Saturday 11 September 2010

You have heard of putting your head in a lions mouth

well the header is a picture of Ollie and his lion.!!!

Hello everyone, how are things with you? I have lots to show and tell you as I am a bit late updating this . It has been a mixed bag weatherwise here in Dorset, but at the moment it is sunny albeit blustery and it certainly is a little chilly in the breeze.
I am sure that the dear old apple tree will soon be bare of fruit if it does get really windy, proof that there are apples though.

These turned into this:-

You can probably see the Jane Austen saying that I shall be stitching at some point, my fathers favourite was apple pie. I think Graeme my son takes after him!!

Last post I think I mentioned that we had a glut of tomatoes ,then we didn't ,and this was how they looked yuk,little caterpillars had had the lot. Just hope they enjoyed them .

No more garden news,although you may remember I said I only had one gladioli out of 20 I planted, Christine was having trouble too with them in her garden. Suddenly we had a growth spurt and this week 6 came into bloom, 3 are a gorgeous burgundy colour.

Well look see what I received in the post this week from my lovely friend Sally, totally unexpected and so welcome with the news we had this past week.

Isn't it so me, even the sheep is the same shape as me !!!!! If anyone watches Shaun the sheep ,I liken myself to Shirley lol.Thankyou so much again Sally.
Anyway as I mentioned we had news this past week a bit of a shock , our DIL Sues mum had a stroke on Monday. She is such a kind and thoughtful person she did not deserve it.There is a slight improvement though, just such a shock for Sue and family though.
I wasn't going to mention the garden anymore!! , but wondered if you would like to Take a turn around the garden with me, this one of my finishes since last time.
It is clickable as all pics are (I hope).
This was stitched over one on Sassys 28count fabric and is a Sampler Girl design.
I can also show you an almost finished Sampler Girl pillow, I am awaiting the filling as I had run out (it came this morning).
This is her latest design, and I just had to stitch this one, as as you know I am such a fan of Jane.(and Tanyas designs of course)

Such a quick stitch ,but a design that works for me!
Maybe just one more Jane ,not a finish but a wip that is another SAL with Sally, and is The Sampler Girl Stocking or will be when its finished , which will be a while yet.

I did start this post yesterday but the internet did not want me to play so I have just taken up where I left off. So today it is Monday and for Sally and me it is Jane Day!! Yipeee.
Another wip and some progress I will finish this by Christmas ,I will , I will, I did stitch on it last night too.

In the corner you can just see a book that I thought I might like that came this last week ,it is Blankets and Throws to knit ,by Debbie Abrahams and they look scrummy,however working out the cost, oooooh bit prohibitive.But took a pic of one to show you,I would probably be knitting this in my dotage, WHAT! I AM in my dotage!!

I found a rather large bag the other day it was in the dusty cupboard all along,I peeked inside, well now, I thought ,I have a ufo and a half, I started this some years ago ,at least 10, it will be at some point a charm quilt. All stitched by hand and every piece different,but so many memories sewn into this, a piece of fabric from my grandaughter Caitlins first dress, fabric bought specially for this whilst on holidays in Austria, Italy, and this country. Various pieces gleaned from dear friends some no longer here. So I thought to myself I really SHOULD finish this. So I have put a back and filling to it and I am doing a tied quilt ,thought that would be quickest and still in the hand .Then I only have the border to do so --as they say watch this space but dont hold your breath!!!

It doesn't look much in the pic but it wow it is BIG, and quite colourful.
Also last week I did have stash post ,want to see, yes I know you do.As I love seeing what you all have and just sometimes you enable me too.
So first to last are these :-

Autumn a new design by Cricket Collection.

This one I have wanted for a while but I could only get it from ABC Therapy and kept holding back as their shipping seems a bit expensive and they take ages or seem to, I caved in in the end and now have it. At the same time I got this can you see a Hallowe'en theme coming here, I want to do some of those pumpkins.

Another design I have liked a while is, Lets play in the Dirt by Stacy Nash Designs,can someone tell me please when will I get time to stitch all these and also who will want the finished articles when I am gone!

Then came this months auto ship from DSL the Lhn christmas ornie, must get on with these too arghh.

Which leads me into another finish ,strictly speaking though, it is for the Stitch n stash group christmas ornie for September ,but Septembers page is not up yet so I shall show you here.

I am trying to have a primitive theme this year and just liked the words on this one.Plus it has a bird!!so could even hang on the birdie wall ,this is a design by Simple Goodes stitched by Jennifer. I finished it with a hessian back to add to the primitive look.
I also visited the tame framer yesterday and he had done the 2 birdie ones and Generosity. So I am awaiting 2 hooks for Awake the Dawning Day and to thine own self be true. Meanwhile here are the others.

This is actually a true pic of the colour of the birdie wall the next ones well nothing like but gives you some idea of what it is like.

See nothing like.
Martin framed Return to the Sea for me today the same as Home will take pic when I get them on the wall.I am a very lucky girl,I have a hubby who is good with his hands!No comments please on that last remark.
Also this last week my magazine came , I decided to subscribe as it was so much cheaper. Pumpkin recipies this time in it, but as my pumpkin is about the size of a tangerine I will not be making pie or soup lol.

I mentioned earlier about Sues mum, well although her speech is very slurred and limited ,she has regained a little use in her right arm. We went up to see G S and Ella yesterday for dinner, my son had sent Sue out for some 'her' time to meet a friend for coffee ,while he cooked the dinner, Sues dad also came before Sue and he went off to visit at the hospital.Martins Mum came too ,so he did well cooking a roast and an apple crumble for 7. He then thought his mum might like to go to Hobbycraft which is near them, I went screaming and kicking that I did NOT want to go,and if you believe that there you really dont know me!! Anyway I got a few bits and bobs ,some felt for pumpkins and some Hallowe'en type ribbon, some buttons and just bits I thought might be useful. Also bought Ella a stencil design book as she stayed behind with Martin and walked Ollie. We had tea and saw Sue briefly when she got home, poor girl looked absolutely done in, and we heard when we phoned to say we got home safely that she was just off to bed 8.30. I think having to see her mum like it, and having to be patient while her Mum is so frustrated, dealing with her dad who she says is not positive and her brother who felt that the grand prix was more important than going to the hospital.Well you get the picture.
Anyway there is a marked improvement on this time last week when it happened.
Well folks I do not think I have much else to tell you, if I do not get to the blog again it is because we are having a holiday next week, so shall have to see how much I get done as to wether I get another post done before we go. No internet access there or mobile ,so books and stitching being packed.
I have 10 comments to answer thankyou so much for them , I do read them and would like more ,I expect some read and don't comment but please do as I do enjoy reading them.You say such nice things and it is nice when someone likes what I do. Anyway ,

Jules thanks for commenting and the sweet words.

Jane so pleased you like accompanying me on my journey as I do on yours.

CarolR the hardanger was done a while ago and Mylene asked if I was doing any at the moment , that was my first piece (jumped in with both feet)so it is not perfect , it is so forgiving though as it has had so much spilt on it through the years and washes so well.

Lesley Ann thankyou for your comment on Ida Mae, you can see her framed now.

Heidi lol, at your liking of my Little Women bag-

Angela hope to see the LW on your pics soon then!

Julie and Sally if you are ever this way I will make you a rhubarb crumble!!

Simply Stitchin in the garden -Just love your title and thankyou for your comment.

So all answered and now I am going to wash the tea things before settling down in the comfy chair to sal with Sally and Jane Austen.
Take care all and thankyou for coming to visit me, hope to speak to you soon .
Hugs n stuff.


Julie said...

What a great pic of Ollie and his friendly lion. Pleased to read that Sue's mum is improving. Your birdie wall looks spendid.

A gorgeous quilt with such lovely memories for you.

Nice new stash, enjoy your SAL with Sally tonight.

{{big hug}} xx

Jane said...

Great newsy post Barb but sad to hear of your DIL's mother, such a worrying time for everyone but sounds like a good recovery is well on the way.
WOW! you're certainly going to need a holiday with no distractions for all your forthcoming projects, the quilt is gorgeous, the stash all very tempting and your RAK and stitches all lovely - of course 'fancy a Jane day?' is the best although with a throbbing absess that has now turned into 2 I'm not recommending it at the moment!!!
Big hugs to Ollie - so so cute xxx

Unknown said...

I love, love, love your Quaker Christmas! If you've posted about it before, I don't recall the details, because I was amazed to see how very tiny it is. It's obviously over one, but what count is the fabric? I don't think I've seen any so small before. Did I mention how much I love it? LOL

Ollie's picture is so cute, BTW, and I admire your other projects, too. QC is what (obviously) caught my eye, though!

Blu said...

Awesome picture of Ollie. He and his lion are too cute! Lots of lovely, lovely stitching and tons of great stash!

Christine said...

Wonderful picture of The Lion and Ollie (ooh, I feel a monologue coming on, someone stop me!)
Great stitching, and that quilt is going to be stunning.
Glad to hear Sue's mum is improving

Carin said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. Wow ... you bought some great stash, I love hte Bridget Bishop chart, going to look for that one too. Your little pillows are so beautiful !!
Hope Sue's mum is doing better.

Sally said...

Awww, Barb, I LOVE your new header. Ollie is so cute! Reminds me so much of our friends dog Tilly.

Jane is coming along nicely. I am about at the same point as you after last night although I know you'll now be further on than me ( does that make sense?!)

QC looks gorgeous. I have every faith in you to get it finished in time:) Love your Fancy a Jane Day and your Christmas ornament is so sweet.

Love your quilt. What a beautiful piece. Nice new stash too and your birdy wall is gorgeous!

Mmmmm pie:)

I do hope Sue's mum continues to improve {{{hugs}}} to her and the family.

jane said...

Some lovely stitching pics this time Barb, I love your "Fancy a Jane Day" I got that a while ago ( obvious one for me really) but haven't stitched it yet. I really like the way you finished yours. Your bird wall looks great and what great new stash. hope you have a lovely week away and do lots of stitching.
I hope Sue's mum is still improving, a similar thing happened in our family a while ago and it is very stressful for everyone.

Tina said...

Barb,i am a little late reading this,we have had internet problems and i have been really tired but what can i absolutely interesting blog,sorry to hear about Sue's mom,i hope she improves daily.
Love all your new stash,i have ordered the new cricket one's aswell(great minds...)
Love all your new HD,i'm sure your family will treasure them,when they get a chance to own them.
Your birdie wall is looking fantastic and Qc too
Happy Holidays
chat soon
Tina xx
forgot to say the quilt is fab

Mylene said...

What a great post, Barb. Lovely finishes you've finished and a beautiful piece from Sally.

I hope your DIL's Mum continues to improve.

Anonymous said...

Hi Barb, I am loving your bird wall, it looks great, I hope to acheive such a wall sonn, i have only just started though, with 2 pieces finished. Can I ask who the designer of the piece top left? I love it and feel the need to add to my stash :)
I hope Sue's Mum is keeping better

Karan said...

Hope Sue's Mum is continuin gto improve. Really enjoying my catch up but I'm going to have to break off now & go get ready for Circle... my DBro rings at inconvenient times! LOL Will finish the catch up when I get home. :0)

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