Sunday 2 July 2017

Junes Scavenger Hunt.

Hello all,  Sorry  I am a bit late, but  better late than never!
My ten  photos; I  am afraid they may be a bit hit and miss this  time. My photography skills  aren't great.  However here is number one. 
The Setting Sun.
Looking west toward Weymouth from Portland. A lovely evening but a bit chilly.Guess who did not have a  jumper.

No 2,The local wild place or nature reserve.  I am  hoping the bird reserve in  Weymouth will be Ok for  this catergory.

Mug of your favourite drink  in  the garden. 
Could I use a little poetic justice and use  a glass.
Hmmm Gin and Tonic don't mind if I do . Cheers.
 No 4. My kind  of beautiful.
This is a very  dear photo to us,  we have it on our lounge wall, a selfie taken by our grandaughter Ella with our old goldie Ollie. He  went to the  rainbow bridge to wait for  us in  January ,this was taken in July last year.

No 5.  Look to the skies.
Our phormium  in the garden just about to bloom ,it  looks  great against the sky.
From  high  above to the Number 6  which I saw under a brick.
Yew!!!!!Lots of busy ants, and  when I moved  another brick they had a nest with lots of  eggs, they all pitched in  and carried their eggs to safety.
We have been wanting  rain now for a  few weeks , and we really got some last week.  The restio  at the front  was bowing  down  to the ground with the weight of the rain .  Yes Number 7 is Rain.

 Number 8 is something summery, This was taken a few summers  ago. Just had to find it ,The Punch and Judy Man on Weymouth Sands.I am surprised that children these days still seem to like this  ,I have to admit  I was not one  of the children who liked it when I was young .
I will take you back to the nature reserve for my urban Wilderness number 9. As it is right in the heart of Weymouth but is still a wild area.

Last but not least is Number 10 my choice. A view of the outer hebrides  in Scotland where we went for out golden wedding  anniversary.

The long and winding  road, hope you have enjoyed my photos for June , look forward  to seeing Julys list.
Hugs to all


Threads through my life said...

Wonderful photos and it is great we can all be a bit liberal with our interpretation of the words! My favourite, by far, is your own choice. I can imagine myself just sitting there, taking in the view and looking at the beautiful water and sky. Glad you were better late than never with your photos!

kjsutcliffe said...

Beautiful pictures and stories, I love your final photo and don't worry about 'being late' I always put up the scavenger hunt on a Friday so we have all weekend to add pictures and visit other blogs xx so glad you joined in x

Sally said...

Beautiful photos Barb. I do love the one of Ollie and Ella. Hugs.

simplenaturalhandmade said...

Lovely collection of photos. Wow, is that the Outer Hebrides! We will definitely take our teardrop trailer there when it's built! J

Astrids dragon said...

All lovely photos, I love how you got the birds flying!

Vickie said...

Aww, I like Ollie and Ella.♥

butterfly said...

What wonderful photos , everyone of them is just a beauty.
But yes I really love the best one with Ollie and Ella , I wonder if Ollie as met up with my poppy on Rainbow bridge I hope so. HUGS .

Fil said...

They're lovely photos Barb - loved the g'n't - I chickened out from photographing my glass of red wine!
Your plants look great against the sky and the dog with your daughter pic is very special - thank you for the image of the rainbow bridge.

doodles n daydreams said...

Great photos. I particularly like the New Hebrides shot but don't really know which one I would pick as my favourite. They are all wonderful.


Tina said...

Lovely photo's Barb x

Susan Smith said...

Wonderful pics & not sure why you were worried. I was late too & sometimes I think we all say, "ooh, this lot is hard", but then find something to fit. Favourites for me are the last one & your beautiful dog photo. Take care.

Mary said...

Lovely photos!! They are all so nice but The long and winding road is just stunning. Is this a photography club scavenger hunt? Mary@stitchingfriendsforever

Christine said...

Beautiful photos Barb

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Lovely photos which really fit the themes. I like the one with the raindrops on the plant.

Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

A lovely selection of photos, Barb.

Julie said...

Lovely selection you chose. xx

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos Barb. I do love the one of Ollie and Ella. Hugs.


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