Thursday 15 April 2010


Well had to get your attention there didn't I? Only one word for it ,although Julie and Mr Stick had a good one when she knew I had finished it . 'Fandabidoze' Yes I remember that word too Julie.
You are wondering what I am prattling on about aren't you , Julie and my friends over at Stitch and Stash know (hee hee). Shall I keep you in suspenders ?
Yes I HAVE been on the Happy juice ,well that is how it feels, the Wandering Vine is FINISHED. Do you know what I thought to myself ?

A couple of cushions to match would be nice ,but maybe that is going too far.

Anyway drum roll,fanfare of trumpets,choir of angels -whatever.
'A wandering vine 'afghan. stitched with 5 perle thread and much muttering and gnashing of teeth at times. A Shepherds bush design.

I am holding it up gives you some idea of size (and how tall,(small)I
Julie and the other ladies will be so pleased I will not be whittering on about the darn vine anymore. So hop,skip and jump with me as I do my celebratory Happy Dance . I put 2 oz wadding in between the backing fabric and then stitched a border around it. The little sheep buttons I had from Kate with the ornie exchange we did last Christmas, it has blue flower shape buttons and heart shaped pink buttons around the middle. The ribbon for the bows is some that Anne sent me (see last post).
Here is a pic of it folded with some of the middle showing.

I have just tried to edit this because I published it before I was ready, then half way through adding more it decided to disconnect me from the internet ,so I will catch up in a couple of days as I am now spitting feathers lol.
Take care all thanks for your comments in advance and I will see you at the weekend.
Hugs Barb


Lesleyanne said...

Congratulations on your gorgeous finish.

Jules said...

Congrats on the finish! It is very beautiful!!

Lainey said...

Stunning, beautiful, fabulous, I';m dancing with you Barbara..Congratulations!!

Mylene said...

Happy dancing here with you! It looks gorgeous! Congrats on finishing it.

jane said...

Beautiful finish Barb - congratulations! I am happy dancing with you :-)

Jane said...

Hi Barb
I am a newish Blogger just popping by to take a look. Love reading your news and your stitching and finishes are really lovely. Congrats on your latest finish WOW! some hard work has gone into that and I adore the little sheep. I'll be back! xxx

Christine said...

Wow Barb that is amazing. Congratulations on a fantatsic finish!

Karan said...

It is absolutely gorgeous Barb & a wonderful achievement. WELL DONE! :0)

Heidi said...

Phew! I am tired with this dancing for you and dancing for What a great finish! My but that is one huge project. It is just beautiful. You must be a really happy little stitcher! Congratulations!

I missed your last post. I just bought that Milk Paint thread sampler too. It is so sweet. I bought it at Annemiek's wonderful little shop.

Wishing you a great weekend!!!

Hugs from Holland ~

P.S. - The word verification is pridedar. That is appropriate for this post! :-)

Julie said...

Super duper .... bet you kicked the power cord out with all that happy dancing around in excitement ... don't blame you though, it sure is amazing :-)

Tracey said...

GORGEOUS!! I love it. That is a bigtime happy dance for sure! Congrats!

Unknown said...

What a beautiful finish! It certainly deserves a place of honor in your or the lucky recipient's home!

Sally said...

Wow, wow, wow!!!! Barb that looks stunning! I absolutely LOVE it!

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