Wednesday 17 July 2013

Summer time and the living is easy!

Would you like to come for a dip? Ollie and his friends meet at Pirates Cove every evening for a dip. Lots of splashing and fun .

This is a little bay that Ollie and we ,note we ,I have been the last few nights too and met many lovely dogs ,with their owners .Last night we found a beautiful labradoodle who was just sitting in the road. It did have a tag so we phoned the owner. We heard he was on holiday (not here) and his dad was dog sitting. He said he would text his dad and tell him we had Corby (the dog). Then he rang us back to say his dad was on his way. When he got to us he was very out of breath and quite red faced. The dog was quite pleased to see him and apparently the van he was stood next to belonged to the man. He said he had been searching for ages and calling. I did say I would have like to have taken her home as she was so gentle and lovely. So we left to continue our walk after saying goodbye to a very grateful temporary owner and dog. So a very impatient by then Ollie was off to the sea.Along a very worn path.
Last night at one point there were 4 goldies ,2 collies, and several little dogs all there, it was bedlam,but none of  them were misbehaved, I say that one did not want to come out, hmmm you have guessed Ollie.

Well as you have guessed it has been rather  warm here and sleep has been difficult with temperatures we are just not used to.
A lot of time has been spent here , yes the arbour has been built and the cushion is in place. 
I have to do another for the other side and to this end this week I sent for this to make for a cushion the other side.
Apt don't you think.Garden Pleasures .
I have only one finish this time to show you. The Sheep Virtue Courage, I am now with Sally awaiting Faith.. 
I have decided on a finish for these but I am not sharing that just yet. I still have the rest to do . The rest of stitching is wips. I am hoping to get berries and cherries done soon so I can start the new LHN when I visit the parlour. 
I have started August Wordplay but not got too far yet.
Another new start is the sewing roll Dames of the needle .
Loving this one .So thats all my stitching folks. I think I told you Martin had a craft exhibition at the group he is chairman of. He took a few pics if you would like a look. There are some talented people in the RMW.
Rag rugs made my various members of the Rag rug group. I love the beach hut one.

I also loved these textile designs in hoops I think I may have to have a go at this.

Or what about these butterflies I see another one I like everytime I look at it.

A cross stitched Rennie Macintosh design.
Encaustic art.
Quilts made by the patchwork group.
self explantatory!
This is a haberdashery shop made my a lady who has a love of dolls houses. I think these are all clickable if you want a closer look.
How about a shawl.
Beaded items from the Beading group.

Stained glass group .sorry this one is on its side. I think the other half did not take many of his own groups work.So there was much more but too much to show you here ,you have had a little taster anyway.
Well folks I think this is long enough now, Oh another ,yes another one of Kates has broken his toe our Sam this time. She is wondering what is next. Jack went camping with Katie last weekend and could not believe Parrots flying around in the UK. He was camping near Chertsey in Surrey. 
Well to all my followers I am waving here but it is too hot to wave madly. Hope your week will be a good one and you are  well . Take care and as always leave me a comment if you can spare a moment for me.
Hugs and much love 


Parsley said...

So glad you helped find the dog's human helper. Scary to loose a dog in this big world.

Great stitchy patterns and crafty things. I love seeing so many great ideas!

marly said...

I wish I could invest in several projects at once but I have a one track mind! I've heard that all my life. I'm so glad you were kind enough to care for the pooch. Lots of goodies to view too!

stitchersanon said...

Lovely piccies, so glad you shared them. I love that tiny shop: it is sooo cute and you just want to have a look in all the shelves too!

cucki said...

Beautiful pieces...
I love the sweet shop so cute ❤
Lovely goodies..
Big hugs x

Cath said...

Beautiful pictures. I do envy you being close to the sea . I'm with Ollie , stay in as long as possible ,lol .

Tina said...

Lovely, crafting going onthe re,I'm with you absolutely love the beach hut rug,clever lady!

Fab wips and finishes as usual,

Wanted to have a dip in the sea with the dogs too and how nice to reunite dog with owners Dad,I bet he was sooo worried

Take care

Tina xxx

Vickie said...

Good for you helping the sweet dog. I always help the lost ones too. ;)
Pirate's Cove looks great. What a fun time for Ollie. Hope your health is improved.

Julie said...

Wonderful work from the group, the beach hut rug is magnificent, I love it. My gran used to make rag rugs, Hapoy memories of fireside playing.
Ollies beach is beautiful, I'll have to visit there next time I come!
Your new arbour is magnificent and your cushion looks right at home.
Beautiful stitching, you have some lovely projects on the go.
Much love xxx

Carol said...

There are so many talented folks in that group!! I really love that detail in the haberdashery shop--so adorable :)

Your stitching is lovely, Barb, and what a nice ending the lost dog story had thanks to you!

Simply Victoria said...

Great new wips! And thanks for sharing all the talent from the exhibition.

Clare-Aimetu said...

Lovely arbour Barb, perfect for this weather. I think I recognise the walk area - it's hard to describe on here but 'over the back by a big car park' hee hee.

That's an impressive range of crafts too

Christine said...

Great stitching Barb, and I love your arbour, we all need a bit of shade at the moment.
Wow there are some amazing things in that craft exhibition, I especially love that circular shawl, it reminds me of the rings in a tree trunk

Catherine said...

What a great post!! So glad you helped the dog! And what a fabulous place the pups have to meet and swim! I enjoyed seeing all the goodies too!

Sally said...

Beautiful photos Barb. Thank you for showing us a little of where you live and walk Ollie.

Gorgeous stitching. I wish Faith would hurry up although we do have the mystery to keep us busy!

I love your new arbor. It looks very inviting. I can just see us stitching there on a Monday!

Shirlee said...

Lovely post Barb! I hope Sam's toe is okay. People all over blogland have been tempting me this morning, & you have become one of them. I used to make rag rugs. Might have to look into that again : ) As I commented somewhere else, I wish there was enough time to do everything I enjoy doing : )

Anne said...

Pirate's Cove sounds like a cool place!! Your little arbor place is perfect to curl up in and have a cup of tea and read...or stitch :D Great progress on your stitching! Those rag rugs are pretty neat! Hope Katie's toe will heal okay. Broken toes are sooo painful. Take care Barb!

Penny said...

So glad the little dog's temporary owner turned up. :) Your arbour looks very inviting! Lovely stitching - the sheep series is so cute. :) The craft exhibition looks wonderful - lots of goodies to see.

Michelle said...

Stunning photos Barb xx

Andrea said...

That arbour looks very inviting. A bit cooler today ... thank goodness ... more to come next week though. Great finishes and WIPs. Love the exhibition photos.

Carin said...

wow girl ... you are so busy with everything. I love your stitchings !!!

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