Wednesday 3 October 2012

Just a quick note this time.

Hello everyone, I have decided this time it will be a short one,but I do tend to ramble on so it may not be.!
I have allowed myself half an hour to talk to you as I have to take Ollie out shortly so better make haste. Last time I told you I would have some stitching to show you so without more ado:-Last weekend it was the Autumn Exchange opening over at Needlecraft Haven and this is what I received from the Lovely Clare who runs it ,she was my secret exchange partner and this exquisite biscornu with its teeny tiny stitches made my day.Thanks again Clare.
The hardanger is just so twee. I love the other side too.
The sunflowers are so sunshiney for want of a better word!

This is what I sent to my partner and I am glad to say she loved it.
It is a scented bag and the design is Season of Plenty by Little House Needlework stitched over one. The scented satchet was Spiced Pumpkin which smelt lovely.
I am afraid to say this week my Sal with Sally did not go well due to being coerced into going to a AGM for the Arts and Crafts Royal Manor Workshops, Martin is chairman and after a 3 year break I have been voted secretary again. So last Monday was out as far as stitching went ,sorry Sally ,only once a year the AGM ,however next week they booked a committee meeting for Monday evening agh!!!! No not a good night but should be back at it week after.
Martin is trying a basket making day on Saturday so I may have a bowl to put my Birds and Berries in.Will let you see if it works.
Tonight I am down in the country at the little house. The parlour gets very cosy with the Needlecraft Haven girls stitching along. If you want to join us then you are more than welcome.Here is the progress on Daisy Lane Cottage ,it is very slow going handwise at the moment and you will have to excuse the crumpleness! of the fabric.
Today the postman called and look what I have got. I ordered it from Sew and So here in the UK ,I thought I would have to wait a while but must have hit the arrival just right.
I would love some of the older ones that I have not got, I think 2004 is the earliest I have ,but don't quote me on that I will have to search them out.
I also had a gift from my dear other half who knew I would love to have this when he saw it in a shop.I am looking forward to reading this . All things Jane are so me. I have also had to have the new Sampler Girl chart . A glass of wine. So now I have promised myself no more. I have things to stitch (more than enough)things to knit (a few) and more books than you can shake a stick at.
The garden is finished at the front and we now have decided to do a little place at the back ,the gardener is returning sometime this week. He has to go in and have Carpel tunnel surgery next week so we hope to be all finished this week. Here is the front garden -next year Dale said it will be eyestopping. We already are having people stopping to look over the wall. I love the old wall it has been covered for far too long. The land we live on used to be a farm in my great great grandfathers day and through the genealogy we have been doing found he worked here. Must admit to that giving me goosebumps.Another couple of pics .
This bit still looks a little scruffy due to fallen leaves and small plants not to mention the ivy from next door which has to be dealt with . Although some of the plants are very small ,Dale did plant over 100 so next year I will show you how they develop.
So my news has come to an end apart from my eldest grandson Jack being taken to hospital by ambulance on Sunday.He had been playing football for a local team and was injured. They thought he had torn his Achilles but he has torn his calf muscle. Caitlin the next one down has broken her knuckle on her right hand . Fencing would you believe. Kate said her children will be put on the at risk register if she continues taking them to hospital. Caitlin is supposed to be doing an outward bound course with the Air Cadets this weekend , Kate is dreading it!!
Must go Ollie is starting to winge. Hope to catch up again soon, thanks for the comments I really do like to get them. I think I must be doing something wrong as I am back down to single figures again. Oh well live in hope.
Take care all
hugs n stuff


Kaisievic said...

Lovely long post, Barb. Love your exchange gifts. Your daisy cottage is very pretty too.

Shirlee said...

Lovely post Barb! I really love your little scented bag! I never would have thought to stuff it with one of those sachet packets! Great idea!

butterfly said...

What wonderful Autumn gifts exchanged love them both, your WIP is a looking good too and your garden is fab, hugs.

Julie said...

Stunning exchange items, this seasonal exchange has been such fun.
Your Daisy Lane looks super, see you in the parlour later!
How beautiful the garden looks, we'll done Dale, lots of hard work gone into that.
Poor kiddies, they have been in the wars,,get well wishes to them both.
Ooo you have the 2012 already, my newsagent is looking to see if he can get me a copy to save on postage, he's hopeful, but now I want to go and press BUY at Sew and So and get it here for tomorrow Lol.
Much love xxx

jane said...

That was a lovely exchange gift from Clare and as you know I love mine. I love exchanges.
Daisy Cottage looks lovely, I will be in the parlour tonight too.
Your garen is looking lovely, it will look fantastic next year.
I got my JCS mag the other day - there are some in there I really like!

Michelle said...

Love your exchange gifts and I adore the Jane Austen book. I must look out for this one xx

Barbi said...

Love the exchange gifts, both that you recieved and that you gave! I just got notice today from stitching nook that my JXCS ornie issue is in the mail!!! YEAH!!! I hope that it's here by the weekend but I think it will more likely be next week. Oh wel...have you found anything in it that you like?

Christine said...

That is a short one? ;D
Both the exchange gifts are stunning, it has been a really superb exchange all round this time.
There are one or two "must stitch" pieces in this year's JCS. By which of course I mean "must put on my ever increasing list and probably never get around to"
Looking forward to seeing your garden progress in the spring when everything starts growing, I think it will be stunning

Sally said...

Lovely exchange pieces both sent and received.

Daisy Cottage is looking lovely. I made a start in the parlour last night with my house building and will pop a pic up later.

I wish my JCS mag was here but have to wait for my newsagent to get it in. I'm hoping it'll be next week :) Have you seen Isabella's gorgeous ornament in it? I have to stitch that!

Your garden looks so inviting. I can imagine us stitching out there in the summer on a Monday evening :)

No worries on our Monday night SAL. Just come back when you can {{{hugs}}}

Dani - tkdchick said...

What a great fall exchange!

Chris said...

Love your garden, what a lovely size..and super exchanges and a LHN sal is just what I need as I have several charts.
I shall pop along and join in if I may?

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