Saturday 19 December 2009

oh bring us some figgy pudding

Well not really , but anyone want a piece of shortbread just cooled from the oven. Martin dear DH,has made it a tradition that I make shortbread for the workshop at Christmas,they have had 2 tins full this week.

Well they say no news is good news and no news of my friend that was undergoing major major heart surgery this week. I think her husband was allowed to stay near the hospital in rooms for relatives ,she is in intensive care for 3-4 days if all went well ,so no way of getting in touch, and if heaven forbid it did not work then I don't suppose he feels like phoning people.So it is a waiting game. She is in our thoughts and prayers.

Sue has had bloods taken and has to have a CT scan this coming Wednesday so again no news to report.Again we are all hoping for a positive outcome.

We have just been to buy Ollie's Christmas present. I cannot tell you what he has got I may take pic on Christmas day and it would spoil the surprise.(spoilt dog).
Did buy him a new comb like a rake,which is spring loaded, combed him with it when we got home and trimmed him and now he looks really good, well a bit smarter anyway. We have a super doggy shop ,that we go to,they don't mind you taking your dog and there are dogs on leads and dogs off the lead just wandering about and all very friendly. Ollie was most interested in my coat when I got in, probably a bit miffed that he wasn't allowed to come this time . We also got a pressie for Ellas bunny Lettuce ,no we didnt buy lettuce that is her name.

Talking of bunnies , I had some lovely mail this week or rather Rose and Seymore did, for those of you who do not know about Rose and Seymore my friend Julie from Stitch n Stash ,a while ago sent me Seymore Bunny to "SEE MORE" of me stitching on UFO nights ,which Julie hosts with Mr. Stick. He was a gentleman bunny of more advanced years and wears a pair of wire spectacles and carries a stick (to prod me into action). Anyway he advertised for a wife and lo and behold a wedding was held in the summer when Miss Rose arrived. It has been quiet for a little while and there has been not much nagging going on,then this week the stork (postie) brought from Julie , twin girls Maisie and Millie identical twins, here is a family group pic around their own Christmas tree. Thankyou so much Julie, they are all just so sweet. Julie also sent me something for Christmas opening so I will have to show you that later.

I can now show you Kates ornie to me on the Stitch n Stash forum Christmas ornie exchange ,I am delighted with it as it is one of the Shepherd Bush designs from the J.C.S. mag and I have been meaning to stitch these.So now I have my first one. The goodies were a little tin sheep for hanging , I love Sheep, some sheep buttons,I love sheep, and a little sheep card (get the picture) it was so me, also some lovely Christmas tree fabric for backing . Twas all lovely thanks to Kate.

I will now show you my stitching this was my ornie to Kate in the above exchange , she hasn't got round to posting on board yet but just in case she doesn't , she did like it by the way, here it is.

I thought I had deleted this well I had on my camera but found I had saved it elsewhere. The little lavender cushion was an extra and I enclosed a little Christmas package too.

Then on the 17th it was Angis birthday, I don't think she has a blog. Another stitched gift, a Blackbird design from the My Heart is True booklet by Blackbird designs I had a box from Rhajmahal ,which reminded me of the Chrysanthemum that Angi stitched on UFO night well the colour anyway, so I used this to put the stitching on. I bought her a couple of truffles in a cracker to go inside and ta-da here it is.

I have done some stitching on my new Quaker Christmas and I will post a pic next time, I am also doing my last Christmas ornie for this year and another birthday gift. I don't think I will be blogging again before the "big"day so may I wish you and yours all a joyous and peaceful Christmas and a Happy New Year. Take care and thankyou for the comments and to all including Karyn "I have the kettle on, if you fancy a piece of shortbread".


Karan said...

Hope all has gone OK for your friend & that the tests & scan go OK for your DIL too. Bless them both.
Oh that shortbread does look tasty - lucky folks! LOL Gorgeous ornies sent & received - pretty sachet too. Angi's box is beautiful. Your work is wonderful Barb. :0)
Congratulations to the new parents - the twins are so cute. LOL
Thanks for the card. Hope you have a lovely festive season Barb. :0)

jane said...

I hope you get good news about your friend and DIL. The ornies are all lovely as is the box you made for Angi. Hope you have a lovely Christmas.

Christine said...

Beautiful stitching as always Barb, and congratulations on your "new arrivals" ;)

Hope all is well with your friend in hospital

Clare-Aimetu said...

Fingers crossed for good news for your friends :)

Shortbread - yummy - my favourtie too

And I love Julie's bunnies - they do look like they have settled in well :)

Julie said...

Good wishes for you friend and DIL, i hope all goes well for them both

Nice ornies sent and received, do you like sheep? well i never LOL

Angies box is fab, your stitching is so lovely.

Millie and Maisie look like they've settled in well, they make a lovely family. 4 little UFO spys, i'm sure that vine will get done early in the new year!!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Wow you are so lucky to have received FOUR of Julie's bunnies they are so adorable!

What beautiful ornies and box!

Susimac said...

Fingers crossed about your friend.

What wonderful ornaments and how could your exchange partner NOT like what you have sent her its lovely and I LOVE your box tht you stitched for your friend its so beautiful she is very lucky.

Karyn said...

Your friend remains in my thoughts, Barb :)

Your treats are awesome...what a lucky lady you are, those you sent are amazing as always (your stitches awe me) and those that you received are so very special. I love the bunnies and the tale (lol, no pun intended ;)

Thanks for sharing it all with your friends....and I am now craving shortbread cookies.

What is figgy pudding anyways? I am inagining pudding made out of figs? ;)


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