Thursday 5 April 2012

Can you believe 2 posts in a week

Just had to tell you that I have been so lucky this week having had 2 parcels delivered by the postie ,that were totally unexpected and I am so thrilled with both.First I had a Jane parcel from Jane of Tilly and Oscar fame. I have admired Janes little pillows for some time now and I am really pleased to have one of my very own. The cute little sheep with their check coats well they are so sweet. So here is my JANE cushion.
Jane also sent some more Sheep related goodies the sheep gingerbread was yummy , I still have one left. The card is of a bunny ,typical Jane , and then there was this.
Martin thought it a nice hat and said it would keep my brain warm (men)! It is now keeping my teapot cosy.Thankyou so much again Jane ,all so absolutely me and I love it all. This week has seen Ollie having his op ,a £430 op, which he is recovering from and although feeling rather sorry for himself.So are we pennywise, and more to come with lab tests.He had to go and have his bandage changed this morning and they said the biopsy results are clear ,he still has blood results and cultures that are cooking to come. Anyway he is sporting a very fetching red bandage,which is doing his street cred no good at all.
Monday evening I stitched Shepherds Bush Poor Robin Pincushion ,with Sally, I was not able to do a lot as I was playing comforter to the dog who whined all night. So cannot show you a pic this week. I did stitch on QD on Tuesday which saw the diamond to the right and the letters Q and R.
I sat in the parlour with my other Jane last night, and Mrs Darcy now has a landscaped garden to go with her residence!!
The picture is where I got to last week as I cannot take photos while Ollie is about so could not take one this morning. My new camera has a beep like the smoke alarm when the battery is running low and my neurotic dog is petrified of it. Talking of Jane I have had the most amazing birthday gift, Angela my birthday twin and a fellow Janeite,
sent this to me . She had told me it would be late, but I can quite understand why. Perfection and so tiny. Also with it was a calender with quotations from Jane and her books. Oh Angela I just cannot tell you how much this enhances my Jane shrine!!Do I recognise the well hidden tin as a Marks and Spencer Curiously hot mint tin.I have a stack of those lol.
Inside the little tin were some Regency style thread winders, A cute pair of little scissors and a darling little sheep on a fob. Also a little card with Angelas pins in. All beautifully co-ordinated and so tiny. All stitched over one. Dear Jane would be so pleased I am sure to see it.Thankyou so much my Janeite friend.
I have a little finish but as it is still sitting here and has to go in the post for a surprise,I cannot show it to you until next time. So all that I have left to say is thanks for the friendship and the comments ,they mean so much . A happy Easter to all and hope the Easter bunny calls on you. Hugs n stuff Barb x


Cath said...

Lots of lovely goodies Barb , hope Ollie feels better soon.
Take care ,and Happy Easter to you .

Tricia T said...

What happy mail you received! I adore the little tin and goodies you got. What a special gift! That little sheep fob is the cutest thing ever!!

Julie said...

Get well wishes to Ollie, poor sweetie, i hope the tests show how they can help him.
Super handmade goodies, the tin is stunning with the little goodies inside.
QD is growing nicely.
Hope you are a little more pain free this week, any news on the Xrays yet?
Have a lovely Esater weekend. xxx

Shirlee said...

What beautiful gifts you received & a lovely WIP as well : ) Hope Ollie feels better soon! Have a wonderful Easter weekend!

Christine said...

Lucky you Barb, you've received two fabulous gifts there.
Tell Ollie that red socks are all the rage in Paris ;)
Hope he gets better soon

Kate said...

Poor Ollie, great that the biopsy was clear.
Gorgeous goodies received - love the "hat". I too have a stash of the curiously hot mint tins for someday!

Michelle said...

Wonderful goodies Barb and all so well deserved xx

jane said...

Lovely gifts Barb, I have several of those tins ( just love the mints) and keep meaning to do something with them day!
Hope Ollie is feeling better.

angelasweby said...

Barb, what a lovely package you received from Jane. The little sheep pillow is gorgeous and I love the cozy!

Good news that Ollie's biopsy came up clear, very bad news on the whopping bill!! Hopefully the remaining results come through negative too. He's looking a bit sorry for himself and will be after lots of TLC I'm sure.

Funnily enough I've just bought Robin's Pin cushion too, love that chenille trim.Can't wait to see yours :-) Excellent progress too on Mrs Darcy and QD - a real labour of love.

I'm so relieved that my package arrived safely and you like the JA tin. You are right about the tin being from M&S, it was exactly the right colour. I'm very into tin finishes at the moment. I have plenty of tins but never enough time. Glad you like the pin book, I tried to match the design with the pattern. The little JA thread cards were purely experimental :-). They were a bit fiddly to make so could well end up as an exclusive design. Even I haven't got any....only you....haha!
Warm hugs, Angela xx

Ellen said...

Wonderful gifts! Love that tiny tin, it's gorgeous!

Great progress on your wips!


Veronica said...

Such wonderful packages you've received. The stitching on the tin is especially amazing. Lovely WiPs too. Poor Ollie. Hope he'll be back to his old self again soon.


Lesleyanne said...

Great gifts received Barb. Lovely stitching. Hope Ollie is soon back on the mend.

Sally said...

oh wow, Barb, what wonderful gifts you received. That tin is just adorable!

I hope Ollie is on the mend soon. Please give him a cuddle from me.

Your WIPs are lovely. See you Monday!

Dani - tkdchick said...

what lovely parcels you've received!!!

I hope your dog recovers nicely from his op.

Brigitte said...

Oh Barb, you must have been thrilled with Angela's gifties. She really makes wonderful things with these little tins. Yours looks absolutely gorgeous.
I love your WIPs, particularly the one about Mrs Darcy.
And such a nice little pillow. You're a lucky girl.

Anne said...

Such lovely gifts Barb!That little 1 over 1 tin piece is the prettiest thing I have seen!!! What a wonderful gift to treasure! Your Mrs. Darcy is so cute too! I heart Jane Austen!!

sandy98221 said...

What a beautiful box! Someone really likes you! I have lots of those boxes. My sister and I collect them. I get them from everywhere. Mine are still sealed with the mints inside but I have several that are from doggy treats and I've wanted to do this with them. Thanks for sharing!

Carin said...

What a lovely gifts you recieved !! Love that teapot holder with the sheep on.
Poor Ollie so lying down with his red bandage. Hope the bloodresults are okay !!

Karan said...

Poor Ollie - will put him in my healing book. Gorgeous goodies & I love your WIP. :0)

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