Friday 19 April 2013

A very important visitor came to stitch with me this week.

Hello it is a little while since I last wrote a few lines, and as  an exciting occurrence(for me) has happened this week now would be a good time for a little catch up.
Since writing to you last- April has arrived,yes it is that long. I finished my April the day before April started and as you see by the header it is now hanging on the fireplace. I have started May but I am way behind due to having a few health problems during March. Anyway I still have a few days to get May completed .Here is where I am with it.

As you can see I have not done a lot on this . 
Easter also has been and gone as this bunny has too. It took me a little while to pluck up courage to eat him ,he was just so sweet.

I did have a little help though!!. Back to stitching and I have been stitching along with Sally on our Monday nights with the flock and I had a little finish this week. I have not stayed completely true to the design as I have got woolly sheep and the little stitched heart did not show up so I used 2 little red heart buttons instead, no idea how I am going to finish these . Time will tell. 
These were stitched on the same fabric but they look different in the photo.Now awaiting Peace.
I was treated by my dear hubby Martin a couple of weeks ago, I have been admiring Portmeiron china for years and he decided the dresser needed a little change so now here I have a new tea service along with other pieces I have collected. 

I am really pleased with it now.I am now hoping it will stay tidy.
Last Sunday I was absolutely thrilled to welcome a blogging friend who I have been in touch with for 4 years, through Needlecraft Haven and never ever thought I would get to meet. Anyway to me she was/is a very important visitor and when she said she was coming to spend a week in Weymouth staying with her hubby in a cottageand she wanted to come and spend some time with me ,well you can imagine I was nervous but very very excited.They both came on Sunday and I was presented with these.

Aren't they just lovely,they are now almost fully open and look really elegant. I was also presented with a small stitched gift which I cannot show you yet. Also with this which is marking place in my book now.
I know some of you that read this will know who my vip was but if you can bear the woman in black in the photo ,here in blue is the one and only Old Bagpuss ""Miss Julie"".

You also have to excuse all the gubbins behind me . My corner is stitching and books I am afraid. I so admired Julies frame , and ordered one the next day!!oh by the way this was taken on Wednesday evening when Julie came to stitch in the parlour with me. Thanks Julie you were great company and I was sorry to see you go when Paul came to collect you.I look forward to you maybe getting this way again. We did not get much stitching done in fact I only managed a table set with a teapot,Oh well I stitched on it last night to make up for it. Here is the progress on The Tea room .
Sorry it is a bit fuzzy.This morning I opened the door to the postman and this was handed to me , I now have my own ,thanks for enabling me Julie.
I have put May on it and I shall be taking my first stitches on my new frame this evening.I have no real other news as this was the highlight of my week. I do have a couple of little things to show you though that have been sent off as gifts but I will show you those next time.
So my dears on that note and I am sorry it is not very long this time -will try harder, I expect Miss Julie will be telling you all about her visit somewhen soon. Will give you alink if you do not know where to find her next time. Meanwhile someone has come out of his /her winter slumbers and has remembered where the seeds hang.

The wigwams have been taken off now and hopefully everything will start to grow. Take care my dears and if you have been watching Broadchurch the suspense will soon be over.!!!!!
Hugs n stuff
Barb x 
P.S. would love a comment if you can spare a few moments.


Vickie said...

Oh your garden is awakening! Naughty little squirrel!
Tell me again Barb, I have forgotten how you made your sheep so wooly?

Jane said...

Hi Barb
So lovely to see a post from you, I was beginning to worry and I hope your recent health issues are improving (and Ollies!)
Oh you're so lucky to have had a visit from a blogging friend, I bet it was lovely and more talking than sewing was done!!!
Your little sheep are so sweet and love that they're woolly rather than just flat stitching.
I love to watch the squirrels in the garden but they do create havoc with spring bulbs.
Speak soon, take care

Cath said...

Hope you're feeling better now Barb.
Your sheep look great ,the hearts are so sweet. Love the dresser too , very nice .
How lovely that you got to spend some time with a bloggy friend.
Take care , and have a great weekend .XXX

Erna said...

Hello Barb, can imagine you and Julie had a wonderful time..I met some of my blogfriends when I visited nice.Your stitching is wonderful as always..
Erna x

Catherine said...

Squirrels can be so comical to watch, can't they?
How fun that you were able to meet a blogging friend! Sounds like a wonderful time.

cucki said...

Hope you are feeling better now..
Sweet stitching..
Big hugs xxx

Shirlee said...

Those squirrels are determined, aren't they ... lol! So glad to hear you're feeling better : )

Shirlee said...

Those squirrels are determined, aren't they ... lol! So glad to hear you're feeling better : )

Carol said...

How nice that you got to meet Julie in person, Barb! She is such a sweetie... I love the way stitchers can just settle in and stitch and chat like old, old friends :)

Your stitching is so pretty--love the LHN sheepie finishes! And your April Word Play looks lovely--I just finished mine yesterday :)

Michelle said...

Hope you are feeling better Barb - its always lovely to meet up with a fellow stitcher and they always seem to have an accessory we need don't they xx

Christine said...

How wonderful that Julie came for a visit Barb, I'm sure you had a grand time together!
Some great stitching there too, i love the sheepie ones

Mouse said...

sorry to hear you have been under the weather and how wonderful to meet up with a fellow stitcher and get enabled too heheheh ....
love your wee squirrel hope he doesn's scoff toooo many of the birds goodies ...
and the stitching is looking wonderful too :) love mouse xxxxxx

Clare-Aimetu said...

So glad you and Julie had a good time, I know she was very excited about visiting. I too love Julie's frame, it's on my wish list.

Julie said...

yoohoo..... waving at you from the other side of the computer screen ..... I had such a lovely time with you and thank you for your hospitality. Please thank the delightful waiter for the tea and cake. Looking forward to seeing lots of lovely progress on your projects, I hope the new frame is advantageous for you and helps.

Much love and a {great big hug} xxx

Unknown said...

It's wonderful when you can finely get to meet your 'virtual' stitching friends. Your stitching looks gorgeous.

Carin said...

How lovely that Julie came to visit you. Hope you will post a link of her blog :-)
Your stitching is again beautiful. I too had trouble with the hearts on the sheep but I took a full thread of DMC to stitch them so they pop up nicely.

Charlene ♥ NC said...

Nice to be able to meet a long distance friend! Your china cabinet looks really pretty. Love your wooly sheep. I got some fuzzy fibers to try on mine, too.

Tina said...

Lovely blog post Barb,Aprils word play is lovely,love the rabbit,great idea for the sheeps heart they look fab.How lovely for you to meet up with Julie,looks like you had a good time in the parlour.

Take care

Sally said...

It is so lovely to see a post from you Barb. Hope you are well on the mend now.

How lovely that you and Julie got yo meet up. Wonderful photo of the two of you.

Your sheep look lovely. I didn't quite get mine finished but think I'll finish it off before next week as not much to do. Can't wait for Peace.

Ellen said...

Love your sheep! I also love this series!

It's great to be able to meet up and stitch with blog friends!


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