Monday 29 August 2011

First of all the good news!

Hello all this Bank Holiday Monday in the UK. I am hoping that those who have had to contend with "Irene" are keeping safe and not too much damage to property etc. Prayers and thoughts are with you.
Well I promised you good news first, this is Our grandson Jacks exam results, we are very proud grandparents and can tell you he got 8 A's, 2B's, and 1A*. He is however wondering if he will have to resit the Maths B to be able to do the academic course he wants -He was so close too, his Maths tutor said he was 3 points off. I think if he did not have girl trouble that week maybe,just maybe ,it would have made a difference.
He has to go to the college on the 6th September to see if he can appeal and still do the course with Maths included. He will be doing Chemistry, Physics and Biology so fairly "strong" subjects.Hopefully the girl situation won't be an issue now.
Nevertheless he did good, despite him being very unhappy when he first started at that school and being bullied.
I am hoping he will be popping in soon as we do have a little cheque for him.

This post will hopefully not be as long as usual( I can almost hear you breathing a sigh of relief). I have finished a couple of small bits ,firstly a little something to go in the Button Box, This was a design by Danybrod and going through my charts I knew I had to stitch it for the "box".

It looks like a may have an order for another box as Sue ddil saw it yesterday and fell in love with it. Hinting! I have my buttons in an old Sainsburys bag in the cupboard. Did I fall for it? well we shall wait and see ,have to find the right design.
The GSand E came down yesterday (I think it was the roast rib of beef we had for dinner that did it lol) so 6 for dinner . Mum in law came too , it was really yummy ,after dinner they all went for a walk and on getting home they had home made scones jam and cream and cheese scones for tea. So they went homewards ready to go back to work full and content. They have just got back from 2 weeks in Turkey and were lovely and brown Ella spent most of her time in the water apparently.

Now talking of baking I also finished this , I loved it as soon as I saw it and it was one of those ,I HAVE TO STITCH THAT NOW!!!

This is LHN design and stitched on Sassys fabric over 2 which came hard. Finished with a Lindt Bunny Bell that Julie sent me.
That is all I have finished for you this time , I have been having a little trouble with my eyes and headaches. I did and will be stitching with Sally and Colleen at Colleens tonight , and I will show you progress made until today. Cause I have not done tonights yet !!!

I think I may stitch this as a gift for mil , I can stitch her 5 childrens initials on it. Especially as the little description of why the design is called My Moms Garden is so fitting to my MIL. I know strictly she is not "My" mum, but Martin cannot stitch and the sentiment is so apt. Would you like me to tell you what Tina of Shepherds Bush wrote.

"My Mother loved her garden very much. Many of my fondest memories are of her working tirelessly out in the garden nuturing and cherishing each bloom.But I believe that if you had asked her which were her most prized blossoms,she would have said-her children.As much as she loved her dirt and roses,I think we were the garden she tended best of all .I have often wondered how she raised 5 of us in such seeming good humour and appeared to enjoy every day of it.I have bowed to her many times during my years as a parent. This is for you Mom."

Martins Mum has been like a mum to me too, she is still so interested in all things related to family,she tends her garden most days and I think this little note sums her up perfectly so I shall put the initials of her 5 children and the sheep that features in it will be to her from me,a psuedo daughter. So I hope she likes it when it is done.

Last week we went out shopping for a friends birthday present and did a tour of the galleries around Weymouth and I did get her a present. Martin saw me gazing at this felt bowl , I was fondling the fleece type wool around the top. I was amazed when he said to the lady we will have this too. So it is now sitting on the table , I put some homespun Portland fleece wool in it and added a couple of My mums old knitting needles as I felt as if it needed "finishing ". I love it.

How Lucky am I (well he had bought himself a new laptop,that morning).
Well my dears I am now off to play leftovers for dinner in the kitchen , Ollie did well with leftovers yesterday too as we cooked way too much. Hope to have another finish to show you next time but what into I just do not know.
Take care all and thanks for the comments , I love them all and its good to know out there are such super duper people.
Hugs n stuff


Hazel said...

Beautiful stitching and love your Baked Goods. Sounds like I would enjoy your real baked goods too. Those scones sound delish. Love your buttons too. All lovely. xx

Gabi said...

What a lovely finish. Didn't see this design before. It looks just perfect in the box.
Baked goods turned out wonderful too. Love the way you finished it with a red bow.
A felted bowl? How cool is that. Never saw one before. It looks lovely.

Lainey said...

Oh I just love your button piece Barb and the baked goods is so pretty too.
What a lovely piece you are going to do for your MIL I;;m sure she will treasure it.
Congrats to your Grandson!
Hope the headaches and eye probs clear up soon. Take care.

Tina said...

Great update Barb as usual,fantastic results from Jack proud family members no doubt.Love your buttons pillow and baked goods looks fab too.
The felted bowl looks lovely and mil gift is coming on a treat
Hope your headaches disappear,we need you fit and well to stitch xx

jane said...

Congratulations to Jack on a great set of results and good luck with the A levels.
Baked Goods looks lovely, I fell in love with that chart the first time I saw it.Lovely WIP too, such a nice idea to stitch it for your MIL.
Hope you get your vison problem sorted out soon, take care and thanks for a lovely read once again.

Jane said...

Well done Jack ~ I think you have some very proud grandparents!
Lovely stitching Barb, I've recently finished a Danybrod design but don't remember seeing that one on their website ~ better go take a peek!
'Baked Goods' is really heartwarming ~ the designs and colours make me feel all christmassy and cozy and the red bow with the bell is the perfect finishing touch.
Hope the head and eyes improve, it's no fun trying to stitch with one of those problems let alone two!
Have a good week xxx

Julie said...

Super little for your new button box.

Love the new felt bowl, i saw so many lovely felt items at the show i went to earlier in the summer, she has felt making classes and i was really tempted to go and have a try.

A beautiful 'note' about the mom design, Martins mum will love it, what a thoughtful lady you are.

I cna almost smell those homemade scones LOL

Sally said...

Your button pin cushion is lovely Barb. I love how you've finished it.

Baked Goods is lovely too. Gorgeous colours in that one.

My Mom's Garden is looking beautiful. These SB designs are so hard to resist aren't they? Lol!

Hope you get your eyes and headaches sorted soon. {{{{hugs}}}}

Many congratulations to Jack. When does he start college?

Will email you tomorrow for SB Monday :)

Siobhán said...

Lovely finish! SBs are so wonderful. I love your LHN Baked Goods, too!

I hope your grandson is able to sort stuff out. Boys--it takes them longer for things to click, I think! My son has his exams this coming June & I think I need to set up camp in the cathedral now, I'll be praying that much! LOL

Have a good week!

Heidi said...

Love your buttons pillow Barb but adore that Baked Goods ornament!!! That is so adorable and why have I not seen it before? Not stashing though right now until my coming months are past.

Great job with your finishes! You have so many lately. This has been a good year for you I think?

Are you having autumn weather like we are here in Holland? I am starting with decorating now too.

Hugs from Holland ~

Stitchabilities said...

What a cute little pillow, just perfect for your box.
I do like that Baked goods.
Well done to Jack.
Lovely gift for your MIL.
Lovely felt bowl as well.

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