Tuesday 24 November 2009

Lets see if I can do this right today.

Last time I tried to post pics and promised you one of Ollie in the stitching chair,well here he is a big dog in a little chair! I think he looks so fed up.

On Saturday we had a phone call from Ella who is our 9 year old granddaughter ,asking us if we would like to go to lunch with her on Sunday.They live about 40miles away,she was cooking she said and would we like to go. Of course , (anything to get out of cooking Sunday lunch ,but more about that later). So we duly set out on a very wet day which as we travelled along turned into a lovely sunny journey.
When we arrived Ella was busy in the kitchen but had done most of the prep. Here are some pics of her doing her thing.

Hasn't she done well it was really yummy- Pasta,cheese,tomato and bacon bake, with garlic bread and raspberry pavlova and blackberry and apple crumble for pud. All done by Ella (with mum watching).Graeme said she doesn't like the clearing down bit though as she goes, who does! but Ella WELL DONE.
We then went to Hobbycraft and I picked up the threads for my Sampler Girls Stocking , blimey haven't DMC threads gone up 79p per skein. As I needed 50 altogether(extras for other things) it was a lot just for threads.
Ella had done scones and Carrot Cake for tea and then we headed homeward.BTW Ollie did have a little all to himself and Ella made him a misshapen scone as he has to be treated like the family (spoilt, going on a diet, dog).
On Monday I finished this a design by Pineberry Lane this is for the monthly ornament challenge over on JA forum. Hope you like it,done on Sassys fabric (I do like her fabric) 28 count over 1 using Dmc threads.


Tonight being Tuesday its the Vine over on JA with Julie and Mr Stick on the UFO night .Hopefully I will be able to start putting the leaves on the right hand side this week.
Speaking of my Julie friend I posted a little gift to her and if you haven't already seen it on her blog here it is again.

Lastly a pic of the socks that turned the fingers blue and to prove to Julie I did do them.

Thanks to Karan for help in me getting these photos on here she is a star!! However I am sorry they are all in a line, will I get to grips with this I wonder?
As a postscript spoilt dog has a limp - maybe a visit to the vets tomorrow- perhaps I will ask him for a clever head while I am there.

Take care folks and thanks for sticking with me.
Hugs and things Barb


Christine said...

Ella is certainly a talented cook. Love the pic of your dog taking up the whole stitching chair!

Mylene said...

Your granddaughter did a good job, the food sounds yummy.

Pineberry Lane ornament looks lovely and that is a cute picture of your dog!!

Karan said...

Looks like Ollie is saying: does my bum look big in this? ROFL
Well done Ella - a budding Chef of the future there Barb. :0)
I love your ornie & Your socks look great. Julie is a lucky lady too - gorgeous stitching & finishing as always. :0)
And you're very welcome. :0)

Julie said...

Ollie looks right comfy in the little chair. Hope he is feeling better today.

WTG Ella, everything looks yummy.

I love my surprise parcel, thank you so much.

Brill socks, my DH has 3 pairs now and i'm in the middle of knitting a pair for my SIL for a little xmas stocking filler.

Hazel said...

Hi Barb! I didn't know you had a blog. Thanks for popping by mine. I have become a follower of yours. Lovely meal and even lovlier stitching. xx

Beaupippin said...

Love the picture of ollie, and your grandaughter has a definate talent in the cooking dept. Gorgeous stitching from you also!

Janaina said...

Adorable pics! And how talented she is!
Do you think you can ask her the recipe?! =)
Love Ollie on the chair...*Ü*

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