Friday 26 May 2017

Mays Scavenger Photo Hunt.

Hello , I have  joined Hawthorns group where every month you choose 10  subjects from a list  to photo and  then post them so others can  enjoy your choice.  So here goes. The first  one I chose is Lichen  ,this was taken in a  ruined churchyard in the Outer Hebrides.
Not sure what sort it is , but it was very hairy. Next up is Glass.
This is a piece made by my  other half  a Rennie  Mackintosh style plaque.
The hotel we  stayed in on Barra had in its lounge area a piano ,which fitted nicely into third place  on  my list.
I don't play so it was  quite safe.However the boat on the top leads me nicely to number 4,which was Wave.
Not a recent photo ,it was taken just after a big storm. This is the place where I grew up and live near.A little nearer to where we live  I took  this which fits nicely with Silouette .
Taken on a foggy afternoon dog  walk. Onto number 6 I am not sure if  this fits the word Group. This was taken just below Stirling  castle . A group of chimneys.
Whilst I am still  in Scotland (I wish) the other half  bought me some Hebridean jewellery and a woven  scarf , so it  could  be weave or sharp.
My next  one is carrying on from  the sharp them which is stitch. . This is an ongoing blckwork piece I am working on.

The penultimate one is one I took on our first night in Barra ,  a ray of  sunlight across the water. Ray is the word.
I will leave you with a celtic prayer which is my choice for deep.

So I do hope that my 10 choices are ok. I have not done anything like this before and I was so pleased to have found this and maybe you would like to be part of it too. 


kjsutcliffe said...

Well done Barb, both on the lovely selection of photos and stories and being able to link up!nice one 😊 so glad joined especially so many of your pictures and stories are from places I love dearly xxx

Threads through my life said...

Lovely!!! I am in total agreement with Hawthorn. I just love seeing how people interpret the words and drool over the photos. From your set I would take away the glass one, inspired by one of my favourite artists.

butterfly said...

Great photos , what fun , thanks for sharing.

Vickie said...

This was lovely Barb. Such wonderful, different photos.

Susan Smith said...

I'm so glad you joined in too. It's like going on holiday seeing all these different places. I love both the Ray photo & Silhouette. The blackwork stitchery is great. I must try harder with my camera. Hope you join in for June. Take care.

Christine said...

Great photos Barb, I particularly like the rooftops one, and yes I'd say it was a group of chimneys

Fil said...

Hi Barb - lovely photographs - it's so interesting to see parts of the world that we might never get a chance to visit in person. The spit of land with wave is spectacular and so is the next one the silhouette. Your other half is very talented in the glasswork department - lovely work and I particularly love that Deep Peace quote - I have music for it to do as a round, quite complicated but it's lovely.
Fil @ Fil’s Place

Julie said...

Lovely selection of pics, love the celtic poem.

cucki said...

Beautiful x

Fiona said...

What super photographs. I love the softness of the b&w grasses and the beach view. OH's homage to Rennie Macintosh is very impressive.

Fiona said...

What super photographs. I love the softness of the b&w grasses and the beach view. OH's homage to Rennie Macintosh is very impressive.

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