Thursday 29 July 2010

Don't you just love

RIBBONS.Thought I would change the header, for a pic of my ribbon/tape basket. I love these sorts of ribbons ,I would like some of the french ones I have seen, but not speaking French and not knowing where to go to look I think I will have to be content with these - unless! you can help dear reader of course.

2 posts in one week (not setting a precedent here), but this one will maybe be a quick one ,I say maybe because as you know I get carried away when I am' talking' to you.

I just had to show you a few bits and bobs that I have had through the post and also an update on the garden and my latest wip and oh get on with it Barb!!

First of all last time I showed you my pic of the lavender pillow I sent Barbara(popular name this ),that is how I am known as Barb because Barbara Bl was on the board I joined ,and as my name is Barbara and I am also Bl it was easier to shorten mine. I had never been called Barb in my life till then - I quite like it now. My brother used to call me Babs and I hated it.

I digress, sorry. Going back to Barbara I sent her the Blue Ribbon chart Blooming Inspiration as well and she loved it all. She sent me e.mail to thank me and to let me know what she had been up to,she has not got a blog. Anyway she had been to York for her birthday and whilst there had got this as a RAK for me .

Oh dear!!! I have just previewed this pic and had to giggle. Barbara sent me 2 darling little buttons with sheep on love the one on the right of the card ,but had not realised how I had placed the one on the left oops!. I just loved the card it could not have been more perfect for me. The chart from SB oh another one I want to do NOW.
So although I have e mailed Barbara I will say here Thankyou so much again.

Well I have long been admiring Mylenes stitching and was I surprised when this came through the door on the same day as Barbaras,-talk about a red letter day ,well its a lilac letter but you know what I mean.I am thrilled with it and it is just sooo perfect.

Mylene also sent me a postcard of where she lives ,looks so nice , thankyou so much Mylene and if I could finish my things as nicely as you I would be on cloud 9.
The next item to arrive was this morning and Sally sent me the SB chart she has just stitched ,another one shouting Now now now for attention. Love it Sally, she has just finished it and has posted a pic on her blog Stitchyangel Treasures, I really must have another lesson on this linking thing.Have a look at her envelope and the paper is just as pretty - although she let me into a little secret when I thanked her ,it was her daughters.

Yesterday my neighbour brought me a bunch of flowers ,they have been on holiday for a week and we looked after their house and watered their plants. We aren't the sort of neighbours who are in and out but we know if we need anything we are there. I used to work with Val when I worked at the bakery over the road many moons ago now,before the floristry bug hit.
Talking of flowers before I show you the stitchy wips here is what is growing /coming into bloom this week.

This really bright orange day lily , unfortunately true to its name the flowers only last a day.

The yellow buddlei (sp)which the bees and butterflies love we have a purple one but that has been out a while,this one flowers much later.

I am not sure if this is a type of feverfew but whatever it is it is quite a splash of colour near that orange day lily.Next but certainly not least I think another stargazer is about to make its appearance the other one has about 4 blooms left.

Not in bloom but certainly growing are some wallflowers that I planted a few weeks ago , looking forward to those next spring.

So thats the garden update for this week.
No news on James and Hannah till the weekend when we hope to go visit where they were in 1841 and onto where their son James my great grandfather was born.
By the way did anyone watch Coast this week ,when it was showing Chesil beach and the Fleet you could see where Ollie goes for his walk and almost where we live.
Now onto the little bit of stitchy stuff to show you.

The first of the two pages of Jane Austens return to the sea, I love it and cannot wait for my Monday nights with Sally and Jane(Austen this time).Poor Sally ran out of one of her colours but all is well she managed to get some for next week.
The next wip is my Thisbe roll from SB,just heard from Barbara today that she has ordered one from Fobbles so she is going to try one too. Just call me an enabler.

Ok since I last spoke the family have been camping not very far away in case they had to go home with any of them in a hurry . Graeme and Kate ds and dd, took their respective children and left Sue and Iain working.Kate is back at work at the weekend (shattered before she starts I expect). Early (crack of sparrow starts with a 3 year old thinking everyone should be awake at 5)and late as they all want to stay up .They have had a lovely time though going fishing for Sticklebacks and to Thornecombe woods where my two used to love to go. So all is well. I hope for all you reading this too, can I again I know I say it everytime but good manners cost nothing and I am a great beleiver in those, so thankyou to all of you who come to visit ,If you leave me a calling card in the form of a comment so much the better and if I can I will answer your questions. Oh thanks too for the ideas for finishing dt.I do like the distressed frame idea Christine, also Heidi the wall hanging although I am a bit afraid of 'messing it up ' re fabric.I am not that confident ,especially with a sewing maching underfoot.
I see by my last post that I have a few new names on my comments,welcome ,hope you will visit again.
Oh I do go on and on and on. I will just say Thankyou and hope it does for all.

Take care all and I will probably be back with you all again soon, and its Julies Birthday TOMORROW -all together now 123, Happy Birthday to You,Happy Birthday to you ,Happy Birthday dear Julie Happy birthday to you.-Hope we dont have to pay royalties now.

Going right now Hugs n Stuff(remembered the second f this time ).
Barb x


Heather said...

Loving your flowers Barbara. Your gifts from Mylene are lovely too. I had a laugh at the sheep button too!!! Jane Austen is coming along really nicely too. Must visit Sally's blog and see her progress.

Lesleyanne said...

What lovely gifts you have received. I laughed when I saw the sheep button. Love your flowers and your WIPs are coming on a treat.

Christine said...

Lovely gifts Barb, the sheep button is too cute! Your Wips are progressing really well

jane said...

Lovely pics of your garden Barb ( or should I say Barbara?) Your gifts are beautiful and the JA is coming on well

angelasweby said...

I can't tell you how much i enjoyed reading your post.
I have to smile each time as things you talk about and pictures you show just strike such a familiar chord :>)

I absolutely love ribbons and am convinced I have an incurable addiction :>) Yours in the picture are so pretty.
French ones are especially lovely and like you I've been looking for some. i especially like the one with initials on.

I was so pleased to see your beautiful Stargazer lilies. Ours are exactly the same colour and are at exactly the same stage. I was so worried that they were behind and might not open at all but there are little openings appearing at the tips of the flowers. The white ones opened last week and are glorious. Your garden looks such a beautiful place to spend time in.

You've received such lovely gifts from your thoughtful friends. How nice to receive a RAK.. I love the little fob Sally sent you too. I've been trying to find this particular one for weeks with no success. I'm sure you'll have lots of fun stitching it and the other charts too.

Glad your family have enjoyed their holidays. We've been so spoilt with this lovely weather. It's going to rob us of a popular conversation topic if it carries on like this...haha!
Warm wishes Angela

Blu said...

You've gotten some lovely gifts. And your flowers are beautiful!

Sally said...

Your JA is looking lovely Barb. I am haivng so much fun stitching along on this with you:) Thisbe's Roll is beautiful I think this one is one of my favourites.

So glad you like the fob chart. I think we have another obsession going here don't you? Lol!

Lovely gift from Mylene. I always admire her fobs on her blog. Love the RAK from Barbara. Those buttons are so cute. I stitched the chart ages ago and mounted it ( badly!!!) onto a box and keep my spare threads in it.

Your flowers are beautiful.

Karen said...

lovely gifts and photos

Mylene said...

Hi Barb, i love your flowers especially the is sooo beautiful.

Both your WIP's are looking great and i am happy to hear you like the fob i've sent.

I hope you have a happy weekend.

Julie said...

I recognise one of the ribbons in that basket LOL

Superb gifts for a lovely lady, thank you so much for my birthday gifts - you spoiled me rotten. I like lillies but we dont have them in the garden since i read they are poisonous for cats.

Yes, i did see the coast programme and i thought of Ollie too when it was on wondering if that was near when he has his walks.

Heidi said...

Well, it looks like Christmas has arrived in What wonderful gifts for an even more wonderful person!

You can only build confidence sewing by trying a few things. It does not have to be difficult to look beautiful. Maybe one day you can try with something you don't mind about and I think you will be surprised and start doing more. And ribbons are wonderful added to things like that. :-)

Love your ribbons. We have those here too. Holland is a country for ribbons and trims.

Hugs from Holland ~

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