Tuesday 12 April 2011

The long and winding road

Or at least it seemed like it on the way back. It has been so beautiful weatherwise here in the South of the UK, and Ollie persuaded me to do the long walk (well for me anyway) so off we set.

Half way down the road there is a farm track,through the fields but unfortunately no footpath.So onward.

Ah a signpost ,but I do not think I could even attempt the coastal path ,so after looking at the signpost

I came to a field so Ollie and I spoke to the horses,before walking ,oh so slowly home.

There were 2 other horses but as Ollie was getting impatient we just waved at them and left lol.
On my way home I took this ,my mum used to say the cold weather has not finished until the hawthorn has finished blooming. Oh dear will I have to get the thermal vest out again.

Just so pretty though,we arrived home an hour or so later , oh dear did I know it and Ollie just slept ready to go out again in the evening along the Fleet.
However you have come for stitchy news haven't you and boy do I have some - Last Friday I heard the post come through the letterbox, would there be anything for me, a pink envelope caught my eye and some well known writing.
Bless you Julie, my dear friend Julie had sent me a little something(it may be little but oh I know how much work goes into these tiny littles and it is so perfect) she knew I would love ,and here it is.Sorry about the photography .http://juliesstitchingjournal.blogspot.com/
Julie has a better pic on her blog.

I sent Julie a kit I knew I would find a struggle to finish being a biggie, so she kindly sent me a thankyou ,no need ,but a lovely thing to do. Over one on 28 count Lugana and a Prairie Schooler design , Oh Julie I love it and already it has been used so much.Also were a bundle of Vicki Clayton threads oooohh nice. Thankyou Julie..
I also received from another friendly person-aren't stitchers the best, a couple of charts from Sally who kindly sent me the Autumn Spot and Winter Spot from The Drawn Thread. These were to go with the Spring and Summer spots that she passed on to me after stitching them ,last weekend I started Spring -thankyou so much Sally its so delicate. Will keep you updated on progress.
Below that is another new start, does anyone know what design it is? I will add a little each week .HEE HEE!

I also finished a little Rak for Jane who has a blog here
This is the one I forgot to take a pic of.There is one on Janes blog though ,and you will also meet Tilly and Oscar . It is an i-stitch design on 40 count fabby ,which was a first for me.
I don't know if the links to the blogs work but they are in my side bar so you can get to them that way.
I hope you are still with me, I tend to be rambling on a bit this time. I have some progress on In the Kitchen with Jane thought I had better show you this before the girls meet tomorrow night, look at those rosy red apples, I admit to changing the apple word to green instead of red as I thought cooking apples are usually green.

Talking of apples,here is some that will be in a pie later in the year

Some apple blossom on our Bramley apple tree.
Oh the weather has been so kind to our tree peonies ,this one looks like tissue paper and is the first time it has flowered ,the other one is not so far advanced as it does not get the sun so much.

Do you need some more flowers?

This is blooming in the wild part of the garden.These narcissus are almost over ,but they still smell divine,

On Sunday when Mil came over for lunch she took a bunch home as she loves the scent. She arrived clutching these sweet little tulips-15years ago her and dad went to the tulip fields in Holland and brought these bulbs back . I think they were bigger than this originally but aren't they sweet.

Someone else has a little posy, last night was SB salwith Sally and Colleen and we now have a dressed Sophie with a posy, next week I shall start the border ,wasn't sure about the yellow hat but I think it will probably come good.
Here she is just saying hello.

Talking of Colleen , this morning I had this from her in Florida,oooohhh now I wonder what is in here.

I was Colleens exchange partner on Laineys Easter Springtime exchange , I am not sure if I have to wait until Easter to open it, have asked Lainey and Colleen. Just so tempting and now you are wondering too aren't you ,well why not share the suspense. I will let you see when I can.
So now you are all wondering when ever this is going to finish I had better end with a thankful note for all your lovely comments 16 this time ,I also see I have just gone over the 100 followers so maybe a little giveaway may be in order in a few weeks time after Easter maybe.
So I shall ask for you to forget me not -with these little friendly faces
the garden is full of them -shades of blue!

Thanks for visiting and coming on my ramble with me. Take care and keep stitching.
Hugs n stuff
Barb x


Elisa said...

What gorgeous pictures....a lovely gift from Julie too xx

Julie said...

I enjoyed my walk with you and Ollie LOL

Gorgeous flower pics, i bet your garden is a right picture.

Nice progress on the stitching too, i think the hat on Rosie is perfect for her.

So pleased you liked the little covered tape measure

Sally said...

Love your photos of your walk with Ollie and your flowers. I bet your garden looks beautiful. My weeping cherry tree is in full blossom right now but I bet the winds will come and blow it all off as they usually do.

Sophie is looking lovely in all her finery and her posy is very pretty. In the Kitchen is coming along nicely. So glad you have started the Spring Spot. I think that one is my favourite of the 4:) I have no idea what your other new start is but it looks rather nice!

Lovely gift from Julie.

Well it was certainly chilly here this morning. I was out at 8.10 and I was frozen!

Hugs xxxx

Hazel said...

Lovely photos Brb and great stitching too. Lovely gifts you got too. x

Lesleyanne said...

Lovely gift received. Great progress on your wips. Two lovely new starts. Gorgeous photos of your walk and flowers.

Mylene said...

Such beautiful flower pics!!

Colleen said...

That was a great walk with you & Ollie. I also enjoyed walking through your garden; it is beautiful, Barb. Now, I've been singing The Long & Winding Road, since seeing your post title. One of my favorites. The green Apple is GREAT on Jane. How clever!
I haven't a clue what your new start is but what you have stitched so far, is lovely.
Oh my goodness, Barb. My neighbors mentioned this morning they heard laughter & loud whispers outside, last night...They heard you, me & Sally playing on the waterslide!! I casually said, we didn't hear anything, as we were busy stitching & talking; must have been the neighborhood kids. LOL. Whew, that was close, hmmmm.
I enjoyed your post & as always, I love your stitching.
{{Hugs}} across the pond.

Christine said...

What a lovely gift from Julie! Great progress on your WIPs too.
I hate to worry you, but I think that blossom is blackthorn, (no leaves), I don't think the hawthorn is even out yet ;)

Stitchabilities said...

What a lovely walk you had with Ollie.
I adore that gift from julie!
Lovely stitching ,whatever it may be

Michelle said...

Stunning photos - thanks for sharing them. What a lovely gift to receive xx

Rhona said...

What a wonderful gift to receive...aren't stitchers wonderful!
Love the pictures of all the flowers. We are still waiting for spring to arrive here in upstate New York, hopefully it won't be too long!

Lisa said...

Looks like you had a wonderful walk.
What a gorgeous RAK you received from Julie, such a nice thing for her to do.
Your new starts are lovely, can't think of what the second might be, but love the fabric you're using for it. Your Jane Austen piece looks great as well, I like the colours, makes your mouth water lol, and Sophie is just perfect with her yellow hat, so cute.

Dani - tkdchick said...

What a wonderful stitchy update! Lots of fantastic gifts and stitching!

I'm so jealous you have flowers, winter really seems to be lingering this year. Can you beleive I HAD to wear my down vest today? So miserable!

Karan said...

Love the tape measure from Julie. Gorgeous pics of your walk & garden - you live in a beautiful area Barb. Enjoying seeing your stitching developing too. :0)

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