Thursday 18 March 2010

You must remember this ,a kiss is just a kiss a sigh is just a sigh as time goes by

43 years ago today I married my Martin, and at times its been tough and the way not always easy, but here we are, as he said at lunchtime ,heres to the next 43!!!!!!!! He said "I will only be 107 "In your prime then I said!!We were engaged for 2 years before marrying and "courting" before that ,I met him when I was 15. Ah loves young dream. I wouldn't change him for the world he is a real "gentle" man. He doesnt do opening doors and putting on coats though lol.
We went out for lunch today , and guess what he did this afternoon after we had been out and bought 2 ,yes 2 new bookcases, he cleaned my cooker -oh what a man! He knows I have not got the strength in my wrists and knees are painful to kneel on and I really hate the cooker being dirty.So there you are as the saying goes;-

On the family front our dear Ella, of cooking fame, did her bit for sport relief and swam 118 lengths of the pool, one and a quarter miles.Go Ella. We had a text from Sue to say she had done it and everyone is so proud ,she was the only girl and only 9. Sue also texted Kate our DD,who said back "Blimey whats next the channel"?

As some may know it was Mothering Sunday in the UK last Sunday, Graeme DS came down on Saturday,he was kayaking near by. He got me Lost in Austen dvd, and some gorgeous red tulips. Kate I did not see until yesterday as I have been full of yukky cold, and didnt want her to catch it and give it to the tribe.Plus she was working on Sunday so her Mothers Day wasnt brilliant. The children (or Iain got her a pressie though ) and Jack gave her a kit-kat and said there you go Mum have a break. For those of you who haven't a clue what I am talking about, a Kit-Kat is a chocolate biscuit bar that has the slogan have a break have a kit-kat, as it snaps quite easily.I think sometimes with 5 she could snap quite easily lol.

Martin has got me the Time Travellers Wife dvd so I am well equipped if the RA flares up and I can only watch tele. Health news ,yukky cold and cough and general aches and pains but nothing too serious.
I do not have any stitchy pics of recent days to show you ,but thought I would share this as it is that time of year. This must have been done about 20years ago ,I think I need to change the colour of the outside mount.

We have seen a pair of coal tits trying out the nesting box we can see from the kitchen window, I don't know if the accommodation is up to scratch ,could just see him/her having a good fidget to see if the fit was right. Very exciting if they take up residence.
I also have a pair of ring neck doves ,so pretty ,trying to nest in the viburnum just outside the lounge window, usually there is a great comotion when I go out to feed them in the morning .A great flurry and battling to get out of the tree so I won't see her.
I have got a little stash this week ,but at the moment not taken pic of it , I got a carriage sampling chart from e-bay ,it is called, "The song they Sang" the verse reads
"It was early,early in the spring.The birds did whistle and sweetly sing.
Changing their notes from tree to tree,the song they sang they sang for me."

It is such a nice design too.
Then I got from Plum Street Samplers Salem Sisters, and Morning bird .Still hooked on the bird theme you see.
Also got some books -well i have bookcases to fill lol.
This is a short post for me but hopefully there may be another coming soon lol.
I know some of you that read this have been feeling rather grim- Please feel better soon. Thanks for all your comments they are very special to me and I do read them all.
Heidi for all your help and nice words thankyou .
Kathy and Rory for all the laughter ,(almost had to have a nappy there ) if any of you havent seen Rory in his dressing up outfits take a look at Kathys blog . He is a STAR!!!
OH I havent mentioned my woofit. He is fine laying down by my feet, he has been out for his run and got soaked as the rain has started. He comes in and sits just inside the front door awaiting his rub down ,(and thats just Martin lol)
If I havent mentioned you then forgive me and BIG HUG From me to you.
Tina who hasnt got a blog, but I know reads this ,hope you recover real quick .Will give you pics of stitching next time -promise.
Hugs n stuff


stitchersanon said...

Awwww. Now that is what I call romantic. Never mind the flowers or buyable, cleaning an over or kitchen would work for me anyday!

Hazel said...

Happy anniversary! I hate cleaning the cooker too. x

Lainey said...

Your hubby sure is a keeper, Happy Anniversary!

Jules said...

Happy Anniversary!

Mylene said...

Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby!

Sally said...

Happy Anniversary to you and Martin!

When you would you like to start our Sampler Girl SAl and which would you like to do first?? Lol!

Lesleyanne said...

Happy Anniversary. Will your husband do my cooker lol?

jane said...

Happy Anniversary Barb & Martin!!!

Blu said...

Happy Anniversary!

Christine said...

Happy Anniversary! Can he come and clean my cooker too?

Julie said...

Belated anniversary wishes to you both. My DH cleans my cooker inside too, i thnk he's worried i might turn the gas on one day!!!

Well done Ella on the laps, what an achievement.

Chris said...

Hi Barb,
I have given you a Sunshine Award, so do pop along to my blog and pick it up. This is for persons like you who are amazing and creative and a joy to know!

Hugs Chris x

Clare-Aimetu said...

Best wishes and congratulations to you and Martin x x

I have chosen you for the Sunshine Award, please pop to my blog to receive it :)

Dani - tkdchick said...

Thanks for sharing one of your older finishes with us, its great!

Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary, Barb! It's 44 for Herman and me. He's home from the hospital now and we see the doctor tomorrow about chemo or not. I'd love for you to come by my blog and accept your sunshine award if the link works :) your comments always mean so much.

Kate said...

A late congratulations to both of you on your Anniversary Barb sounds like you had a good day. And sounds like another Mr Armstrong tune applies "Give me a kiss to build a dream on" keep dreaming and enjoying each other.

Karan said...

Belated Happy Anniversary wishes to you both. :0) Congratulations to Ella - quite an achievement. Glad you had a nice Mother's Day, despite the yukky cold. Hope you're feeling much better soon (((((hugs))))). Enjoy the new stash. Love the "oldie" piece. :0)

Heidi said...

I am late but I wish you a very happy anniversary. I hope too that the coming 43 years will be wonderful and just think of all the stitching you can do in that It was fun to see you older piece of stitching. I too have both the Country Diary stitching books but have never made myself something from them. I used them for gifts for others and yet I just love Edith Holden. Have you ever seen the ITV (I think that is right) series about her life? I ordered it on DVD since I had it on video but never watch videos anymore. It is a definite for any Edith Holden lovers.

Glad you had a great Mothering Sunday and even an extended one.

Hugs from Holland ~

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