Sunday 28 August 2016

Would anyone like a scone?

 Freshly baked scones available. I did try and post this yesterday ,I thought I was saving  it as I went  but no,  I pressed something and poof  lost  all  I had written. I think I have a gremlin lurking in this confuser. 
So my friends I try again , I am very trying!
It is now Sunday morning and I have just been handed a gin  and tonic (without the gin) I pretend you see. What a day we had yesterday thunder ,lightning , and loads of rain. Today is drizzle and as I cannot get out there to mow lawns , I am going to catch up here. 
Hope you are all well, thankyou so much for coming to visit and leave comments. Well first of all I can show you what I have been working on, I did mention I would send an unbirthday gift to someone whose birthday I had missed.  It was for June of Butterfly wings blog. Thanks for the card June. The needlebook  was a success, I was pleased with it and June loved it. I do not profess to being a neat embroiderer or a great put togetherer but it worked.
Inside is a scissor holder and needlecase.
I managed to find a butterfly button , and a blue tape measure as I know June likes blue. The pen has flowers on it and I stitched a Shepherds Bush scissor fob In my garden. The needlecase is next to it and I took the words from a Drawn thread chart I had when I am sewing. The button I had been given and was in my button box so I added some flowers. Also got a butterfly needleminder.
inside I put size 26 and 28 needles and these pins which I found , then comes the pouch I made to put a little  notepad in and a french pattern featuring a garden . 

Sorry forgot to show you the pins,
When you fold the pouch over ,this is the stitchery I did for the back.
So there you have it. I really enjoyed finding the bits and bobs to put in it and putting it together , I think I may need a new one. Or maybe I will have a giveaway at some point and do one of these what do you think. 
Talking of gifts I had  a gift from Lainey , I sent her a gift of a sheepie design that I had 2 of. I  was surprised  to receive this from her as a thankyou. 
It was the second attempt at a biscornu , I think she did great, I did send her a message to thank her but if you read this Lainey thankyou so much .I have also been stitching and got a few things done ,but not put together yet. In the previous post I told you about the Christmas  ornaments from the JCS mags of Christmas. I showed you the ones I had done already but I was  way behind  Sally and Chris. So I cheated a bit and chose some small designs so that I could catch up. Here they are designs are  by Jeanette Douglas Designs and will be finished up sometime this week. I will be starting on another on her designs on Monday with Sally.

I mentioned these will be for my daughters Christmas tree, I wondering how to finish these.. I also had a finish on a Wednesday in the parlour which is for  my Santa bowl.

Sorry it is rather blurred , I put Miss Julies tape measure she sent me a while ago now next to it to give  you some idea of scale. He was  stitched over one ,only about 10 more to do  lol. This last  Wednesday I picked  up the Christmas Cubes again ,finished I ,

This is where I picked it  up , I  have finished it just not  got round to a photo.I  will be starting S on  Wednesday, that is all the stitching at the moment. I have read  a couple or maybe 3 books since  last time and I am currently reading A wicked stitch at the moment.Oh forgot to add photo of sheepie design I am working on Fridays with Sally. Spring Makeover by Madame Chantilly. There are sheep in it !!
I have taken some pics of the front garden as you have seen the back.  We have some really exotic plants  at the top including a banana tree.  I somehow do not think we will see  any bananas, there are several bamboos and Martin is thinking of getting a sign saying beware of the  pandas  . The view toward the house.
This  agapanthus is almost over but has been wonderful.
The view from the jungle at the top of the garden.
See what I mean about jungle  and there is a T.Rex lurking  in  the corner.
Well  that is its nick name real name is Tetra Pannex. We do not have a lot of flowering things in the front. We do have cannas  etc. 
So my friends  thanks for staying with me and my ramblings.Ollie is still going strong,  swimming twice a day and is being rather naughty not wanting  to come out. We had a stand off the other evening when he would not come out,and we had impasse  for an hour.  Not best pleased with him.
The daughter and family have gone on a canal  boat holiday for a week, have heard the weather for them was awful yesterday. I have to say I am so proud of her at Slimming world she has got to target and lost 5 stone. So you see why I cannot have cheese scones. 
Take care all and I shall be with you again next month,wonder what I can achieve by next time. 


Vickie said...

Hello Barb! I saw your marvelous gift for June! Just beautiful. The gift from Lainey is adorable. I stitched up that center Jeanette Douglas Design pattern myself. They are all pretty. I like your front garden very much! I cannot believe Ollie is so very naughty. Oh my! ;)

Purple Pixie Dust said...

Love your post, nice gifts for June and from Lainey. Love your stitching and your garden. hugs

Sally said...

Hello dear Barb. So many lovely things to see in your post. You have been very busy. I do like your ornaments. They may be small but they are very pretty. Love the needlebook you made for June. There's no wonder she loved it. Lovely gift from Lainey.

Your garden looks so pretty. Mine needs a good sort out as the weeds are taking over again!

See you tomorrow! I'm hoping to finish my August ornament. Hugs xx

Tina said...

Lovely blog post Barb,love the needlebook for june,ibet she loved the butterfly additions.Laineys gift is lovely and so you.Lots of lovely christmas ornies for your tree and santa bowl.Your garden is as lovely as the back,my agapanthus has only just started to open.The chhese scones look delicious but will have to turn them down lol,weigh in soon and havn't been doing very well
Hugs xxxx

butterfly said...

Lovely post Barb , oh those scones look so yummy.
Love the gift from Lainey it is beautiful.
Love my gift from you , I keep looking at it, once I show it to the club I will be using it all the time.
Your christmas stitching looks beautiful too.
We got so wet yesterday in the rain , but the sun is shining today , I am going to do nothing today just enjoy , and oh yes my stitching, housework can wait untill tomorrow.
Have a lovely holiday Monday in your beautiful garden,and thank you again hugs.

Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

Scones with clotted cream and jam - perfect.
Your stitched needlebook is gorgeous. What a beautiful gift it is.
The biscornu you received is cute. Your Christmas stitching is lovely.

Just Another Old Geezer said...

WOW! Tough to decide which I'd rather have - the awesome pillow or the yummy scones. Thanks so much....

Brigitte said...

Oh yes, a scone wouldn't be bad. They look really delicious.
I had already seen the gifts that you made for June on her blog. Such wonderful things.
Great stitching on your WIPs and ornaments.

Julie said...

Your front garden looks fabulous, so different from when I had my visit with you, will have to come back and see if for real!!
Gorgeous gift for June

Justine said...

So many beautiful things to see here Barb. I love the needlebook you made for June, so many lovely details. Lainey's biscornu is very cute and yes she did a good job with the finishing.
Lovely Christmas ornaments too and I like Madame Chantilly so I look forward to seeing your SAL piece in more detail.
Your garden is beautiful!

Barbara said...

Look on I wish I could have one of them with my morning tea. Pretty stitches each and every one.

angelasweby said...

Barbara hi
What an amazing post. So full of interest and lovely photos. I am in awe of your needlebook. What wonderful skills. I love the embroidery especially in that deport blue shade. June is a very lucky lady. The little SB fob is a real favourite. I've stitched it for a friend. A lovely gift send to a good friend and a pretty one received from Lainey. What goes around comes around as they say and no truer than in the generous world of stitching :-)
Well done on catching up with the Christmas ornaments stitching and well done too to your daughter. How fantastic to have reached her goal. That's an impressive result which must have changed her life.
Your front garden is lovely. Some architectural pieces there as they say on the garden programmes. We've had a great show from our Agapanthus too.

Christine said...

Wonderful stitching Barb, the needlebook is just gorgeous!
Your garden is looking wonderful too.
I'm sorry I couldn't mail you to answer your blog comment, the computer the email is enabled on is having a hissy fit this weekend, David is trying to fix it at the moment. I get my geeky fabrics from a few different places but the exploding TARDIS one I got from Frumble Fabrics -

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