Monday 14 June 2010

Stash and update

The header pic is Wisley a rose in my garden. Thanks so much for the lovely comments on the garden and offers of coming to stitch with me there ,you would be very welcome.We have been busy out there this last week and my stitching has suffered and the mojo has gone walkabout.Need Mr Stick to come and prod me into action.Just so far behind on things at the minute.
Well last time I did not show you recent additions to my stash so here as promised is a few of the purchases in May and June probably April too.
Where shall I start hmmm......
Well birdie ones first me thinks.

Sarah Tobias Book Blackbird designs

Elizabeth CHS.
Flirt a Feather by CHS. BTW all these pics are clickable to be made bigger.

So as you see the bird wall will be quite full when i get all these bird designs stitched.
As with birds I have also had a splurge on The Sampler Girl designs ,Tanya had a sale recently and I can never resist her sales ,so I got these, I think I am only
missing a couple I would like now ,so when the next sale comes along they may have to jump into the basket too.
Anyway here are the latest ones.

I also ordered the fabric that goes with, I would rather be at Pemberley.

Some seasidey ones just because the summer is here.

Last of these is Mansfield Park . However ,whilst on the subject of Jane Austen I saw on the stitching Janeites forum this book that someone recommended ,so yes I had to have that too.

Talking of books , another I got when I ordered this, was a book I remembered from my childhood (more years ago than I care to mention).Just thought I would re-read it now .

My Kate dd asked if I was in my second childhood, when she came to look for a book to read. Hmmmm now I wonder.
Also Julie gave me a link to some crochet I think it is called Attic 24,oh it grabbed me by the throat and said YOU HAVE to try this. So another book was called for here it is ,however I think I was a little ambitious !!!!

I think my brain,hand co-ordination is lacking ,well maybe just the brain!!!

Martin has gone back to work today,after a week off and it feels all wrong here , even Ollie is sulking. He had a very busy week in the garden ,Martin not Ollie, I really should have taken a before and after pic of this ,as it was a wall that always had the stuff that gets dumped somewhere in front of it. No more!! here is our weeks efforts and I painted the bench (please dont tell me I missed a bit) .

So now you see why I have not got much stitching done - excuses excuses .
The little I did - oooohhh another link hee hee.
Progress on Quaker Christmas

Onto page 4 now.Shall have to get a wiggle on with this or Tina will be way ahead of me. I have not seen Yoyo posting lately on the SAL,wonder if she has her computer problems fixed yet.
I also have started a SAL with the Blackbird design group I belong to,it is a summer sal ,your choice of one of their designs. I have chosen Beyond my heart a Loose feather design for my bird wall. I did start it on fabric called for,decided it was too dark and opted for white. Now I think it is too stark, shall I tea dye it when finished ---any thoughts?

So you see not a lot of stitching done , oh I did do 2 hats on my Generosity but I will wait until I get more done before taking a pic. Btw if you have a ufo to finish why dont you come and join Julie and Mr Stick on Stitch and Stash forum and get it finished , Julie is a sweetie and Mr Stick well he only wields his stick from afar.

Martin took a pic of the swimming dog yesterday and I was going to post it for you ,however although he sent me the attachment I dont know how to get it on here . So next time you will maybe get pic of swimming dog.
Again thanks for the comments , I look to see everyday if some kind soul has posted me a little message,they do help my day along.
Well spose I had better go do something or my dear Martin will think I have been sitting here all day talking to you instead of dealing with housewifey duties and doing the girlie jobs.(wink). Why is cleaning the loo a girlie job can anyone enlighten me.
Oh well take care all hugs for you that are feeling under the weather ,had a pain day Saturday but managed a walk with Ollie and Martin around the fields yesterday,which took ages and in pain last night but ok today.
Hugs n stuff till next time
Barb x


Lesleyanne said...

Lovely new stash. Your photos are lovely.

Jane said...

Barb you seriously need that mojo to come back quickly with all your lovely new stash!
A great start on Beyond My Heart and I personally think it looks good on your chosen fabric, I expect you will know how you feel about it as you progress.
Housework ~ we do it coz we do it best!

Stitchabilities said...

Lovely garden photos, do you want to come and do mine now, LOL
Well another taking up the Hook,I have all the stuff just need to time to add the wool to the Hook!!

jane said...

Hi Barb, I'm so your mojo seems to have disappeared but your progress on QC and Beyond My Heart looks great.
Great stash too, I have my eye on that Sarah Tobias book - think I need to treat myself.
What Katy did is one of my favourite books and I have that crochet book too- spooky!
Your garden looks fantastic - I wish I could come and stitch there. Hope today has stayed pain free and you have a good week. x

Deb said...

What's with everyone's mojo disappearing? It definitely has to be the time of the year! You have to get it back soon for all that wonderful stash you picked up.

Tina said...

Another lovely update on your blog Barb.
The garden looks lovely,maybe i will come and join you(but for pimms and lemonade not stitching LOL)
Lot's of lovely stash aquired,do you have to live until 100 or 150 now?
I'm on pg4 aswell so take your time
Tina xx

Heidi said...

That is a good deal of stash Barb so you will have to spend lots of time stitching in the garden. *sigh* If only we could sit together to chat over a cup of tea and stitch. One week in your garden and the next in mine. Preferably in Cranberry Cottage with only the birds to disturb us. :-)

I would love to hear more about JA Sewing Box. It looks like an interesting book. What kind of projects are in it? Can you email me and tell me about it?

Second childhood? I don't know about you but I am not out of my I love reading children's books and What Katy Did is one I have always wanted to read. Enjoy!

I hope you have on your dancing shoes as I have something to show you tomorrow. ;-)

Hugs from Holland ~

Christine said...

Lovely garden pics and great stash. I've been eyeing up that JA Sewing box book myself, is it any good?

Jules said...

Great stash and gorgeous photos of the gardens! Thanks for sharing...

Sally said...

Your new stash is lovely Barb. Fancy a SAL of Return to the Sea With Jane Austen when we've done the stocking??? Lol!

AQC is coming along beautifully as is your new start on the BBD:)

Julie said...

Gorgeous pics of the garden, it does looks so lovely, well done to you both.

Lots of nice new stash to keep you busy, i hope the mojo returns fast, i'm sure it will.

QC looks great. Is the crotchet book any good? i had a good old one that belonged to MIL to help me out, very oldfashioned pics but good instructions.

Mr Sticks on the warpath today ... i do love to see those little sheepies each week, its a lovely design.

Mylene said...

WOW! Beautiful garden you have. I hope you can enjoy it. Here's on and off sun and very windy so it is pretty cold outside.

Such gorgeous stash! I do hope your stitching mojo gets back as i want to see progress...

Karan said...

Very nice new goodies! Nice makeover for that bit of the garden & the bench. There's definitely something in the air to cause this gardening bug. LOL QC is looking gorgeous. Hope the crochet is going well too. Healing vibes coming your way. :0)

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