Saturday 20 February 2010

Just a little update

Well as it is almost a week since I last posted I thought I would catch up,and make it not so long!
It is a fine sunny morning here in Dorset and spring must be coming as the birds were very vocal this morning.Martin went off to his glass group thinking it was the last Saturday of the month ,but has now returned and gone to do the food shop.Dur he got the wrong week.
R.A has been bad this week ,hence the short post as wrists and back are not good , I am hoping when the spring does arrive things will get easier. I thought I would be having a lazy Saturday and could watch some rugby but it is not being played this week.Oh well I shall just have to listen to my book on my new MP3 player.

Jack has to have braces but apparently it is "cool" to have them at school now , he says he can choose the colour he has . Oh my how things change. He is 15, and has to have 5 baby teeth out,and 2 adult teeth before they can fit the braces. Then he has 2 years of the first set and 2 years of the second. I am wondering how he will feel when he is 18 or 19 with them.

The skiers are back , I think I am losing the plot, as when Graeme phoned I thought something was wrong I thought they were away for 10 days.I was wondering why they had to come back early. He said they had had a fantastic time and Ella had loved it. I may even get a pic to share with you at some point.

Kate is working this weekend so we wont see the tribe, a nice quiet weekend. We are taking Mil out for lunch tomorrow.

On the stitching front I have a few things to share. Still not got prize but it is in the post but coming from the US.I also have ordered a chart that I fell in love with on Heidis blog. It is by Beth Twist of heartstring samplery entitled Let it snow I beleive.. I will get my handies smacked. It is this clicking finger I have problems with!!!!!!!!

I have got the patterns from Kate for my birthday from The Sampler Girl, also got 2 e patterns too.

Speaking of Jane Austen this is what I had from my brother and have some pennies left.

The DVD will go with the one I had from Mil and the book is another one to add to the JA collection.I made a bread pudding in the week and here is a piece for you to share along with a cup of tea in a cup that was Martins grandmothers. The plate I am not sure what to think of as it says on the back Made in Staffordshire by Clarice Cliff.Somehow I dont think so as its not like her designs. Interesting though.

I think I must be on a JA roll at the moment as I finished one of the e patterns and it is going next to Emma,stitched over 1 on Sassys Khaki.

I received the threads to do Quaker Diamonds this week too, not got the fabby yet as that has been ordered through Picture plus-not used them before. the picture makes them look quite bright but they are more subtle and sludgy that this. Gorgeous though.

Last but not least progress on Quaker Christmas

So folks that is all for now - I would like to thank all of you for you kind wishes and the comments you leave - have a stitchylicious week ,and I will catch up with you again soon.
Take care hugs n stuff


Hazel said...

Ha there must be something in the air as I have recently purchased from Beth and Tanya too. Lovely designers they are. Those Valdani threads look lovely. Is it true they are 3 ply threads? Great QC too. x

Karyn said...

Barb....I love your WIPs, and guess what? I just ordered Quaker Diamonds and the Valdani floss to accompany it....I can't wait to start.

What lovely gifts you have are blessed indeed. Your tea cup is gorgeous and you cake looks delicious :)

Enjoy your weekend

jane said...

I love your finish - I just purchased from Tanya too, but not JA. Quaker Christmas is looking great and I love the colours of those Valdani threads. Have a great weekend!

Jules said...

Quaker Christmas is looking great! I am truly becoming more inspired to do more Quaker stuff the more I see of others'! The same with Jane Austen (and other Sampler Girl stuff).

Here's to hoping Spring arrives quickly for you (I am trying to send some Florida sunshine your way in this post) so your RA will subside a bit!

Annie Bee said...

Those threads looks really pretty and I love your Quaker Christmas it is looking great.

Tina said...

Love the threads Barb,can't wait to see wip's.When are you starting it?
Hope you are feeling better
Tina xx

Chris said...

Lovely threads and charts and that photo of the beach, I could smell the sea air; how I long to be by the sea having been born and brought up in a seaside town!
The bread pud was yum thank you and I love tea in a dainty cup!
Have a stitchy wonderful week
Hugs and Blessings
Chris x

Sally said...

Those threads look gorgeous Barb.

Your new charts look lovely and your finish is so pretty. QC is coming along really well. I kind of miss not stitching on mine!

Tracey said...

Barb- I got your comment on my blog- please email me at - maybe we can work out a trade? I was going to sell my pattern on ebay anyway.. (Mr. Snow Tired)

Great stash enhancement! I love the Sampler Girl too. :)

Heidi said...

Don't you just love Tea With Jane Austen? I have it too and it is a great book. I am so pleased you were tempted and bought the Beth Twist chart. I hope this one is as fun to stitch as With My Needle. I am considering keeping it to start in the summer when I am down and complaining about it being too hot. :-) Think that would help cool me down then?

Have you ever tried googling Clarice Cliff to see if she did more than her signature 30s pieces? I wonder if this is something early before she started doing the pieces we think of with her name?

Hugs from Holland ~

Julie said...

Thank you for the tea and bread pudding, my dad used to make that for us, not had it since he passed away, brought back some lovely memories....

Nice stash and stitching. x

Karan said...

Great progress on QC & a lovely finish. Great new stash & gifts too. Lovely threads - will enjoy watching QD develop. :0)

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