Thursday 30 September 2010

I will try again-

I typed almost a whole blog grrrr, then the internet threw it all away,will try again.It is almost an hour ago now so I have calmed down a little.
Well we are home and as you can guess by the header we saw lots of sheep!! The sheep I wanted a pic of scarpered when we opened the car door. So we took his friends instead although the one on the right is doing a disappearing act too. The one I wanted had a white face and his features were of a smiley face ,no I kid you not. That is why we stopped to take a picture but perhaps he had enough of being in the limelight and got suddenly camera shy.Before you ask I had not been on the boozy juice either!!
Well folks shall I bore you to tears with the dreaded holiday snaps,well go on then just a few ,then I have some stitchy pics to show you.
We had a lovely relaxing week away, no hot sun and beaches or days by the pool for us,instead we stayed in our lovely countryside and had some "us"time - we do like Dartmoor and the surrounding countryside ,some say it is bleak but it has a beauty all of its own. What do you think?

You get the picture!
Anyway we stayed on a smallholding about 5 miles from Tavistock and apart from 5 blacksheep these gorgeous girls a horse and a cockerel that seemed to think it was daybreak all day (but not at daybreak ) it was just soooo quiet.

We could have had fresh eggs for breakfast but Martin said he would pass on that one.
We stayed in a converted barn in a small hamlet (you don't hear that word much now do you)? about 5 houses in a road that led to nowhere. A pic of the barn and 2 views from the upstairs windows, one looking at the owners house and the other of their neighbours opposite.

Ollie had a great time too, we frequented the watering hole we go to in this part of the country and he had his usual bowl of water and biscuits. Then we had finished our meal the chef brought him out a slice of beef. Dog friendly I think so.

The sign above the bar says Dogs welcome , children on a lead.
Then he had his usual dips in the River Tavy ,a bit further down than this was taken. The water rushing over the weir was in its autumnal colours of tweedy brown with gold hightlights in the sun.Well I thought it quite pretty anyway.

Whilst there we thought we would visit Morwellam Quay,a tourist attraction we visited some years ago ,people dressed in victorian dress and lots going on. We were a little disapointed to find it looking less than bustling and just a little neglected.Apparently we found out later that the place had gone bankrupt and had new owners. I suppose they are going to work on it to get it back ,just seemed such a shame. Anyway I took a few pics for my blog and will put underneath what they are.

A boat. Seriously this was a barge used to take things down or up river.
Morwellham was known for mining copper and in its time was a thriving place,with its own little schoolhouse .

One of the miners cottages.

Are you losing the will to live yet? I know its not awe inspiring, but Martin likes waterwheels and such its a man thing,so had to take this for him. Anyway off we went to Dartmouth the next day, through the twisty windy roads. Martin actually got me on a boat!I am definately NOT a lover of boats big or little, but Ollie was jumping up and down wanting to go and Martin too ,so after I found out where the lifejackets were-you think I am joking -it is a standing joke in our family that I sat under the lifeboat all the way to the Isle of Man when the children were little .Somewhere I have a photo.Anyway it was only an hour and a half , we weren't sure how Ollie would like being off Terra firma so we opted for the shorter river cruise (that was my excuse and I was sticking to it.)Anyway the boat had a bar and a G&T saw me braving the elements (its was so calm not even a ripple) and almost shivering me timbers. Want to see the river ,we passed Agatha Christies estate but you couldn't really see much but a glimpse behind the trees.We also Jonathan and David Dimblebeys home,name dropping here.

Luckily we had decent weather and the only day it grizzled was Wednesday and rained Wednesday night. I of course being in Tavistock had to visit the needlework shop, not much in the way of cross stitch ,but lots of lovely fabric and bits and bobs,Martin was beginning to despair of me and my daily fix.Here are a few of goodies bought.

Some ribbons and tassels - you never know when you will need a tassel or two.

Of course some books- I just love these Tilda type designs - just got to make them now lol. Oh I fell for the nightshirt angels so I am going to make this and bought the fabric whilst there.

Of course then I saw this little sweetie and had to get the kit. Bad girl bad girl. Then Martin saw this beauty so it had to come home with us.

Did I say there was nice fabby in this shop hmmmmm yummy.

I did some stitching too since last we spoke and I used some of the new fabric to back this Stacy Nash Lets play in the dirt pincushion.

I also stitched these two

I have never done this type of easel finish before and boy did I get sticky, I do not think I shall be doing many more like this, not a lover of glue sticky stuff. They don't look too bad though do they.
Of course on Monday last and this was my Sally &Jane day,which has seen the stocking grow a little , hope Sally hasn't missed me too much, although I see she has been very very busy herself.

I hope you are still with me on my epic blog, I do have a little more to share with you, lots of people seem to be hooked on this crochet lark and I have struggled .oh boy have I struggled but as I couldn't play on my computer this week as the keyboard wouldn't let me type some letters and the frustration set in. So Martin ordered me a new keyboard and fixed it last night. What a man.
Anyway I digress. Not perfect by any stretch but for a first finished attempt ta da-

Must not neglect stitching ,that was a note to self.
Before we went away I received in the mail a package from Faye in the U.S. we are part of Stitch it and Pass it on, and now I have to stitch these designs for the next person and I am really looking forward to it. So applause please for Faye and the Stitch it and Pass it on girls here is Buttoned up for Christmas designed by Cathy Jean of Victoria Sampler.

Well folks are you still awake as I think I am almost. Must be those sheep again.
Oh thanks for all the wishes for Sues Mum, thankfully she is on the mend. I do not think it will be a quick fix though as her speech and writing skills need a therapist,who surprise surprise cannot give them an appointment for at least 3 months.They have decided to go private as her brain needs to retrain as quick as poss. Thanks also for comments on the pumpkins,
Well next time I will be giving you a chance to win a giveaway as I will have been blogging for a year on the 27th of October- doesnt time fly when you have fun- thanks or blame goes to Julie and Karan for nagging me.
Anyway if you arent asleep yet I know a boy who is -dog tired -he really needs to get a bigger chair.

Sweet dreams all ,take care and if you want to leave a comment I would just love it.
Hugs n stuff


Denise said...

Please don't think that your fellow stitchers out here in blogland don't like to see holiday,
or as we say 'vacation' pictures! I love seeing
them. I doubt I'll be fortunate enough to ever
visit in person, so keep the photos coming!
Also, love all your needlework and your blog!

Sally said...

Arghhhhhhh! I just typed a long-ish comment and clicked the wrong thing and lost it lol!

Welcome back Barb. I did miss you. it's lovely to have you back.

Your photos are absolutely gorgeous. It's just the place I would love to spend time in. Nice and quiet and beautiful scenery.

Love your finishes. Don't think I've seen the halloweeny ones before. I can just imagine you all glued up! I'm terrible when I use glue!

Jane is lookinmg lovely. You're just a tiny bit further than me. I've got a piccie on my PC; just need to blog tomorrow :)

Lovely ornmaments you received from Faye. So cute :) And speaking of cute, love the piccie of Ollie :)

Glad to hear that Sue's Mum is on the mend. Fancy having to wait 3 months! That's quite disgusting.

Denise said...

Wow - what a vacation! And the stash - and stitching.

Smiles - Denise

Christine said...

Well I loved seeing your holiday pics. Tavistock isn't really that far from us, I must investigate it sometime, specially if it has a needlework shop. I've got that Tilda Christmas book, there are some lovely things in it aren't there?
Great finishes, hope you're unglued now! I specially like the needle and web one, and the apple backing fabric you used for the Stacey Nash is gorgeous.
Glad Sue's mum is getting better

Lainey said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful trip Barb. It looks a beautiful area you stayed in and quite a few gorgeous goodies you picked up.
Beautiful stitchy finishes and the pillows from Faye are very pretty. .
Great pic of Ollie!

Blu said...

Sounds like an awesome trip! Thanks for sharing photos. It's so much fun to see pictures of other places~
Looks like you picked up some great stash!

Tina said...

What can i say Barb,another interesting blog read,The cottage looked lovely and the surroundings very tranquil,and of course lot's of sheep!!!Thankyou for sharing your piccies with us,and stash well...must remember if i want a weekend away to go to Tavistock,well worth the journey.Love those Tilda designs only wish i could sew them.
JA stocking is coming on a treat,how big is it?
The end is in sight for QC,then i deserve some new starts,i think a nice Shepherds Bush design.
Take Care

Mylene said...

What a wonderful post, Barb. Amazing pictures! Thanks for sharing.

Lovely stash you got as well as the package received.

Happy weekend!

Angi M said...

Barb, what a wonderful holiday, pretty cottage, just the sort of place I like as well. I loved the photos and I think Ollie needs a bigger chair as well.

stitchersanon said...

Beautiful: should have had the fresh eggs though: they are light sussex and buff sussex hens (I have the light) and the eggs are amazing.

Lovely stitching and wow: love the fabrics. A great post: I really enjoyed reading it!

Julie said...

Super new header pic, made me smile when it popped up.

So pleased Sue's mum is improving, but 3 months for an appt, that is ridiculous!

Pics of your holiday home look lovely, it looks a nice place to visit

Great buys from the stash shop and i do like Martins bit of wood

WOOHOOO well done on the crochet, it looks brilliant

Congrats on blogging for a year, there is always something lovely to read about when you post

Carin said...

What a beautiful finishings and also very beautiful pictures. I just love your header picture, I love those sheep with their black head

jane said...

Wonderful pictures Barb, sounds like you enjoyed your holiday. Lovely stitching too, I know what you mean about the glue though! Pretty crochet square too - be careful though it's addictive.

Carin said...

Yesterday I recieved the chart I order 2 weeks ago: spell binding and its wonderful.

PS I have a give away on my blog :-)

Karan said...

Looks & sounds like you had a fabulous holiday. love all the new stash & those fab finishes. WTG on the crochet... hope you'll have another go. :0)

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