Sunday 1 July 2012

Consider the lilies

Did you wonder if you were in for a sermon there,well it is Sunday,but no I just had to show you the bird vase and lilies.

Aren't these simply gorgeous, and the smell .  Martin bought me the vase and the lilies on a trip out a week ago. A lot of people think the scent is overpowering but I suppose working in a florists I got used to it. I cannot smell the more delicate flowers like freesia ,again one of the hazards of the job.You can click on any of the pictures to see more detail. So how have you all been, I have had good days and bad ,but I count  my blessings as I am a lot better than many and on bad days I just succumb and try and deal with the pain. Not sure if my dear other half would agree with me there, as he gets the brunt of the moaning and groaning.

We are trying to get out once a week just us two and sometimes a dog, but I cannot walk far so it is usually a short walk and maybe some retail therapy as above. This week we parked the car on a hill just coming into Weymouth, unfortunately it was a grey day ,as so many have been lately . This was the view from the hill looking across Weymouth Bay. One day we shall have some sunshine, and I shall take one just to prove the sun really does shine here. Whilst walking on the hill without Ollie I may add, I managed to get a pic of these again a bit blurry but it was an awwww moment.

The little one was just so cute ,they did not seem bothered there were people and dogs about , if anyone or thing got too close a blur of a white tail and they were off into the undergrowth.I think if Ollie was with us he would have joined them in the undergrowth .Martin went and had a look at this whilst I was occupied sitting on a bench watching the world pass by .
All that remains of the Roman Temple.
I have also been busy on the stitching (well a little bit busy ) and knitting front. Also I can show you what I stitched for Clare over at Needlecraft Haven Forum in the Summer Exchange and the gift I received from Kate

An unopened parcel and in it was this.A Sampler Girl design and because I like these colours and flowers this is why she chose this. Isn't it pretty.

 This is the back ,love that blowsy peony fabric.Thanks Kate.

My Summer Exchange to Clare was a sewing tin. I must have had the telepathic head on or she did as she has just stitched the Travelling Stitcher by LHN on a sewing bag ,and this Summer Splendour design by LHN she said would sit in it ready for her stitching.

The inside-

I stitched it over one on 28 count fabric if you are interested. 
Also to show you is another shawlette ,the Stonechat colour I showed you last time.So proof I have knitted 2. I have not started Damask shawl yet but I am going to use the natural of these colours I have since purchased. 

Ooooh yummy scummy colours of wool.So the knitting also continues. I am stitching things that cannot be shown so for a while so my blog may be featuring some of my older pieces ,just to keep you reading ..
You may remember my friend Angela who is out in Spain at the moment, gave me a list of books pertaining to Jane Austen ,well I gave in and ordered this one. Last week I also noticed on  that you could download some Jane Austen bookmarks, so if you want one of your own ,go take a look.Martin laminated mine and I think they look rather fine.
Another globe trotting friend Michelle sent me a little gift this week, a little coaster from France,again she must have been practising telepathy as I have just ordered Cherries by LHN. Thinking head on how I can incorporate the two.Thanks again  Michelle.

The roses are loving the wet weather.

I am going to leave you with some flowery pics and some feathered friends we met,I think they were hoping for bread rather than coming to see us.
Sorry this a little blurred I was hoping for a close up and got too close! I will not make a photographer .

Just like the ducks ,I want to thank you all for coming to visit (next time bring bread!) and I hope this has not gone on too long. I am looking forward to reading the comments , and thankyou for taking a little time to leave me one. So I will speak to you again in a little while ,when no doubt it will be another chapter and verse.
Hugs to all 


Julie said...

Beautiful vase and lilies, but alas the smell of these gives me a bad head. My favourite flower is the freesia lol.

The shawls are stunning, a lot of stitchers seem to be knitting instead recently.

Gorgeous exchange gift you made for Clare, so perfect the one you received from Kate too.

We have furry tailed bunnies on the main road near us,you can see them hopping around when you are waiting in traffic.

Weymouth Bay looks beautiful, might have to visit that!

Love and (hugs) x

Shirlee said...

What an enjoyable post! I really liked all the photos you have shared today. The exchange gifts are lovely & your shawls are gorgeous! What is the pattern of that red colored one? I see you have purchased some malabrigo yarn. I love using that! I am currently making a Mara shawl with mine & it is really nice how the colors are showing up!

Lesleyanne said...

Your vase of lillies look gorgeous. I love them and the smell. Your exchanges both sent and received are gorgeous as are your flowers. Great photos. A lovely gift from Michelle. I will go and have a look at the book marks.

Dani - tkdchick said...

You've sent out a gorgeous exchange and received a beautiful one in return!

It sounds like you're coping as best as you can.

Clare-Aimetu said...

I love my sewing tin x x x lovely ohoos especially those cute rabbits. I'm not sure if I said before but Victoria Connelly writes very good JA fiction, she has just moved to Lyme Bay too. Her blog is very good.

Christine said...

Your lilies are beautiful. I love the smell too, in fact just looking at yours has made me think that I might just have to pop into the florist when I'm in the village this afternoon and see if she has any.
I love the exchange gift you sent to Clare, and the one Kate sent to you is beautiful too.
Your knitted shawlettes are stunning.
I tried to do some knitting last night while I watched the football but the kittens think knitting needles are toys so I only got a couple of rows done

Cath said...

Gorgeous stitching and knitting .
Take care XXX

jane said...

I'm afraid I can't take the scent of lilies Barb but they do look beautiful. Those rabbits are cute, it's amazingn how they get used to humans passing by.
Lovely stitching and knitting, that yarn looks scrummy.
Hope you have many more good days than bad ones, take care of yourself.

Michelle said...

Stunning photos Barb - adore the stitched pieces xx

Carin said...

Thanks for the link to the Jane Austen bookmarks, they are great !!
You got a lovely french coaster and I think Cherries of LHN will be a joy to stitch.
The tin you made is also very beautiful. Just have to stitch that pattern also and you recieved a wonderful gift from kate !!

Anne said...

Lovely post Barb! What a sweet pillow Kate sent to you! Your LHN tin is adorable too, and functional!! That burgundy shawl is divine! I would wear that a lot!! Lovely Jane Austen book you received and the bookmarks are perfect!

Heidi Kuijer said...

What would England or Holland be without rain? But we do get our bit of sunshine. It makes us appreciate it more living
here, right? :-)

I think you excelled yourself on the sewing tin for Clare! It is so pretty and well done. The pillow from Kate is adorable and fits with your love of the garden.

Your garden is blooming well so to see. I was afraid ours would not but there have been enough good days to make it all shine. As I type this, I am watching a young blackbird feed just outside my door.

Hugs from Holland ~

Sally said...

Those lilies are beautiful Barb. I can just imagine how lovely they smell.

I love what you stitched for Clare and the piece that Kate stitched for you is gorgeous.

Love your shawlettes and your new wool. I've just bought some aran from the Kemps clearance page so that I can knit an afghan. I must be mad!


Mindi said...

The lilies are absolutely gorgeous! They're my favorite flower, but I do need to cut the stamens out of them so my allergies don't go bonkers.

Lovely exchanges sent and received, I just pulled out Summer Splendor myself and started working on it this morning.

Brigitte said...

I have just imagined walking on that lovely beach at Weymouth Bay, no matter what the weather would be like. Ahhh, what a pleasant thought.
I love both your exchnage pieces, they are so beautifully chosen and finished. Enjoy the one you received.
Thanks for the link to the Jane Austen bookmarks. I *love* all sorts of bookmarks and will certainly download these.

angelasweby said...

What lovely lilies Barb, they are a real favourite of mine especially pale pink ones.
Thank you for that lovely photo of Weymouth Bay, what wonderful memories it brings back. We saw the terrible floods on the telly yesterday, i hope it didn't affect you. What a mess!
Thanks for the link for the bookmarks, am going over to investigate.
I love your tin. What a lovely choice of design. Such pretty shawls too. You really are getting to be an expert.
Glad you like the JA book on her novels, I love it.
What a pretty coaster from your friend in France.
Hope you are feeling much better now. Take care, dear friend.
Angela xx

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