Thursday 16 December 2010

Will this be you?

Well it certainly won't be me!!
I think I mentioned last time I was going to stitch Gone Sledding by The Sampler Girl .It was a quick stitch but I only got it finished this morning.

Looking at the pics now the snowman seems to have veered off a little on his sled.
Perhaps he has been on the boozy juice,Barb you must not judge everyone by your own standards! I jest of course.
Well folks are you all prepared for the day itself, I still have things to wrap and one thing to post ,but all in all I have got everything anyway.Just need to rob a bank as the grandchildren (older ones)want money.

I have not been stitching this last few nights, I have been -- knitting-- do you remember I started these socks for Martin a while ago. That long I could have sworn I had finished one and told Julie so. However I had not , and only got down to the heel on the first one. So thought I would get them done. Martin is a hole in the sock man ,forever getting holes in his socks. So I have told him with all the loving effort ( wink) gone into making these he had better get his mum to darn them if he gets a hole in them. He says they are lovely toasty warm,tried them on when Ifinished them last night and wouldnt take them off. Now have I started something here,am I going to live to regret it!!!!!!!!!
So here are said socks

Perhaps I could borrow Martins socks to rob the bank lol.

That is my makes for this week .
I did have a couple of little gifts this week though. One is still under the tree which was from Angi, and argh it is tempting me so badly. So cannot show you that .
The other was from my friend SAL Sally , isn't it cute.

I did say to her though I think you are all stuck with the old one I don't think there is anychance of a new me.
It is a Tanya from the sampler girl design in the Gift of Stitching Magazine. Sheep too so well ,what was there not to like. Thanks again Sally a friend indeed.

You may (or may not )be wondering what I have propped the pinkeep up on with Winter Woolies on the inside it is this-

Just had to show you that didn't I.
Well the mug is empty and I really must drink more,forever being told,just not the Gin mother! Hee hee I am now going to put the kettle on and make a cuppa ,want to joing me. If I do not get here again before the 9sleeps are up ,stay safe and have a good Christmas .
Hugs n stuff
Barb x


Hazel said...

Lovely finish Barb. Love the snowman. x

José Maria Lobato said...

Hello!!! First time on your blog and I became admirer, I will return for a closer look certainly, if you don't mind!!! Great work, congratulations!!!!
Hugs from Brazil, José

jane said...

Lovely finish Barb and your gift from Sally is so cute. I do hope you like that design Stay warm x

Christine said...

Great finish Barb, the pom pom trim is perfect for it.
Thankyou so much for the parcel which arrived this morning. I have put it under the tree and am trying hard to resist opening it early. You really are too kind.

Colleen said...

Barb, A Perfect finish with the snowball pom poms! I blogged to Sally about your gift. Love it & your sheep mug. I love sheep!! Hope you & I don't have the same Bank in mind LOL!!
Barb, Have a wonderful, Merry Christmas. Enjoy

Cindy's Stitching said...

The socks look so comfy. At the stitched items are so cute.

Tina said...

Love your finish,that was so quick,love the pom-pom edging they look like snowballs.
Well i hope you can prise Martins socks off him,otherwise santa won't be visiting lol
Love Sally's gift to you
Happy Christmas to you and your family
Tina xx

sheri said...

Your Gone Sledding ornament is fabulous! The pin keep is absolutely adorable. And the socks look so toasty warm! It's freezing over here, wish I had a pair like that (and not to rob a bank with, although that's not a bad idea!).
Merry Christmas!

Carin said...

That ornament is beautiful !!

Sally said...

A lovely finish Barb. We could go sledding up here as the snow really came down yesterday afternoon and with temps donw to -10 last night and not getting above freezing last night it is still here!!

Glad you liked your little gift!

Love your mug and those socks looks lovely and warm :)


Mylene said...

Love your ornament finish, looks great! Well done!!
Sally's gift looks so neat and perfectly finish-lucky you.

Lisa said...

Love your Gone Sledding finish, such a cute snowman.
What a nice ornie from Sally, and those socks look so warm, I just can't seem to get my feet warm lately.

Julie said...

Martins socks are fabulous, ibet you'll be knitting some more for him, Dh has 4 pairs here now!

Love the sledding ornie, so cute.

A nice pressie from Sally

Have a wonderful Christmas with your family

{big hug}

Heidi said...

Oh Barb...that is SOOO cute with your additions to finish it! Humm....I will go sledding if you will. We can roll down the hill together laughing. :-) We might look like giant snowmen ourselves by the time we get to the bottom. Lol!

This year has been extra special with you as a part of my blogging world!

Merry Christmas dear Barb!

Christmas hugs,

duelnjewel said...

First time on your blog... SPLENDID! I'm also beginning hardanger and spied the piece under your coffee mug. May I ask the pattern?

Heather said...

I love gone sledding, especially with the pompoms.

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