Wednesday 21 August 2013

Best laid plans and all that.

It was my intention, and we know the road to you know where is paved with those-good intentions- to write my blog before 2 weeks were up .Oh dear the last date was the 4th August and now it is the 21st so I am going to blame it on Dorset time, it goes quicker here. My friend Julie (old bagpuss) said her holiday here went too quick and she did not have time to visit all the places she wanted to. So there we are not only my opinion that Dorset time is faster. Sorry I am wafflling here.Well loads for me to catch up on here, I use this as a reminder of what I have been doing both stitching and rambling,if I get a few nice comments from you very nice people who happen across then I am happy.
Summer holidays will soon be over and the kiddiwinks back to school. I have been stitching but not got any finishes this time for you. Just some wips. The first being my Wordplay for September which is on the horizon argh!!
Sorry about the creases ,it will be pressed and ready for hanging in 10 days or so (I hope). We have been very busy family wise this last few weeks . As you know I have got my walking legs back and I was determined to walk a route we last did 18years ago, how do I remember well Kate dd was pregnant with Jack who is now 18. So shall I take you on a little walk . We parked at an Inn whose barmaid kindly said we could leave the cars there. Kate came with 4 of her brood , Jack had already done it so he did not come . Not really! He was working. Anyway we set off and walked a farm track until we came to fields full of wheat which interested the boys . After picking an ear each ,Alfie wanted to know how much we needed to make bread ,ask grandad came the reply. We walked past a disused quarry which was full of blue/turquoise water and warnings of keep out  quicksand.More questions about quicksand. Onwards through heath and gorse which again was signposted this time dangerous snakes. So grandad was asked where they were,to which he replied the amount of noise they were making they would be long gone. We soldiered on past watercress beds,which the boys were intrigued with. After climbing a steep hill we veered right and through a lovely leafy wood.
Took this looking back and the next one looking forward.
I think Ollie was feeling a little tired by now it is a while since he has done a long walk. Alfie was in the I 'm hungry mood by now and we chivvied him along with ,grandad knew a secret place where we could have a picnic. Good old grandad. We walked a little further and then there it was the bridge 9not the one over the river Kwai).
If there is water a golden retriever has to be in it ,along with two small boys and a teenage girl.
It was lovely and cold apparently. Kate just looked.So did Grandad and I.
We sat and picnicked here , and then set off once again. Just on the edge of the path by the river here was our Little house in the country (I wish).They are so lucky to live here, and a tennis court and swimming pool were glimpsed through the hedge.
Will come back to the Little House in a moment. Onwards over stiles ,much hilarity with me trying to get my short legs over high stiles ,Caitlin has a pic of me atop one ,feeling quite hysterical on how I was going to get "my leg over". Ollie found a cow pat and proceeded to roll in it,one rather smelly dog and a tired family we arrived back at the car 4 hours after we left it ,with only a little break for lunch. Mind you I was whacked that evening ,and we could not quite believe it when Ollie stood by his lead when we said Walkies. He took a short cut apparently that night.
went and soaked his feet in the fleet and then came home. That is him in the distance!!
Him up close. Now I know you may be wondering why I mentioned the Little House ,well I had the next to sheep arrive,and stitching with Sally on Monday we are sheep stitching, this is how far I have got with Faith .I found the gremlins had visited and you may notice I have a slightly larger lawn that I should have. I am keeping fingers as well as stitches crossed that I can bodge it . Sorry perhaps shouldn't admit to that.
I have one less set of tiles on the roof so I am hoping it will all balance out in the end (watch this space).The next one to be done is Simplicity.
Next time I hope to show you progress on Garden pleasures. 
After the long walk I was given a day off and the day after we had the boys ,as dd had a job interview which unfortunately she did not get. I must say I wondered if working full time with 4 children is a bit much. However it is not me that has to do it ,so I keep my mouth very firmly shut. ]
We took the boys here.
Portland Castle, it was built as a defence against invasion from the sea, by Henry V111 between 1530 and 1540.The boys had great fun climbing on cannons and finding the kings and queens that were scattered around the castle and grounds.I cannot say it is a favourite place of mine to visit as it is a shell really. However I did take a picture of the kitchen ,how about cooking here for a garrison of soldiers. 

Bet the fire extinguisher would have come in handy in the 1500s.
The boys met Henry the eighth.
And climbed a few cannons.

Whilst the boys and grandad went up very steep stairs I wandered outside and sat in the gardens with my stitching. Bliss. 
So you see a busy few days. Graeme and Sue have just got back from Turkey ,Graeme broke2 ribs just before he went so he was pretty sore . Sue said the taxi driver gave him a funny look when she and Ella took the cases to the apartment from the taxi. Anyway they came down and were so delighted I was able once again we went for a short walk . The header is the view and the olympic rings were our destination. 
Left to right Ella, Alfie, Caitlin and Sam.. This was taken on Portland. Graeme was geocaching. So family news and outings up to date. Hope you have stuck with the chapter and verse so far. Well done if you have. More stitching of a different sort. Martin bought me a book this week as I have all the others Jane Nicholas has written. I have taken a pic of it for you to see along with a needlebook I stitched in 2004. 
Other stumpwork I have done .Not recently I might add,.
A hummingbird and fuchsias.
Strawberries. and last but not least a rather odd looking sheep ,which is supposed to be on Dartmoor. 
I still hope to do more  of this type of needlework. Lastly on the needlework front I have just started this over one and hope to get it done to display at next years arts and crafts.

So lots of encouragement needed. I have a ufo in my basket that hopes to see the light of day again when strictly starts again -you know the one-Quaker Diamonds.Well today in Weymouth it is carnival day and the town heaves with people . Martin has gone down to drive Annie or Clarabel from Thomas the Tank Engine ,I think all the trains have been made. The red arrows made an appearance this afternoon and  I tried to take a pic for you but all I got was lamposts and sky.ZOOM and they were gone. However if you scrunch your eyes real tight and squint a bit you may just see one as it flies over our rooftops.
See the speck in the sky! just below the sun,no its not a bird or superman. Well just being silly now so I will leave you with a view from the gun port looking across the harbour to Weymouth from Portland Castle.
 Hope you have enjoyed your meander with me. Have a good week ,keep those comments coming and thanks to you all who leave them . Hope to have some stitching to share next time,if I can keep my feet from walking lol.
Hugs and much love 
Barb x


Sally said...

Beautiful photos of where you live Barb. Such gorgeous scenery. I bet you all had a great time on your walk. Why is it dogs always seem to find the smelly stuff! Lol.

Your stitching is looking lovely. You've got a lot done on Faith and I love it.

I will see you next Monday my friend xx

cucki said...

Beautiful photos with lovely stitches too.
I love your stitching.
Big hugs xxx

Mylene said...

Great post and beautiful pictures, Barb!

Vickie said...

Oh Ollie!! Barb do NOT apologize for less stitching because you have been walking!! HEALTH first!
Beautiful stumpwork.

Cath said...

Fantastic pictures Barb , and lovely stitching .
The humming bird is beautiful .xxx

You're right , Dorset time does go quicker. We have had a few holidays down that way , and the time to go home soon comes round .x

Cath said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Cath said...

The deleted comment is me . Stupid blogger playing up again ,lol. x

Catherine said...

So fun reading and seeing the pics of your adventures!! Lovely stitching too!

Simply Victoria said...

You always have such lovely adventures with your grands. Thanks for sharing them. I like the charming little house on your path too! Nice stitches.

Christine said...

Lovely pictures Barb. I'm afraid I would have turned back on that walk the minute I saw the sign that said snakes. I really don't like them, the cats caught a slow worm the other day and I nearly had hysterics.
Great stitching, I'm in total awe of the stumpwork

Shirlee said...

Oh Barb, what at delightful meander! Thank you so much for taking us along on your outings ... they were perfectly splendid (minus the cow pat incident) : ) Great start on the September Word Play & I think Faith looks just fine! Love all the stitching you're getting done!

jane said...

I've had a lovely time strolling through the countryside with you Barb, so glad you are out and about.
Lovely photos make it come alive and your stitching is beautiful too. I really like the stumpwork, you are clever.

Michelle said...

Lovely photos Barb x

Julie said...

Loving the header pic of Chesil beach, FABULOUS!
It's so fantastic to read you are feeling so much better and getting out with the family, a great walk, the little glade when you picnicked looks so idyllic.
Stunning stumpeotk, you are o talented.
Mr stick is looking forward to seeing QD again lol.
Much love to you both and Ollie.
P.s. we never did. get to Portland Castle, that's still on the list lol

hazel c UK said...

Love your new projects and the stump work is stunning especially the fuchsias and hummingbird.

Your trip to Portland brought back happy memories for me when my late husband and I stayed at Church Ope Cove in late April every year for over 10 years sheer heaven.

Glad you had fun with your grandchildren enjoy them while they are young for as you say time goes by so quickly.

Thank you for sharing Barb.

Hazel c uk

hazel c UK said...

Love your new projects and the stump work is stunning especially the fuchsias and hummingbird.

Your trip to Portland brought back happy memories for me when my late husband and I stayed at Church Ope Cove in late April every year for over 10 years sheer heaven.

Glad you had fun with your grandchildren enjoy them while they are young for as you say time goes by so quickly.

Thank you for sharing Barb.

Hazel c uk

Brigitte said...

Gorgeous pictures of your summer adventures. And some great stitching.

Andrea said...

A beautiful post. Your photos are lovely. The cottage photo looks so idyllic. Great stitching too.

Clare-Aimetu said...

Dorset time always went quick fo rme too Barb - your photos always bring back great memories for me and it's nice too new things there such as the Olympic rings.

Great stitching but then your work is amazing - my Mum does stumpwork, it's so intricate!

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