Saturday 28 August 2010

I have decided

not to have a background this time if you get what I mean. I have put my latest finish( I spent the morning today muttering and cursing under my breath to get it finished) as a header. I am not a fan of the sewing machine(would you believe I used to make trousers for Burtons), so hence the gnashing of teeth, I also was going to put a snowy scene as a background, but having reviewed the situation, as Fagin would say, you probably would think I have lost the plot.
Anyway the design is by The Sampler girl and if you can read the book ,want to borrow glasses anyone, it is the first line in the book Little Women.
Here is another little pic of it , I have also used it as my monthly ornie over at Stitch and Stash ,I know it is not an ornie ,but, when I had finished it I decided it was a bit large for an ornie ,so a bag it is. Hope Tanya approves.

I do have a few stitchy things to show you this time but first I must show you the RAK i received from Michelle, what a sweetie she is , on a grey day she brought a smile. Wonder if you will smile too.

I have not used these sort of threads before so I look forward to that, and don't you just love that little jug button I can just see a spray of flowers springing out of that.Oh forgot to put in the piece of backing fabric she sent,apologies if you read this Michelle. I was thrilled anyway.
Also this week I had a little thankyou from Angela for some unwanted charts I had that she expressed a wish for. Anyway she sent this which is just so me, the card too.

This is a Jane Austen notepad from The Jane Austen Centre in Bath,the little saying round the edge is," No,my dear you had better go on horseback,because it seems likely to rain,and then you must stay all night".I just love these sayings.I thought I might show you where it sits.

I have 'met'so many lovely people out there in this blogoverse, and for the comments you have left me and the nice things you have said awww thanks. I was really pleased with Return to the sea, but had to get another frame so I got two the same ,Martin said he will frame that one for me too,so when they are in place you may get a pic.
The tame framer has taken 3 to do today ,decided Generosity would go in a white frame,the CHS birdie one will be in black as the others and so will this. It is a bit wrinkled as it was taken before being pressed.

The colour of the fabric is not as pale as it looks, it is a pale lemon colour. In answer to your question Tina ,I may be able to find a space or two still on the walls,'grins'.
You may remember last time I asked if you knew what it is yet? Well have to admit to Sally that it was Shall we take a turn in the garden, I only did a little Sally as I needed to know how it would look over one. It is a bit twee but I only wanted a small cushion. However this week I have done a little more. Last weeks little bit was the bit over the door a porch I think.

We have not been on any travels this week, not even a trip to the vets. Ollies feet really seem to be improving at last and cutting down the steroids have helped with the panting.
We hope the G,S and E family are ok, they have been out in Turkey and apparently been very hot. We thought they would be home yesterday but knowing my frame of mind I probably got it wrong it is today they get home somewhen.
Hope some of you tried the marrow and liked it- as I did that last week ,I did this this week

Ingredients for

Vegetarian Chilli. Of course you have to have pudding Rhubarb and Strawberry Crumble

I think we had our 5 a day that day!!
We have really good crop of Bramley Apples this year, we did have a glut of tomatoes which we were waiting to ripen, until tonight when we saw they had been infested with caterpillars ,actually buried into them and were having a wonderful time. All that time and effort.Now on the bonfire heap.
Well my friends , not a lot to tell you this week really the Blackbird design is growing a little I have done the border.

Now I shouldn't really show you this as it is for the monthly challenge over at Stitch and Stash but as it is revealing day tomorrow anyway I hope I will be forgiven.

Well my friends,perhaps we shall get on a ramble next week ,who knows. I will meet you here at some point no doubt and we will perhaps take a picnic lunch!!
Take care you all and keep safe out there.
Hugs n stuff


Jules said...

I love the way your blog looks! And your stitching is beautiful...

jane said...

Lovely stitching Barb - That verse from Little Women has bee on my "to do " list for ages. The bag you made is so pretty. I found my BD piece - onlt to discover that I had already finished it! Now I need to check my blog to see if I ever showed a picture.
Good new abaout Ollie - hope he continues to improve.
Take care (((hugs)))

Carol R said...

That is one gorgeous piece of hardanger I can see in a couple of your pictures!

Roberta said...

Love the stitching and vegetarian chili - sounds good, but rhubarb crumble sounds even better.

Lesleyanne said...

Another lovely post. Love your Ida Mae finish and your stitch and stash finish. Lovely RAK from Michelle. I like your Jane Austin pieces.

Heidi said...

My dear Barb! I could not get past your header when I laid eyes on the opening sentence from one of my very favorite books! I just reread Little Women this year for the AllThingAlcott challenge I am doing on my CC blog. Be still my heart. On second thought, I am coming to your house and 'borrowing' that bag...for Seems more appropriate that just a little jig.

Your little crown is adorable and another bird for your wall...wonderful.

Hugs from Holland ~

angelasweby said...

Ooh what a full of fun post Barbara :>)
You could not have finished Tanya's design in a nicer way and I see you have made good use of some of those ribbons than were in your header recently :>) I love this design and will dig out my booklet.
Ida Mae is really lovely too but, I have to say, I just loved your JA display. The little notebook has found a good home there. That quill and your Netherfield pillow - well, what can I say...just fabulous.
Love the look of the vegetarian chilli too and the pretty and very kind RAK from Michelle.
Warm hugs Angela xx

Julie said...

There is always something lovely to look at on here. Rhubarb crumble is one of my favourites! Ida Mae is adorable.
Nice progress on the little new start too.
Lovely gifts received and well deserved too, a nice surprise.

{{big hug}} MWAH

busy week, will be back to 'normal' if i ever was, next week!

Sally said...

Oh Barb I just love your TSG finish. The bag is so pretty. Ida Mae is so sweet and I love your progress on the BBD and Turn in the Garden. The crown is beautiful. I didn't even get a stitch in mine but I still want to stitch it for Abi. I think it'd be good hung on her door handle with her name on. Lol!

Lovely gifts you received. The gift from Michelle is lovely.

Save me some rhubarb crumble please! {{{{hugs}}}}

Mylene said...

Beautiful stitching, Barb. And i so love your hardanger table cloth, gorgeous! Are you working on any hardanger? I so miss mine and still some WIP's i haven't touched for years, the colours i started with it...not my favorite anymore.

I hope you are having a good week.

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