Monday 1 March 2010

Mad as a March Hare

I suppose he is a chip off the old block.This is Jack playing hide and seek ,well at least I think that is what he was doing I don't think he realises just how tall he has got,either that or like me trying to get away from the camera.

Well how are we all this week, another month slipping off the calender and into the ether,where does the time go- and can anyone tell me when a day seems to go really slowly the week has gone before I can blink.

Healthwise not too bad, Sue saw the Oncologist ,she still needs to see another consultant and Ella has to be tested at a later date,but its looking more hopeful that although she has a blood condition we think it is controllable.
Everyone else is fine, well I haven't heard that they aren't, so no news, is good news they say.
I found some violets in the garden this morning, not quite in bloom yet ,but with a little bit of sunshine,we do have some today ,they will soon be out properly.
Thankyou so much for your comments regarding the tulip quilt, I was absolutely
gobsmacked I can tell you ,as I think I said, I am not lucky with raffles or lottery or anything like that usually.
Before I start proper, may I just take a moment to thank those who have left me comments on my last 2 posts (and the ones before of course). To answer them here goes:
Jules-thanks for the Florida Sunshine , its lacking the heat at the moment ,but its lovely just to see the sun for even a day or two.

Heidi- Not thought of seeing if Clarice Cliff did (ordinary ) designs before her famous ones,taken a pic of the back of plate for you to see. I too like the tea with JA and I love the quote and really must get ,the chart for the summer, "What dreadful hot weather we are having ,it keeps one in a continual state of inelegance" I think it is brilliant,especially as although the summer helps my pain I do not like it hot .

Tina -Karyn -not sure when the start will come for QD as I am still awaiting fabric from Picture Plus in the States. I have had e mail saying it has been posted so hopefully I will be able to let you see that next time. Not the start the fabric lol. Did you get the 3 ply threads Karyn?
Stitchinfiend- Jane thanks for the kind comments on QC, bit more for you to see this week.
My Julie friend oldbagpuss and Sally awww just thanks for being friends.

Now in time honoured tradition I would like to thank my parents,my family,neighbours
friends and the cat next door ,not forgetting Oliver the dog. Sorry I lost the plot there for a while must be the rare occurence of sunshine.
Just been to fetch serious head from the dusty cupboard.

I expect you would like to see what I have been doing and also what I have received this week (our postman is becoming quite a friend these days ).
An unstitchy pic first, as Heidi seemed interested in my Clarice Cliff plate here is the back.

Not a brilliant picture but readable just.

Next is a picture of my Blackbird wall ,they have actually made it to the wall now,the big picture that you can see above will eventually be replaced by my birdies.

Then a picture of my new start ,on 28 count Sassys Celery over one, this is Awake the Dawning Day by Blackbird Designs ,another I am loving. This has birds on it too, so if I can get Don (my framer) to do it, this one will go on the wall too.

Quaker Christmas has grown a little this week ,and I shall be stitching along with Yoyo and the others on the Christmas Sal this week at some point. Progress for you to see.

Next week hope to have a progress pic of vine, as I may get the right hand side finished this week , Julie and Mr Stick will be beating a path to my door if I don't get some done soon .
Also finished off the LHN ORNIE pear tree for the Sal , I quite liked the idea of putting a little bar of chocolate in it. What do you think? I thought I would try and get a miniature flake for "He is a flake "one.

I can also show you a pic of the monthly challenge I did for Stitch and Stash , we are given a design to stitch in any finish and I finished mine into a bookmark for Martin ,along with the chocolate gingers. He is using it so must have been pleased gingers did not last too long!

When I come to doing this, I realise just how much I am trying to keep all the needles in the fabric ,well its a different take on balls in the air ,isnt it.
I love the design chosen for March (it has a bird on it so sorry folks no fancy finishing this time as it will be for the wall).

I have another finish to show you for my Jane Austen corner it is taken from one of the Sampler Girls Tanyas pattern books and I thought the quote quite cute ,it will sit next to Emma on the wall ,with Mr Darcy underneath. Martin put a black card surround around it as I hadn't done it properly (story of my life).

I think thats all my stitching for this week phew.

I do have another persons to show you though ta-da!!!!
Mother -in -law has finished her thatched cottage, here she is proudly displaying same after we had picked it up from the framers. I am so proud of her finishing it, she started with the teddy that I will post pic of under this one,then went on to this. Many tears were stitched into it as she started cross stitching when fil died 2years ago, and some nights and days she could not see to stitch through tears. Perseverance paid off though and despite all that she has finished it .She said when she saw the picture "you cant show them that, look at all my wrinkles and my hair looks a fright she is 85 ,bless her so we can forgive her a few wrinkles.
She has now started a Dimensions Gold Collection kit we bought her for Christmas ,all teddies.Will let you know how she progresses from time to time.

I had typed all this yesterday took ages as BT are playing about with Broadband in this area, due to the Olymics in 2012 the sailing is being held here.It is just so slow and would not upload pics and I see the typing that I did below mums progress from time to time, has not been saved -grrrr dont you love these confuser things.
So what did I write next -heavens knows.
I have not shown you stash from last week so here is my Heartstring Sampler from Beth Twist

Then I at last received my Loose Feathers 39 from Blackbird Designs,they were a bit late with this one ,so it will go in the pile.

Threads arrived for one of the samplers from the Sampler Girl that Kate got for my birthday.

Last but not least my friend gave me a WH Smith voucher for my birthday and I bought these books to go on my reading pile .At the moment I am enjoying Jamacia Inn on my MP3 player and my book by the bed is The Rose of Sebastopol.

Well folks if you are still with me,well done,I do tend to ramble on a bit! I hope you enjoy reading about the bits and bobs and will come back for more. Take care wherever you are in the world,I would never have thought my humble little ramblings would be read by so many people so far away Bless you.
See you next week have a stitchylicious one (I am sure I will)
Hugs n stuff


Julie said...

Lovely progress pics and your birdie wall is looking really good.

*big round of applause* to MIL, what a wonderful achievement, i too did that little bear one, a very long time ago though... i wonder what happenend to that?

Children do make me laugh when they are trying to hide, so long as their eyes are covered and they cant see they think no one else can either LOL

Have a good week, enjoy the spring sunshine. x

jane said...

What a lovely chatty blog post Barb. I love your birdie wall and you have some very nice stitching to show, I think I am going to enjoy seeing your progress on Awake the Dawning Day. Some nice purchases too - I love the Loose Feathers design - have been trying to decide whether to get that one myself.
Congratulations to your MIL on her fantastic finishes, she should be very proud of herself.
Take care and have a good week.

Christine said...

Wow , what a lot of great stitching by both you and MIL. The blackbird wall is looking great. Love the hide and seek photo too.

Tina said...

Love your Blackbird wall Barb,congratulations to MIL on her HD,can't wait to see your new one framed and on the wall the way you have smokin needles it won't take long
Take Care
Tina xx

Michelle said...

I love all your stitching ~ that blackbird wall is fabulous! That is a great photo of MIL with her finish .. I understand about the needle and thread helping her through sad times.. my needle keeps me grounded.

Have a wonderful day ~ love your Jane Austen finishes .. I just watched Part 1 of Emma that was on PBS.. I LOVE IT!

Sally said...

Your bird wall looks super Barb! Lovely start on Awake The Dawning Day. Love the colours in this one and look forward to seeing more progress. AQC is coming along beautifully.

Love your finish of the LHN piece. What a wonderful idea. Think I might have to steal that idea as it would bea good place to hide some choccy from prying eyes that may want to eat it!! Lol!

What an accomplishment for your MIL. It's a wonderful finish.

Lovely new stash too. I'm just debating whether to buy the CC for At Home with jane Austen. They do look pretty.

Children do hide in the funniest of places! lol!

Mylene said...

What a wonderful post and great job to you and your MIL, both stitching finishes and WIP's are simply beautiful.
Such lovely stash too.

Heidi said...

Your MIL should be so proud of her work. It is just beautiful and she can also be proud of her wrinkles. They mean she has survived life.

I have been searching CC for you online. I can find more of the set but not information of this being from certain periods yet. You need some of the experts from The Antiques Roadshow. :-)

Your theme wall is beautiful. It is fun to work towards an idea like this with stitching. The JA stitching is great. Have you shown the corner before you mentioned? I love seeing how other display their stitching.

I was thinking Jack is playing know how they think if they cannot see you that you cannot see Humm...summer? Let's not think about hot weather. I am supposed to feel better in hot weather but never do.

Hugs from Holland ~

Lesleyanne said...

What a lovely post. Your wall is gorgoeous - such a good idea as are your finishes. Congratulations to your mil for her finish - it is lovely and such an achievement at 85. I hope I can still stitch at that age. Your WIPs are also beautiful.

Lainey said...

What a nice blog Barb, love all your finishes and what an amazing lady your MIL is, her finish is beautiful.

Karan said...

LOL @ Jack. Congratulations to your MIL on two fab finishes, Bless her. Lovely finishes & WIP's & more great stash - so enjoying my catch up & seeing so much sttiching eye candy. :0)

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