Tuesday 13 March 2012

Gremlins have struck

Well hello my dears, what a week that was ,not a lot of working going on ,including stitching. The Gremlins have been visiting and we are now awaiting repairmen to call. Just hoping that fixing will be the order of the day and not having to replace. What has been going on I hear you say,(yes I can hear you lol). Well it started with the garage door breaking, if you could see what is in that garage ,no you wouldn't want to see what is in our garage,suffice to say it is Martins domain and I go nowhere near. I think I have said before that tidy is not a gene he possesses ,enough said!!! So we have to have someone come to repair it. The washing machine decided it had had enough and died on us.Have to wait until next Monday until the repairman (if it is repairable )comes.In the middle of the Rugby (was I cross) on Saturday the sky box or dish thought it would be fun to suddenly switch off and not come back on. It is Friday before they can come. Now enough, just need it all to stop. On a brighter note , Julie of Life through the Eye of the Needle was picked from the dish for the SB Merry Be chart. Julie e mail me your addy and I will send it on to you to enjoy. I did stitch on my bits and bobs this week and despite not stitching on my PS Santas as I said I would one a month I have stuck to my other nights . My latest SB Creepy Cushion is started and for 2 nights Monday last week and this week here is all I have achieved.Sorry the colouring is all to pot,the fabby is a dull green and the tablecloth is a dark blue.
Tuesday again doesn't look a lot but I have the big diamond finished and now can look forward to tonight ,hey ho Mr Stick cannot catch me!!I put the tape measure next to it so you could see how twee it is.
Wednesday saw Mrs Darcy named and standing on her lawn.
Thursday AND Friday was Elizabeth and her hot as mustard! dress.
Cannot show you Saturday and Sundays stitching. I can however show you something now that I had been stitching for my friend Janes Birthday. It was taken from a Blackbird Designs book
I made a wallet to put some goodies in for Jane , I know she likes Blackbird designs so I included the Gathering Basket chart and threads to stitch it with and a bird Needlenanny from Puffin designs which was in the parcel I was telling you about last time.
One day last week I captured (well not literally) this scampering across the wall just outside my stitching window.
He/She comes to eat the Sunflower Hearts that I put out for the birds.This is on its return journey. I think it is trying to do an impersonation of a red squirrel with the two tone effect.
Last but not least , I have a big thumbs up for Chris at the Nimble Thimble in Oswestry (I do wish she would have a web site)however I do get all my SB kits from her and she is always so helpful. Anyway I am stitching a kit for a friend and it told me to fill in with a certain colour. I got about a third of the way down and ran out of thread. Argh what to do as the silk SB use you cannot get here in the UK, (Don't get me started on that one) so I phoned Chris and explained, she was very sorry and promised to speak to SB and get them to replace it. The next day I have a phone call from Chris saying she had "spoken"to them and they would send me it direct. I thought I was in for a bit of a wait but this Monday an envelope dropped on to the mat,and sender was Shepherds Bush with an apology and a Shepherds Bush card and thread to complete the part I needed it for . How about that all in a week. I phoned Chris to thank her this morning and she was delighted I got it so quickly. So thumbs up for all.
I think she is at Olympia or NEC this week so if you are going and see her tell her I am impressed. So now my blogging friends.Thanks for the comments last week you know how much they mean. Hope your week has been a good one and this one will be too. No Gremlins please!!!!!!! Hugs n stuff Barb x


Tina said...

Sounds just like my week Barb,burnt my arm on the oven and shut my thumb in the car door,spent most of Sunday at the A@E.Maybe we should hibernate for the rest of the year.
Great service from SB!
Love how QD is coming on,the colours are so pretty,Mrs Darcy looks fab too
Hope this week is better for you
Hugs x

Kate said...

Oh what a week you have had Barb - hugs and sympathy being sent down from the north. Hope it all gets sorted quickly.
Lovely updates on all your stitching. Great service from Chris & Shepherds Bush.

jane said...

Oh no, what a week, isn't it strange that once something goes other things start to join in!
Lovely stitching and thanks again for the birthday gift, stitching up a treat!
Great service from Chris & SB - nice to know that people take the trouble to help out.

Lainey said...

Oh dear Barb I'm considering a getaway trip do you fancy coming with me..lol!
Love your SB Creepy Cushion and the gift for your friend is lovely.
Great service from Chris and SB.
Your wips are wonderful.
Hope your week picks up,hugs!

Tricia T said...

A wonderful stitching update, Barb! I do hope you get all the gremlins to go away. They are as pesky as frogs!! : )

Julie said...

(big hug) what a rotten week, I thnk you have DH your share for the rest of the year!
QD looks stunning, Mr Stick is well impressed with you.
SB were quick with your additional silk, I wonder if others ran out too?
Take care xxx

Michelle said...

Oh Barb sorry to hear about all the problems you are having - ah well get them all over with in one go! Lovely WIP's xx

Mouse said...

ohhhh nooo not gremlins you didn't feed them after midnight did you ???
wonderful progress on the stitching front and cute wee bag you made too ... way to go to SB and chris at the nimble ... love her shop :) love mouse xxxx

Ellen said...

Hope all the gremlins are gone! Love the progress on your wips!

Wonderful service from SB!


Christine said...

Oh dear Barb, they do say these things come in threes!
You wouldn't want to look in our garage either. Don't know what on earth is in there but it certainly isn't a car.
Great stitching as usual, Mrs Darcy is looking very fine

Jane said...

Well Barb, when it rains it definitely pours in your house at the moment ~ I do hope the gremlins have moved on now!
I guess with no washing machine and no sky TV to watch, you can get lots of stitchy bits done and your progress pictures all look great!
All the SB kits I have stitched so far have been extremely tight on thread, I thought it was me being wasteful ~ something I never am! but it seems not!
Have a good week xxx

Stitchabilities said...

Oh dear I do hope things improve!
The wallet for Jane is lovely, and lots of stitching all wonderful!!

Sally said...

Oh Barb you're having some rotten luck lately. I think it's time things improved for you. {{{{hugs}}}}

All of your stitching looks beautiful. Love what you stitched for Jane. I bet she loved it.

Well done to Chris at The Nimble Thimble and Shepherd's Bush. It's good to hear of somewhere coming up trumps and so quickly too:)

Anne said...

Aw, bad Gremlins! I think I see them leaving your house and entering another nearby so that should be the last of the break downs!!! I hope so!!

Lovely Wip's!! That little wallet is beautiful! Love the eyelet lace!!

Veronica said...

Aww... Sorry to hear about the trouble you've had.

Seems like you got quite some stitching done though. Lovely WiPs. That BBD wallet you made is so pretty.

Glad to hear it all turned out well with your SB project.


Elisa said...

Them blasted gremlins...grrr...we have just had bugs, which have been as troublesome, hope all is well now. Great WIPs, I hope to see you in the parlour soon

Dani - tkdchick said...

You've done some lovely stitching lately your diamond piece is lovely!

Cath said...

I have given you the Liebster blog award , check out my blog .X ;-D

angelasweby said...

Oh gosh Barb,
What a lot of things going wrong at once. I hope by now the majority have been put right. I was really impressed by the calm way you took it all in your stride :-)
I visited the Nimble Thimble stall at Olympia. It was the highlight of a bit of a disappointing show. What a treat it was seeing so many pretty SB kits there! The after service you had over the insufficient thread was amazing, from both Chris and SB.
Your progress on the diamond piece is wonderful. It's such tiny delicate stitching. I love the BD piece too. That is just gorgeous. I adore their designs. Lovely pocket finish!
Ohh how lovely to see Mrs Darcy appear. She can now preside over the completion of the rest of the sampler :-)
Warm wishes Angela xx

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