Tuesday 14 January 2014

Hello everyone,
I know the header is not stitch related but with the weather we have had here recently the photo of Pom Pom rock that I took on Boxing Day ,can not be taken again. It was demolished by the sea, it is the stack you see in the foreground, it has been there for a great many years and is no longer. I hope you have all stayed safe and dry during this past few weeks,and for those out there in the U.S of A, hope you had a warm snuggly something to cuddle in to.
Well I have been stitching and have one finish to show you and one almost ,the first is Positive thinking the final stitch was put in on Saturday last.
I have now to decide how to and what to back it with , I have really enjoyed this one and I know you will probably see many more popping up over blogland as others finish theirs.
The other almost finish is this one.
Just have to do the outer border and attach the buttons. Today was a red letter day as the postman brought me the last sheep in the series. Joyfulness. However much as I think this is the best of the flock and I am itching to start it, I still have Gratitude to do first.
Wonder how Sally did with Kindness last evening, I am awaiting the first calendar girl from LHN so I can start those when I finish the sheep. Again Sally and I will be stitching together although she is doing the Frosty Forest ones. I mentioned that it was a red letter day today , I received the Merry Merry Be chart from June ,it looks awful familiar so perhaps it was a chart I have stitched in the past ,but I will be stitching Junes never fear as I think my girls may be getting a couple of stitched ornies this christmas, oh lor it only seems 5 minutes since last Christmas.!! 
Anyway I was lucky enough to win this from June and she so kindly sent me these goodies too.

A lovely butterfly which will remind me that summer will soon be winging its way ,a lovely scented sachet, some polka dot buttons and I am sure I shall find a use for the polka dot ribbon too. Thankyou so much June for making this lady very happy. 
Today saw the arrival of my last order of last year (oh lor how can I exist for a whole year now,apart from the girls I signed up for before the ending of the year) from the U.S. This is Country Cottage Needleworks Snowmen Trio.
From New York Dreamer this is Frosty night.
Itchy fingers again.Last week I started my new start in the parlour over at NH and oh I am liking this one. I think I shall have to buy a bigger house!
On the winter theme again this is In the meadow by CCN, well it would be wouldn't it, as Parlour theme is Little House Needleworks in the Country Cottage with sometimes The Sampler Girl. 
So from now onwards you will be seeing things I have had in my stash being shown the light of day.Don't you just love the colour of this fabric, it is Week dye works Scuppermong and we can now get this fabric in the UK whoo hoo. It is so nice to stitch on too,albeit a bit pricey now. Oh well perhaps a hint or two to family as to what birthday wishes are. I would like the other 2 Scrooge charts from Gaynor and I love the new LHN one Hands to work but that one would not get done until next year. Where would we be without our stitching one asks. 
I have also got 2 new books ,what more I hear you ask!!!. Well I saw the Longbourn one and as it is about life below stairs in the Bennets household well as the children would say it was a nobrainer. "If Elizabeth Bennet had the washing of her own petticoats" ,Sarah thought,"she would be more careful not to tramp through muddy fields."
Have I got you hooked now.
The other one is one of a trilogy. I need to read more this year. 
 I would like to thankyou all for your kind wishes for my health - has anyone seen a voice belonging to a Barbara as I have carelessly lost mine. Chest infection and the winter cough and cold to blame. The blood results have been diagnosed by gp and inflammation levels are high  and something else which I have forgotten. Anyway still awaiting scan and have had repeat bloods yesterday with a gps visit next Monday. She want to keep reviewing them so more to come. Just let me finish all my cross stitching stash and I will die happy - that will be when I am about 150. 
Well my dears I think that is about it for now , I have to go pop a card in the post as my eldest is going to be 46 on Thursday ,he wont thank me for telling you that. 
Take care all and thanks for the comments they mean a lot. 
Much love Barb.


Jules said...

So much loveliness on this post! Looks like you will have your fill of stitching for some time to come.

I love the photo you placed in your header and what a lovely way to remember something now lost by the wrath of Mother Nature. It's a shame, but it's nice to have the memories I am sure!

Ellen said...

Love your Positive Thinking! I finished mine too, it will be a bellpull. How are you finishing yours?

Love your purchases from last year! I am also trying to stitch from my stash this year, hope I can stick to my resolution ha ha!


Clare-Aimetu said...

Glad you are felling better Barb - Longbourn is the January book on NH recommended by Ursh.

I love all your stitching, not surprising you have itchy fingers, such nice things to work on. See you in the Parlour tonight.

Mouse said...

oooo well done on the stitching finishes :) have that one to start whoops ..lol
shame re the pompom rock being destroyed but that is nature for you isn't it
enjoy your new goodies and I think I will be living till 500 to get all mine done ...lol and Happpy birthday to DS ... mines in a couple of weeks and I am not far in front of him ...lol
take care and have a wonderful stitchy week :) love mouse xxxxx

Christine said...

Lovely stitching Barb. I think you are right, she saved the best sheep till last.
Loving the snowman patterns.
I picked up that Longbourne book in town myself. I thought it sounded intriguin too

Julie said...

I thought you might get the Longbourne book when I saw it was the book of the month to read at NH.
Lovely new goodies, the last little sheep is lovely. Great new snowy winter charts to keep you busy too.
Shame about Pom Pom rock, mother nature can be so naughty sometimes.
Happy Birthday wishes to DS, hope he has a lovely day.
{Big hugs} xxxx

Shirlee said...

Great minds think alike ... I have 3 of the things you've shown in my stash waiting for their turn at stitching : )

Vickie said...

What a lovely package from June. You have wonderful things lined up and ready to go!

Tina said...

Shame about Pom Pom rock,it's such a shame when Mother Nature strikes.
Love the last sheep,think it's my favourite one!
Your new charts are lovely too,is the snowman head stitched or buttons?
Lovely gifts received fromJune and happy birthday to DS
Hugs xx

butterfly said...

Lovely stitching Barb, and great charts I have most of the same to stitch , I just hope I can get every thing stitched too but I think I need another 200 years ,
The pile just gets bigger every day , can I ask where you brought your white hanger from for your SAL you showed it a few posts ago.
I hope you are feeling better I have had two bad chest infections the last couple of years and they are so hard to get rid of. Happy stitching.

Andrea said...

Beautiful stitching and finishing. Hope you are feeling better and your voice is improving again. Good job you don't need a voice to stitch!

Carol said...

How sad that the rock fixture is no longer there, Barb--the power of "mother nature" never ceases to amaze me...

Love your beautiful finish and it's so funny, but I just purchased the Snowmen Trio and Frosty Nights, too! My first purchases of this new year :) They are adorable, aren't they?

Happy birthday to your eldest--he and I share the same birthday!! I just turned 59 on the 16th :)

Hope you feel better very soon, Barb!

Sally said...

Beautiful header photo Barb. Shame about the rocks. The power of the sea is frightening at times.

Love your Positive finish. Mine is also done so looking forward to 12 Days next week:)

Kindess is looking gorgeous and love all your new stash! Looking forward to seeing your new start too. Oooh so many snowmen and wintry goodness :)

Hope your blood tests get to to the bottom of things soon. Hugs xxx

angelasweby said...

Barb, I've been meaning to comment on this post for ages and I just never seem to have time but, even though the picture has gone I don't want to miss saying how much I enjoyed looking at it and saying how sad I am that this landmark has now gone. The sea swallows things up changing the landscape forever.

I absolutely love your finished piece Positive Thinking. I have never heard of it before and loved reading the beautiful sentiments. Can't wait to see it framed. Your LHN stitching is coming on a treat and you have some lovely stash waiting for its turn.

I love the Snowman trio and have it ready to stitch. A little snowman collection would look lovely. Another pattern I have never seen is Frosty Night, Definitely one for my list :-)

Hope all the blood tests went well and also that you found your missing voice.

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