Monday 26 July 2010

Not 1,not 2,not 3 but

4 little finishes to show you,gentle readers of this rambling blog of mine. I have got quite a lot to tell and show you this week ,so without more ado.
I promised you finishes ,well here they are:-
Number 1 is Generosity by Drawn Thread which has been a UFO for quite a while, I found it in my box of abandonment and Julie and Mr Stick have been on my case to finish it-so Mr Stick can I be teachers pet this week can I can I ? lol!!!!!!!!!

This was the last section I did last weekend but changed the birds to robins. Now I need answers what to do with it. I am not sure if I want to frame it,but if I do what about a white frame? Then I thought maybe a bag for the winter but it would have to be an indoor bag . Any ideas from all you talented stitchers? leave a comment.

Number 2. is Glad Tidings fob from Shepherds Bush, I had a bit of trouble with this as beads and I do not mix at the moment, fingers won't work with them,however perseverance paid off and here it is done.

Before I go any further ,thanks for the comments on my last post, it is like getting answers to letters from dear friends so I know how you feel when you said that Jane, (not Austen). I know I do tend to ramble on and on and sometimes it doesn't make sense,but it seems you like it so I will continue lol.
Number 3 is a proper finish I did for a friends birthday ,I think she reads this but has no blog of her own, so as it is her birthday today and she will have opened it by now this is what I stitched for her. Happy Birthday Barbara.

I filled it with some french lavender in with the stuffing so it smells nice.
I do hope she likes it. I have a little trouble with the finishing of these things sometimes.

Onto Number 4.Not stitching but I showed you this little bear that I was knitting for my mil well here she is in her lilac dress and slippers. Ready to go live in the bear house with mils massive collection.

Guess who cannot count !!are you ready for number 5!!!!!
This is for a friend more than that I cannot say,so do you think I have my mojo back!
Heidi have you got that music going, nothing too fast!
So I think I deserve a new start and I have started the Thisbe Roll by Shepherds Bush,I also must do the 2 challenges for this month. Jane (not Austen) had a very good idea of starting to stitch a christmas ornie on the 25th of each month , I did like that link with the 25th . So perhaps we will all be stitching along with Jane on the 25th how about it?
I have not received any stash (Martin breathes sigh of relief here) however dear, don't think it is not coming lol. I have ordered some fabric from Sassy , she is such a sweetie and is dyeing some in the colour I like. My birdie wall needs it!! I also (oh just remembered, I have told a fib shhhh)I have got a chart by e.mail that I need to stitch for a friend so oops ,I cannot shine my halo now.The chart is a french one, but translated into English ,well it would have to be I don't speak French!I think I told you The Journey and a needleroll have been ordered at Fobbles.

On the book front -I transgressed again- and these three came this morning. I do wish Amazon and groups ,blogs etc. wouldn't keep mentioning books that I simply MUST have.Anyway I got The Help which everyone seems to be raving about.Another of Susan Whittig Alberts books The cottage tales of Beatrix Potter entitled The Tale of Briar Bank . They are gentle village life mysteries including the animals who take part in solving the mysteries (ok second childhood)but I have them all and I like them. The next was The Legacy by Katherine Webb not known to me but thought I would give it a shot. Sorry it is an awful pic but twill have to do.

In the garden blooming for your and our pleasure this week is

I did show you the stargazer last week just coming into bloom so here she is in all her glory,
Also raising their skirts this week were these little fuschia

I do have a new passion flower which lifted its one bloom to the sky yesterday but decided it was just too much effort to do it today for me to photograph.
There are lots of weeds I could show you, the brambles are really putting on a spurt in the wild bit -are the birds still in there - my excuse anyway for not getting torn to shreds. Who invented bramble bushes evil things,but the flowers and fruit are quite nice lol.
Well it was so nice to hear your thoughts on the family churches ,Dorset etc so would you like to come on another excursion that we went on this week.
The James that was christened in 1793 in the church I showed you last week, walked up this path in 1822 to marry his wife Hannah.

This is looking towards the village of Netherbury from the church,this was the church waiting for them when they got to the top.
We were lucky this week it was open and we were able to see inside,and leave a comment (I did not ramble too much).The door was covered with netting to stop swallows going in the church and nesting.

St.Marys was built in the 14c with even earlier origins. It seems a huge church in a relatively out in the sticks place for just a small village.Here is a pic of the size of it.However in a little booklet we purchased its says the population in various years was 1811-1,152,1841-2,162,1851-3,000,1951 -782,to 2004-333.I think in 1851 they must have all been sleeping in tents lol. Are you bored yet.I should think now it is even less, it was just so peaceful not a sound to be heard .

The 2 tombs you can see on at the end of the church were dated in 1642 and one had a skull and crossbones carved on it. I wonder if a smuggler was buried there,as all along the coast here was notorious like Cornwall for smuggling. Martin managed to get a pic of it so maybe if you would like to see it I will get him to put it on the next post. I could't take a pic of that as I had a very bored dog on the end of my arm!He is not a standing still sort of dog.!!

Oh yes we took Ollie and we had a picnic- then we saw some curly sheep on the way home but by then I had had it, so no pic of sheep this time, you will just have to think sheep !!!!
Martin was a sweetie as he knew I had done enough when we got home so he cooked the Sunday roast -he is the best.
I think now you have all the latest news I hope you have enjoyed?learnt? or been inspired to get out search for your own. I know if you are miles away as my maternal ones are to me it is difficult but who knows there might be someone in blogland who lives nearby willing to take a pic for you. Anyone live near Caistor or Hull lol.
So all good things must come to an end,I can hear the sigh of relief from here. Would you like me to share the next installment of James please let me know.
Take care all and do come visit again , promise not to give you too much to read next time. Oh I forgot dur. Family are all fine.

Hugs n stuf xx


Cath said...

Lovely pics again . The teddy is gorgeous X

Sally said...

I live near Hull sweetie!!!! I'm about 20 miles away. Where abouts were your maternal Ones? Love all your pictures from your outing.

Congratulations on ALL your wonderful finishes! I love your Drawn Thread and your SB fob. I've still not got mine made up yet but fingers crossed I'll get it done tomorrow. Your gift for Barbara is beautiful and the blackwork is lovely. Love the teddy too:)

Lesleyanne said...

Congratulations on ALL your BEAUTIFUL finishes. They are lovely. Lovely pictures of your trip.

Christine said...

Lovely finishes Barb. I think the Drawn Thread one would look wonderful in a distressed white frame.
Enjoyed the pictures of your flowers and your family history expedition too

Lainey said...

Barb you do not ramble on, I love reading your blog. Congrats on your beautiful finishes, Drawn thread has two of my favourites Snowman and Sheep. Your SB and the pillow for your friend are gorgeous.
What a beautiful church to get married in, thanks for sharing the pics.

jane said...

Lovely pics again Barb, your DT is beautiful, a white frame would suit it well I think. The little pillow is gorgeous and teddy is so sweet. What a lovely church - such interesting places to visit aren't they.
Love your flower pics too.

Mylene said...

Congrats on all the beautiful finishes, Barb.
Stargazer looks gorgeous and thanks for sharing pictures of your trip.

Have a good week.

Cindy's Stitching said...

Great pictures and what great finishes. You have been busy

Jan said...

Barb~ Love all of the pictures, wonderful finishes!! Also you will love The Help, it was a great read!

A dear friend stitched the Drawn Thread for me and made a sweet rectangular wall-hanging with it! Know you will come up with just the perfect finish for yours!

Hazel said...

Wow all those fab finishes! I am very impressed!. Lovely pictures of the church and surrounding area. Just perfect. x

Blu said...

Lovely finishes! The Drawn Thread is beautiful.
Great pics of the church.

Julie said...

Wow... who's been a busy little bee then, your stitching mojo has come back with a vengance LOL
Super the church was open this time, its so nice to be able to able around and think back to what it would have been like when your ancestors were alive. Yes please to more pics etc i like to see and read.

Enjoy the new books and stash

WendyCarole said...

Great stitching and love the teddy

Lelia said...

fantastic stitching & beautiful finishing.

I laughed when I say your DT all stitched up. I swear I have that card & buttons in my stash, too. Never got around to stitching it.

Heidi said...

La, la, la, la, laaaa....

Just me You are just a finishin' fool this blog post. :-) I love the winter theme one as I am dreaming of autumn and winter and cold days with woolies on. *sigh* What about sewing fabrics around it into a fun door banner?

It makes me want to jump over the little pond separating us when I see these kinds of photos. It has been too long since I was in merry ol' England! Alas, this year will be too busy with moving. I just posted more photos of our garden up at Cranberry Cottage so if you would like to see them stop by my other blog.

Your garden is just showing off isn't it? Lol! Look at those flowers totally showing off. :-) Is the weather good enough to sit out among those flowers and stitch?

Hugs from Holland ~

Heather said...

I love all of your finishes Barbara. Generosity is fabulous. Me personally I think I'd get it framed (not in white though), or a wall hanging.

Solstitches said...

So many beautiful finishes!
I love the Drawn Thread piece. Maybe it's an older design as I don't remember seeing it before.
The Belle Fleurs hanging pillow is so very pretty too.
Love your ribbon display in your blog header.


Karen said...

lots of lovely finishes well done

Karan said...

Fabulous finishes Barb & more lovely pics too. :0) What pics of caistor do you want? General shots or something specific?

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