Wednesday 16 May 2012

I was so pleased to get .....

All those lovely comments last time -they are very special to me. I still hope (one lives in hope) to be able to answer when I learn how. I know you must think of me as a dinasour and you are not far wrong!Thankyou all anyway .They help brighten my days . Also welcome to my new followers - Today I am going to start off by thanking Marly of Samplers and Santas, for her free design . I was reading her blog and saw this.
This I stitched for Claire who hosts Needlecraft Haven,she recently lost her dad and I thought this summed up how she must be feeling. If you have someone you would like to stitch it for anyone or just as a memento of a loved one then pop over to Marlys blog and click on the freebie chart in her sidebar. Claire has a better pic on her blog I had a little bit of bother with the bottom of the ornament which I was annoyed about,it is stitched over one on 28 count fabric. Although it was for a sad occasion I really enjoyed stitching it. So that is all the finishing I can show you for now, although I have finished an exchange piece that cannot be shown yet. Last night I stitched a little on Quaker Diamonds but not enough to show maybe an update next week. Tonight Mrs Darcy will be in the parlour with me again writing her memoirs. I do have a few stash items to show you - I know what you are thinking -Will she ever stop ?!! Nah I need something to do in my dotage don't I. So without more ado here are my latest additions. I have received my charts from Colleens birthday voucher . my birthday was in February and I have e mailed the company a few times to ask where they were.I had given up actually. At last this week they arrived and although Colleen now seems to have gone awol thanks Colleen I shall enjoy stitching these.
Also with these two came March doorbells. Just forgot to put it in this photo. This week I just could not resist the temptation from The Primitive Hare,I ordered Endymion and some fabric from Isabella that she hand dyes called Old Salem ,because I had already paid postage and she only had to post the fabric,chart was pdf, she put the amount sending a chart would have cost into some sweet little charms. She really is a sweetie to deal with. If anyone fancies a SAL with this one let me know. It uses DMC threads. As I said chart is available from her.
Her parcels are so prettily packaged. The lily of the valley are just outside the lounge window and I seem to be picking them for all and sundry at the moment . I think this is the best year yet.More pretties to show you later. This is May doorbells and all my gast threads to stitch them ALL? with. What is the betting when I come to do it, WHEN!!!!, I will be missing one .
So now here is March doorbells.
We had a bit of a weekend last with a visit to A&E for Sam our 10 year old grandson. It started with a bee sting after he fell into a bush in the garden. That was Saturday. Sunday he got stung by a wasp . Then to top it all he fell off his bike while out playing and broke his left elbow and wrist. So a nee nah job to hospital. He has to see the consultant on Friday of this week. Poor him and Kate, she said she will need loyalty points soon. He apparently as done a good job on his elbow. Well my dears shall we take a trip round the garden (don't look too close).
Scuse the washing line. I have decided to come out of the comfort zone this year and have a mown path from the top trellis to the bottom of the garden so it looks like a meadow. Hmmm how long will that last I wonder. The top third we shall keep mown. Martin is quite pleased as it means less work for him ,but I probably will think it looks awful in a few weeks and he will be hay making lol. Oh these were just meant to share with you,dear little granny bonnets or Acquellia (spelling hmmm) .
The other beauty out in the garden is the Rhodedendrum ,it does not last long though so make the most of it.
So for this week that is all ,hope you weren't too bored. As a little thankyou would you like a piece of cake.Coffee or fruit. With a regency mug of tea.
Take care my blogging friends and to my dear friend Sally ,hope you have a very speeeeeeeeeeedy recovery sweetie. Hugs n stuff Barb x


jane said...

Oh poor Sam, that sounds very painful. My Emma was the one for broken bones, it seemed like she was never out of plaster!
Lovely stash you have there, I'm off round the internet for a closer look!
Oh and may I have a piece of coffee cake please, we never have it here as I am the only one who likes it!!

Melissa said...

Hi Barb,

Thanks for sharing your photos :) That cake looks delish!!!!!

I just order the may wordplay as well - but I'm going to try and convert into DMC (we'll see how that goes....)

That fabric from the primative hare looks divine.

Happy Stitching!

Vickie said...

Oh my goodness dear Sam! I love granny bonnets! I have never heard of Acquellia or columbine called granny bonnets! :)

Cath said...

Great stash . Hope Sam is ok , poor love. He has been through the wars this week.
Mmm , coffee cake looks delicious , though I do love fruit cake too , yum .XXX

Lesleyanne said...

A gorgeous gift for Claire. Hope your grandson is soon on the mend. Lovely new stash. Your garden looks beautiful as does your cake.

Clare-Aimetu said...

Thank you for my gorgeous gift - it does help.

Coffee cake for me - my Grannie's bonnets are just small buds as yet.

Ellen said...

Great gift for Claire!

Love your stash especially the fabric from The Primitive Hare!

That cake sure looks yummy!


Barbi said...

I love your posts so much! It's like sitting down with an old friend and having a nice cup of coffee and a piece of cake...and what a lovely cake it is too.
I am in love with those doorbell charts! I have them all on my wishlist...just waiting for me to make the final plunge
My goodness it sounds like you have a tragic little weekend :(

Christine said...

The pincushion you made for Clare is gorgeous! Some great stash there too, I like the look of the Primitive Hare piece.
Your poor little Grandson, it hasn't been his week has it?
Lovely garden pics, my aquilegias are just coming out too, they have seeded themselves all over the place and are growing in all kinds of unexpected spots

Michelle said...

Mmm your cake looks wonderful. Sorry about your grandson I know what its like with little boys in the house! Thanks for sharing your photos with us xx

Julie said...

Poor Sam, I hope he heals quickly.
Clare's gift is beautiful, you are a sweetheart.
Nice new stash, lots to keep you busy.
Gardens looking nice, my aquilegia are still tightly shut.
Yes please to the cake, it does look good.
Much love xxx.

Penny said...

Your poor grandson! I hope his elbow and wrist heal quickly! Love your stitchy stash, especially the Primitive Hare design. And the linen is lovely. You have some beautiful flowers. I enjoyed your garden. :)

Anne said...

That freebie is so beautiful!I think I will need to stitch this one soon!! I love how you finished it! I've never ordered from Primitive HAre but I think I need to! I love the packaging and her designs are so lovely. Can't wait to see you start this one up! Pretty pictures too. Love those lily of the valleys! I hope your grandson is going to be okay!

Dani - tkdchick said...

What a lovely sentiment for a fellow blogger! Why a lot of goodies you've received lately!!!!

Carin said...

That cake looks so yummie !!
You have recieved some wonderful patterns and that dyed fabric is so wonderful !!

Kaisievic said...

Hi Barb, I am a new follower - love your post and your garden is so pretty. Just love it.

All your new stash items look great, too.

hugs, Kaye

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