Tuesday 5 February 2013

2 days to go to the giveaway

Hello and welcome to the new followers , again this is a quick post as a reminder if you have not entered already then you only have today and tomorrow to do so.Please leave a comment on the last post to get your chance.
I have been doing a little stitching and have 1 new finish and updates on others. The header pic is my February mantle shelf. I think I may have to get some red candles.
Anyway without more ado, here is my first pic . This I stitched for the Monthly Christmas ornie sal on Needlecraft Haven .Not sure if I am really pleased with it but it will hang on a branch somewhere.
This was in 2012 JCS ornament edition.I think maybe the ruched ribbon is a little heavy ,but as I said it will find a  branch of its own.
I have been stitching in the parlour on Wednesdays and here is the progress so far,on Silent Night Holy Night. by CCN.
I am really liking this one. Just love the church and well everything about it really, I think I may try and find a white frame for it.
Next after February comes March and this should be done in a couple of weeks as I stitch with Sally on a Monday.
I did stitch more on this last night, whilst watching the programme on Richard 111 being found under a car park and how they determined it really was him. Loved the reconstruction of his face. Of course Martin was VERY interested being a keen amateur archaeologist.
I have not yet taken a pic of last night stitching but will do before posting the winners of the giveaway on Thursday.
I have apologies to make to Julie and Mr Stick as I should have been stitching on Quaker Diamonds but I am afraid it did not come out to play as I am trying to gather all my threads together and number and catalogue them. I have found so many that I have a lot of, I think to myself that I cannot have that colour so go ahead and buy another ,I must have done that just a few times!! I still have not finished and so maybe this weekend will be taken up again.So maybe apologies in advance.
Well my ladies enjoy February I am sure I shall but not the age I will become.
Ollie dog has feet problems again and so he is on very high dose of antibiotics again and feeling rather sorry for himself .

Almost forgot I had a RAK this week from Michelle, who is now in South Africa  lucky girl. However I felt just a bit special when this popped through the letter box , all very useful and those snips are really sharp. Thanks Michelle.
So girlies I shall see you Thursday with names of winners . Meanwhile take great care and keep warm.
Hugs n stuff
Barb x


Parsley said...

OH! You are stitching things that are on my TO DO list. LOVELY!

Melissa said...

Love your WIPs especially your March Wordplay. "In like a Lion" could be used to describe this entire winter for me...

baukje said...

I did not forget the giveaway; your stitching is lovely8

Heather said...

Your stitching is looking great! I really like your February word play. I am stitching it right now.

Tina said...

Fab ornie,your LHN piece looks lovey especially the church.Marchs wordplay is coming on a treat,you've convinced me to stitch them lol,starting March first.What count did you do hem on?
Febs mantle is looking good
Take Care

Tina xx

Michelle said...

Lovely stitching Barb and I am glad you liked your goodies. Not quite in SA we fly in less than 23 hours now xx

Jane said...

Love your mantle shelf Barb and red candles will look lovely especially with that special day fast approaching! Pretty finish and I personally love the ruched ribbon, your Silent Night is gorgeous, just love the colour fabric you're stitching it on, the church windows show up lovely and look so cozy!
Hugs to Ollie and hope his sore paws are better soon xxx

Julie said...

Your mantle shelf looks stunning.i love your little ornament, very pretty. Poor Ollie, hopefully the meds will work and he will soon be more comfortable. Mr Sticks says hell give you a note to be excused this week, he is all fir thrifty money saving so being organised is a good idea. Nice gift from Michelle.

Erna said...

I love your stitching Barb....
Erna x

Cath said...

I love the CCN stitching .Just got the chart in my stash, so looking forward to stitching it .
Hope Ollie gets better soon .XXX

Kate said...

Love the mantle and the ornament, lovely update on your wips too. Hope Ollie improves soon.

Christine said...

I think it's a lovely ornament Barb.
Great stitching on the WIPs too

cucki said...

beautiful stitching x

Shirlee said...

Michelle is so sweet : ) Great finish & lovely WIPs! So sorry to hear about Ollie dog. I hope the antibiotics do the trick.

Fee said...

Dear Barb,
Just waving to say Happy Birthday and how lovely your mantle looks. Hope Ollie poorly feet improve soon. Your finishes are looking lovely as always.
Love Fee.xx

Unknown said...

Все очень красиво!

Lainey said...

Your February wordplay looks wonderful Barb. March looks really pretty too. I can;t wait to see more on Silent Night, it just pops off the blue fabric.
Hope Ollie is better soon. Hugs!

angelasweby said...

Barb, I really admire the way you juggle lots of different projects at the same time. I usually stick to one till it's finished but recently decided to start 4 things and boy am I confused :-)
Your little ornament is gorgeous and I love Silent Night Holy Night. I've decided to keep Christmas going all year round by joining a Christmas ornament SAL.
Great progress on March's Wordplay. I love February.
Not sure I'm looking forward to slipping into the next decade but, sadly, we can't hold back the sands of time...haha!
Angela xx

Sally said...

I love your mantle Barb. Very pretty and homely.

All your stitching is beautiful. I love Silent Night. It's my favourite Christmas carol.

Your ornament is pretty and your March wordplay is coming along well.

Hoping those sheep arrive soon!

Andrea said...

Wonderful progress on your stitching. Love Silent Night Holy Night. The blue fabric goes so well.

Brigitte said...

Oh, I recognized the ornament immediately because it's among the ones that I marked in the latest JCS Ornament issue as well. I'm sure you will love your finishing when you see the ornament hanging in your tree.
Very nice WIP stitching!

Unknown said...

I love you stitching!
Greetings Gerrie.

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