Friday 10 December 2010

Rockin around the Christmas Tree

Well these little choir people will be if they drink the booze in the background. This is a little group and tree that Martin made .
How are you all, I am feeling a bit brighter today ,just the wretched throat and cough. It is very quiet here too, no voice. I am hoping to get myself geared up to get cards written and some shopping to do too this weekend. At least I have not got Christmas food shopping to do ,well only a little as we are going to spend Christmas Day with Kate and the tribe. A real family Christmas ,shame Graeme Sue and Ella cannot join us, but it is my turn on New Years Day when they all have said they are coming here.
I have a couple of finishes to show you I did this little pillow for Tina for her birthday along with a couple gifties. I did this over one on Sassys 28count fabric and it is a Jardin Prive design . Tina was delighted with it . So all worthwhile.

Did you notice the sheep!!!!I think it is 'clickable' if you need a closer look.
My other finish and its a ta da moment here .I am just sooooo pleased with this and I was dreading putting it together .

Drum Roll please!!!!!

I was not sure where best to take pic,as you can see its very long,but oh I like it. The Sampler Girl design Christmas Stocking.
As you know I have been stitching this along with Sally on a Monday night. Thankyou so much Sally it has been great fun and I am looking forward to the Journey with Emmanuel and Shepherds Bush with you starting the first Monday in the New Year.If you are wondering about the title I am going to stitch The Journey and Sally is doing Emmanuels Song,not sure about the other titles being done by the other girls., I think Colleen and Julie are joining us too so whoo hoo more stitchy fun. I have not deserted Jane though and I shall be starting another Sal with Tina on Wednesday nights as a Jane night,we are starting with Sense and Sensibility sampler at least that is the one I have chosen from my stash and I think Tina has the same. I am going to order the GAST threads for this in a moment . Also a new start will be Quaker Diamonds by Rosewood Manor does anyone want to join me with this one.

I have been having'A weekend with Mr Darcy', this last week or so , I really liked this book ,not at all demanding ,with references to various Jane Austen characters and sayings, I will miss snuggling up with this one. I finished it last night and thought I would read Darcys Christmas next - so in the twinkling of an eye I had downloaded it to my Kindle.

I am going to stitch Gone Sledding tonight ,another Sampler Girl design which I have been going to do since I got it earlier in the year,I see Tanya had it in her 12 days of Christmas sale over on her blog.

Our snow has all gone and it is a very grey sort of day here.Well my friends again thankyou for finding a few moments to leave me a comment .
Thanks for the encouragement you have given me since starting this ere blog.
Now I am off to empty the screaming washing machine and the drier has now stopped its whirring too -but no I am not getting out the dreaded ironing board.!!
Take care you all ,keep warm , enjoy your weekend whatever you are doing and keep stitching!
Hugs n stuff
Barb x


Denise said...

Maybe I should come caroling to your house if you're gonna serve the good stuff!

Your pillow and stocking are awesome! I can't do one stocking - if I did - then the whole family would want one!

HAve fun with the Darcy's and Kindle! I get mine in 15 days! Yippee!!

Smiles - Denise

Cindy's Stitching said...

very pretty pieces. I hope you feel better soon.

Lesleyanne said...

Your stocking and pillow are gorgeous. Looking forward to seeing your stitching next year.

jane said...

Congratulations on finishing your Jane stocking Barb, it looks fantastic. Your birthday gift for Tina is lovely too. Enjoy your weekend , hope you feel better soon. I am looking forward to seeing your progress on Quaker Diamonds, that is a lovely design.

Sally said...

Your stocking looks fantastic Barb! I haven't finished mine up yet as DH and I have been out all day today.

Your birthday gift for Tina is gorgeous. I bet she loved it.

I'm looking forward to our SB SAL. And if I get some time I might join you on a Wednesday later in the as I'd love to go back to Jane if that is OK:)

I hope you are feeling better soon. {{{hugs}}}}

Tina said...

The JA stocking looks fab Barb,hope it's filled with lot's of nice goodies for you
Absolutely love my birthday gift,kkep looking at it,can't believe it's all mine
Looking forward to joining you on Wednesday nights,soon as the chart comes i can sort out fabbie and threads
Look forward to seeing QD,those threads are gorgeous colours
Hope you are feeling better
Tina x

Mylene said...

Lovely gift you made for Tina and the stocking looks gorgeous. Great job on both finishes!

Hope you feel better soon.

Christine said...

Wow Barb, your JA stocking is fabulous, and so is the pillow you made, you've been on a roll!
I love the glass carollers round the tree too

Clare-Aimetu said...

Your stocking is gorgeous Barb, great stitching. What a gorgeous gift for Tina, beautiful :)

Lisa said...

Well done on your two lovely finishes, the stocking is gorgeous!
You have lots of plans for 2011. I have a list started of things I'd like to stitch, but no particular time set when as yet.

Colleen said...

Congrats on finishing your stocking. It's beautiful, as is your stitching. The pillow for Tina is sweet & I spied the sheep; also found them on your stocking.
Having to decide between 2 patterns for the SB SAL: Checkered Sheep or Harvest Moon; Don't you love decisions like this?

Happy Stitching Barb

Karen said...

lovely stitching Barb

angelasweby said...

Barb, hi,
I'm sorry you have been poorly. I've had a bad bout of flu for the last two weeks so I can sympathise. I'm glad you've had some comforting reading to snuggle up to. I'll have to check out these books. They sound like ideal for Christmas reading.

I love the lovely little stained glass group that Martin made. There's no end to his talents :>)

Your SG stocking is absolutely stunning. What a great finish. Sounds like you've got some great stitching projects planned for the New year too.
Angela xx

Heidi said...

Rocking around the Christmas Tree
at the Christmas party hop
Mistletoe hung where you can see
Ev'ry couple tries to stop

You will get a sentimental feeling
When you hear voices singing
"Let's be jolly;
Deck the halls with boughs of holly"

Rocking around the Christmas Tree
Have a happy holiday
Everyone's dancing merrily
In a new old fashioned wayyyyyyyyyyyyy

Sorry...but I could not help myself. I am singing even louder than normal to make up for you not having a voice...okay? We are doing the jitterbug to this one Barb. I just love happy dancing with you! And this must be a very merry dance because that stocking is just fab as well as that adorable pillow! You are on a roll...a rockin'

Our snow melted too but we are supposed to get more this week. We had to pop over to the shops as the wine is on sale for the holidays and it started with just a few flurries. It has already stopped but it still never ceases to make me smile.

I am still not making it online like I used to. The house is not quite done yet and now I have to stop and do my Christmas decorating too. But I am so looking forward to my quilt group's annual party here that I don't mind. :-) Are you having your family over for Christmas?

Hugs from happy feet in Holland ~

Julie said...

The stocking is beautiful, a great finish

Tinas birthday pressie is beautiful, i do like these Jardin Prive designs, i love the one you stitched for my birthday

Martins choir folk are amazing, be is very talented

Hope you are soon feeling better, i'm sitting here in bed nursing the lergy too!

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