Thursday 22 November 2012

An addition to the family

This is Misty,she is a rag doll kitten. Ella our granddaughter has taken ownership of her this week as an early Christmas present. We haven't seen her yet as it is a problem with Ollie dog as he is not a lover of cats and as they do not live around the corner he has to come with us, I think too that Martin is afraid to let me see her as she may get catnapped.  She is apparently an indoor cat so they will have to keep a close eye on her for a while. At the moment she has the conservatory to herself and at the weekend will be allowed into the other rooms. I have a lovely pic of her and Ella but I cannot turn it round as it is on its side ,so have to wait for help. Misty has a nose like a Koala bear.
Well what wild and grey weather we are having, I just ventured out with the dog and it is blowing a gale out there.
I have been so lucky to win a giveaway on Andreas blog, she apparently does ornies every year although it is the first year I have seen them and they looked so lovely I thought well I may be lucky.AND I WAS!!!!
Thankyou so much Andrea ,my tree will be quivering with excitement this year it has another ornie coming from the NH christmas ornie exchange too.Anyway here is the lovely ornament I had from Andrea.

Oh damn and blast it is on its side. sorry .Just turn your computer or head on its side!

She had also made me the lovely card next to it, which is just so pretty,thanks again Andrea.
I finally got around to making up the Its snow cold ornie ,but I think I should have stuffed it a little more . The bottom is a bit wavy. If I put it at the back of the tree no one will notice. I seem to have a bit of a thing about this ,has anyone got a solution.
I also got Sallys happiness in the post to her yesterday,now I have apologies to make to Shirlee and Margaret. Angela has hers as she had been in hospital so I needed to send her a little something to cheer her.I have done the other 2 as promised but , last week I had almost finished the last one when I noticed a mistake, so I stupidly took the scissors to it and yes you guessed it I made a hole ,grrr so that went in the bin and I stitched yet another to replace it. Thought I would have a make up session and I got to the two backs that I had cut out with the two fronts an hour before . Gaily stitching things together came to the backs and no fronts. Searched high and low ,but no fronts !! Heavens knows where they have gone, so I now have to do the stitched two AGAIN!!!! I know my own happiness and it is not stitching things again,and again . So ladies you will get them one day ,I am just not saying when ,meanwhile enjoy yours Angela and Sally you don't know how lucky you are lol.Also forgot to take pic of Sallys.
I have another no show pic too as the ornie exchange over at NH has been stitched and will be winging its way soon as will the Winter exchange. Phew.
Wips continue , with Sally I am doing the January wordplay -oh I LUV this one and I know Sally is itching to start hers. This is how far I have got.Well this was before Mondays stitching with Sally. Now this weeks progress.
I am really looking forward to next Monday .Wednesday too is a good day over in the Little House in the Country with the Sampler  girl  in the parlour.This is where it was when I started on Wednesday.

Here is where I finished last night.
Another work in progress is Quaker Diamonds but this week I don't know why ,but I just couldn't see it properly and did not seem to do much at all so not going to show you that .

So that is my stitchy news for this week .

I hope you are all as well as can be expected with all this dampness about , thanks for the continuing comments and encouragement to continue with this ere blog of mine. It does mean a lot. Well thats it from me for this time and I hope to be back with you again soon if the naughty elves stay away.
Much love and many hugs


Hazel said...

Awww my ragdoll is called Misty too! So sweet. Lots of lovely stitching in this post! Love your gift from Andrea. x

Michelle said...

Oh what a cutie - so so sweet. Lovely gift received Barb xx

Cath said...

Lovely stitching and gorgeous kitty too. I can totally get you wanting to "borrow" her ,lol.
Take care .XXX

Ellen said...

The kitten is so sweet! Beautiful Christmas stitchings, love them!


Christine said...

Lovely stitching Barb, and Misty is just totally adorable!

Fee said...

Misty is gorgeous Barb but I can understand your trepidation over dog cat intro! What a disaster with those ornaments, well done for not throwing in the towel! Your stitching is coming along beautifully, lots of progress.


Tina said...

Love misty,Ragdolls are lovely,Hazel has a lovely Ragdoll.
Lovely stitching going on

Take care

Tina xx

Carin said...

Misty is a darling !!
I love your stitching, its great and the vintage christmas looks fantastic !!

Julie said...

Oh my, Misty is so cuddle some, what a darling. She will make a wonderful pet for Ella. I hope you get a kitty cuddle soon.
Beautiful gift from Andrea.
You can bet the 2 fronts will turn up just as soon as you stitch them again, I wonder where they can be hiding?
Lots of lvely progress on the SAL's.
Have a lovely weekend. Xxx

Jane said...

Hmmm? Cats and dogs ~ bit like our British weather at the moment but yours are a lot cuter!
Lovely snowman stitches Barb and good progress too, puts my feeble efforts to shame this year!
Stay warm and a cuddle to Ollie from the 2 buns this end xxx

Charlene ♥ NC said...

Such a precious little darling! Lots of great, beautiful stitching and finishing, too!

Andrea said...

Ahh, Misty is just so cute, a real little fluff-ball. Glad you liked the ornament. Your WIPs are looking great.

Sally said...

Misty is so sweet.

What a beautiful ornament from Andrea. She finishes them so beautifully.

Love your LHN ornament. So cute.

I hope you have received my emails this week. I love my Know Your Own Happiness. It is gorgeous. Thank you so much and thank you for the chart too :)

Love how your Jan word play is looking and your CCN. I didn't get much done in the parlour last week so must make more of an effort!

Gray Bonnet said...

What a sweet kitten!

Your stitching is lovely. I love the snowman ornament!

Dani - tkdchick said...

The new kitty is adorable!

Your WIPs are looking great!

Tony said...

Wat een schattige kitten, groeten Tony

Dawn said...

Did you change the colors on the CCN piece? They are beautiful, would you mind sharing the changes? It is so pretty.

Catherine said...

What a sweet kitty! Great stitchy goodies as well!

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