said she had to drop her hubby at a Victorian Fort near us and would I like to go with her to the Dorset Art and Craft Exhibition. Of course I jumped at the chance, it was a choice between that or going to see Cars 2. Well ok what would you have chosen, so Martin drew the short straw .
I took a few pics but surreptiously, but no cross stitch as they didn't have much that I considered worth taking pics of.In fact I was told I should put mine in. Oh no , not one for doing that , I dont mind you ladies seeing my efforts but not sure of exhibiting.So this is a quilt done by a man and it was incredible.

Entitled have you guessed yet. "Thats the way to do it"

This little barn that was a woodsmans shed , of course when Seymore saw it , he whispered he may like to move in.

He could see himself pushing the wheelbarrow and the apron hanging on the door is just his size.In fact it would be just perfect for him to escape to.
Only one more and taken for Martin, I will let you into a little secret about 13 years ago (oh dear ) better get Mr Stick out Julie. Martin started a boat and it is still awaiting finishing. Anyway I just had to take this one to show him that it CAN be done dear.

This Sunday he is up up and away in the Tiger Moth flight ,so look for some pics next time.
Well my dearies , hope you will be able to see exchange photos next time. I shall leave you as I begun with dear Jane, my last weeks progress on Mansfield Park.

As it is Jane night over at Needlecraft Haven I am now off to stitch.
Take care all and thankyou once again for the comments love them all.
hugs n stuff


Jennifer M. said...

Such lovely projects there and what a nice assortment of items you got from the Exchange.

Its such a shame that some arts and crafts exhibitions don't have much in the way of cross-stitch to show.

Happy Stitching!

Cindy's Stitching said...

very nice. Thank you for sharing all the special stitching and treats.

Unknown said...

Beautiufl stitching and what a lovely exchange package. I adore Autumn that is one I have not seen before.

Mouse said...

ooo lovely gifts you got there and oooo another Jane fan :) love the BBD pincushion too and the rest of your stitching and nice sneak peek photos too :) love mouse xxxx

Julie said...

Lots of lovelies to see on this post, you have been busy stitching and finishing, what a good girl you are. Mr Stick sends gold star for finishing Autumn, but says whats next? LOL

A truly fabulous 'Jane' parcel, i can just imagine the delight on your face when you opened that.

The quilt from the show looks amazing, i think a lot of men are taking up different crafts .... a boat waiting to be finished for 13 years ... mmmm .. retirement has cometh i see a boat getting worked on MAYBE?????

Sally said...

Lovely to see a post from you Barb and what a stitch filled post it is :) I love all your finishes. They are absolutely gorgeous but of course my favourites are the SB and the BBD:) What is next for our SAL dear friend?

Lovely progress on your Jane piece and what a wonderful package from Angela:)

I would have gone to the arts and crafts show rather than Cars 2!!!

Hugs xxxx

Christine said...

You sound like you've been busy Barb.
The present you made for Julie is beautiful and the Autumn pillow is gorgeous.
Fabulous Jane themed parcel from Angela too

jane said...

A very busy blog post Barb - your gift for Julie and your Autumn pillow are lovely and your other finishes are looking good too.
I need to get back to The TSG SAL - hopefully soon when I can unpack my stitching.

Colleen said...

Yes, Barb, it is really me! Love your stitchy post & pictures are wonderful. Julie's gift is beautiful, lovely colors. What a super idea, your Jane Dresser!! SB finish is, as always, beautiful. I am still with you & Sally on our SB SAL. I WILL finish Checkered Sheep by Dec.31!
What is your next SB project?

I love the minitures & the boat. I used to make dollhouses & know how long it can take...specially if you lose interest. Maybe Martin will get his mojo back with your pics! The quilt is incredible.

Haven't done stitching as I fell backwards over Miss Wrigley & broke 3 ribs!! Taking a long time to heal & the pain is constant. Ice packs have become my bestfriend. I try to stitch 1 cut length of 6 stranded thread, so 3 needle fulls, each night.

Miss Wrigley sends Ollie a tail way & a sniff or two. Hugs to you, my dear & Martin too! I will email you this weekend.

Lainey said...

Lovely Jane goodies Barb and oh my your BBD piece for Julie is gorgeous!! Congrats on the beautiful Halloween and SB finish too.
Have a nice week-end, hugs.

Michelle said...

Love all your finishes Barb - your posts always delight me.

Another Jane fan here too! xx

Kate said...

Fantastic Jane package from Angela.
Love the pincushion you stitched for Julie and the Autumn pillow finish.
Looking forward to your next update already.

Tina said...

Love your TSG table,im sure we won't see much of the table as the time progresses.Great finishes,love your Autumn and Julies gift.The SB design is so pretty too and just love the prim Halloween design.xx

Dani - tkdchick said...

Your finishes are gorgeous!!!

Angela said...

Barb, hi
So glad the Jane package arrived safely and that the contents made you smile. Being such a Jane Austen fan I really enjoyed putting it together. I've loved Jane Austen's books from way back when I was studying them in my A Level days and then teaching them for many years after so I am thrilled that she has become a landmark in English literature.
The BD pincushion you stitched for Julie's birthday is stunning, I love the colours and the Autumn pillow by CEC is lovely. Wow, the SB pillow is gorgeous. What pretty ruffling.
I enjoyed the photos of the A&C exhibition. That barn is so tiny.
Will be joining you on JA stitching day today :-)
Angela xx

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