Thursday 9 April 2015

Is it almost a month since I last wrote -

Goodness ,gracious me where does the time go. Since last I wrote ,we have had our 48th wedding anniversary , Easter has been gone and I have things to share and people to thank , So better get on with it .
Well my friends for our wedding anniversary we decided to go to Kingston Lacey to see the snowdrops,unfortunately they had finished, We did have a wander though through the gardens ,the house also was not open yet,but we had really gone just to wander in the garden. Kingston Lacey is a National Trust property and is just outside of Wimborne,not far from where Graeme and Sue live. They were working that day so we did not see them. Anyway here are some pics to give you a taster.
I could imagine this was Pemberley ,that Jane Austen wrote about. I am not sure  how many acres it covers but it is a lot!!
These were out everywhere and oh how pretty . I love Hellibores ,but we cannot grow them in our soil. They looked like tissue paper.
We wandered through a tree lined avenue of teeny tiny daffodils and look at the trees lining it.

Weird or what. Then we walked through here.
To see lots of these ,but I took a few too many pics so just share one.
All different shades and just so pretty. Then we came to the Japanese garden and that too was gorgeous, a little too early in the year to do it justice.
 The little thatched seating looked so inviting. We didn't though as time was pressing ,and we had to get back for Ollie. So we walked on,The culms on this bamboo were so striking.I think we have the same one in our garden.
 Part of the set piece of the Japanese Garden.

 Hope you like looking at gardens lol.

 They had lots of these Rhubarb Cloches all in rows,So that was our tour round the gardens. We did find a potting shed though which was a second hand book shop ,of course I succumbed,
 I got this for the princely sum of £1 ,well just had to have it ,

 Well just had to have sheep in the post didn't I. This pic from the book rather amused me, Ok you lot I am driving. What do you think they are saying.

On my last post I showed you a pic of a church window. This was at Moreton just outside Dorchester.

Himself got in the photo as I was taking it. This church was bombed out in 1940 , The windows were designed by Lawrence Whistler the church is the only church in the world where the windows are entirely of engraved glass. 
 The theme is light, candlelight, sunlight, jewel light,starlight ,lightning and go from candles to a spiral galaxy. 19 windows in all.
The floor too was impressive.

 I did not get a pic of all the windows as I bought a booklet,but this is looking toward the altar.
 This sign was on the wall .
 Also in Moreton is the grave of Lawrence of Arabia whose cottage at Clouds Hill is near.On the way to see it we saw this wonderful goat.
 We came to a small graveyard and here is the place where Lawrence lies.
I thought it might be more ostentatious ,but no just a simple grave really.Gosh sorry I do seem to go on don't I , I was so pleased to hear that many of you like coming with me on our outings ,I do have some stitching to share though. I can hear you saying at last ,that is if you are still with me.
The header is the latest finish April ,and now I am onto May , I will not show you a pic of that as I have only done her hands and a sleeve.The backing fabric was a piece sent by Kate for my birthday. Perfect I think.

SO lets see what I have been doing . I made some Easter Cards and they were well received.

Stitching wise the disaster first ,it is now in the bin!!
I had done a lot more than this and then found I had three spaces where i should have had 2 in between those windows on the right, I just could not fathom out where I had gone wrong , so I got very cross and thought as it is the 3rd time I have had to have frogged it ,do I start again or choose a different design argh!!!

Halloween night on Monday with Sally, I finished the second block of the Primitive Hare blocks, I will start L next Monday. Tuesday as I said I started May, Last night I stitched on Neighbourhood Friends with my Parlour Maids.Here is where I am with that .
This will be a lead holder I think for Ollie when it is finished. Tonight I am starting another Shepherds Bush Big one , The Earth Gatherers , I am a little nervous about attempting a big one again ,it has been a while. Sally will get on my case I am sure as will all of you if I give up. No I must tell myself I CAN not I CANNOT. You will be getting updates on that. Last Friday I started Christmas Cookies and I got the bowls done. The pic does not show the colour of fabric very well. I was a little unsure when I opened it as it is green.
The week before I finished Snow Love , I was so pleased with how this has turned out.
I stitched a little last Saturday on Secret Garden with Julie and Mr Stick but not enough really and I cannot show that one anyway.. Sunday was the big disaster so that is my week of stitching. 2 books have been bought this week ,now the weather is getting better I will have to get out in the summerhouse and read.
Lastly ,yes it really is, I had a new hair do for my anniversary and here I am trying to take a pic in the mirror. Dur.

On that note will say bye for now and I will try not to make it so long next time. Bless you for all your nice comments and please keep em coming.
Take care
hugs and stuff


CATHI said...

This is such a lovely journey you made! I love these English manors and houses and churches and so on! :o) Wonderful pics!


Sue said...

Lovely to take a walk with you Barb, such interesting places you visit. Love the stitching. Have read The Legacy by Katherine Webb and enjoyed that so hopefully her other two books will be a good read x

Vickie said...

Barb! What a lovely hairstyle for you. You look great!
Thank you for taking us along on the adventure. Love seeing these things.
Congratulations on 48 blessed years!

Jane said...

I've enjoyed my walk with you Barb, great photos and love reading all the info relating to them.
Great stitching, you always choose such lovely designs and I'm sure you won't give up on your new Shpeherd's Bush, they are such fun to stitch and I bet it has a sheep or two on it!
You look lovely, it's nice to have a change of hairstyle.
Enjoy your stitching, big hugs to Ollie xxx

Clare-Aimetu said...

Beautiful pictures Barb and I love your new haircut. Thank you for our Easter card, it's beautiful. Lovely stitching on many projects :-)

Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

Lovely pictures of your walk and beautiful stitching too. Your haircut looks good.

Michelle said...

Thank you for the walk Barb and the lovely photos xx

Hazel said...

Lovely walk Barb! I'll look out for that one as I'm in the National Trust. Great stitching and sorry about the frogs. Xxx

butterfly said...

Another post full of lovely goodies.
Late happy Anniversay wishes , looks like you had a great day .

Love all your stitching and finishes .
Have a good week hugs.

Christine said...

Belated Anniversary wishes to you both. Those gardens look absolutely magnificent.
Sorry the frogs came calling, but you've got some lovely stitching and finishing there

Julie said...

A truly lovely post, it looks a beautiful place to visit.
Nice stitching, I love the spotty finish.
Nice new hairdo.
love and {hugs} xx

Sally said...

Love your new hair do Barb. It really suits you.

Happy Belated Anniversary to you both. Lovely photos from your trip.

Lots of lovely stitching too. Snow Love is beautifully finished as is April. I need to get Snow Love made up. Are you ready for more cookies tonight?!

Looking forward to seeing your gatherer. You CAN do it! Hugs xx

Jennifer M. said...

Very lovely pictures of your outing. The gardens look like something I would imagine in a storybook. Great stitching progress. Happy Anniversay and to many more. :)

angelasweby said...

Barb, I love your new hairstyle. It really suits you :-)
Have belated anniversary wishes. Thank you so much for a trip round Kingston Lacey. The last time I was there was about 40 years ago so it's nice to have a much needed update :-) What beautiful Hellebores. We grow them and have had a wonderful show this year but we don't have one in this beautiful colour. The daffodils and tree lined paths are beautiful. The engraved glass windows in the church are absolutely stunning.
Your April girl is lovely. I really like your finish and Snow Love too. What a shame you had to bin that stitching but i can understand your frustration. Great progress on your SAL's. xx

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