Tuesday 19 January 2010

Good news,stitchy news and Sad news

Okay which first, let's do the sad ,then I can feel better with the good.
Sad news of my SIL she slipped away at 5 a.m on Sunday morning,it is a release for her and although her hubby of almost 40 years and their 2 girls and families are feeling very raw at the moment, I think in time they will realise she wouldn't have wanted anymore pain and even worse quality of life. They sang happy birthday to her last week on her 60th birthday but there wasn't any response. Gulp. Ok tissues away. We are now awaiting a funeral date they are not local so will mean a journey.

Now for the better news , I am going to try and keep this post short lol, as wrists and fingers are not behaving themselves at the moment.
I do not know how to link (or should I say Julie has told me how ) but haven't tried yet perhaps next time, but if you look at blogs I visit (some not listed yet lol) you will see Carols "I Stitch", well I was soooo pleased that my suggestion won, she asked for suggestions of names for her new design and here it is

Isn't that great, Carols work is perfection and I never dreamt for a minute that I would have my name on one of her charts see bottom pic at the bottom. Thankyou Carol for sending me my very own copy of the chart , you will see it here stitched at some point in time.

Now other stitchy pics for you to peek at are

This is one of the e patterns I got from Country Rustic Primitives. I stitched it on Osnaburg fabric from Threads and Patches it was £4.50 a metre which I thought CHEAP as chips lol.The designer suggested you wash it first and I am glad I did as it does shrink a little. I just cut a piece to allow for shrinkage and swished it round in some woollite in the bowl. Jenny also shared how to age it ,but as it is a bit slubby and I quite liked the colour I left that bit ,Maybe I will try on another one. I have used string (hairy) for the hanger and all in all I am pleased with it. This will be my first ornie on the monthly christmas ornie over at Stitch and Stashers.
Next is my LHN Fa-la-la finished I made it into a tag for the tree- now I have to start the next one.

I have done some progress on 4 Wishes but not a lot pic for you to see

I have also this week stitched on the Vine and Quaker Christmas so I have not been slacking.
No stash to show this week - I did buy a floss box ,not a posh one, just a tacky placky one ,but it does the job.I also bought some 36count Edinburgh Linen in case the Osnaburg didnt work.
I do have stash coming though and next week I may get to show it to you ,hee-hee.

Alfie enjoyed his birthday and has now got his Lego. He built a tower and started hitting it with his hammer, What, are you doing? asked Kate (dd), I am just making it level was the answer . yep if its not right hit it with a hammer !!!!

Well folks thats the news this week ,let's hope that now this year can start to get better.Now off to try to get my hands working so I can stitch. I did stagger round the block with Ollie which I couldnt do on Sunday.
Thanks for the comments , and some new ones too ,thanks so much for popping by and reading my wafflings.
Take care and I will speak again soon.


Christine said...

Congratulations on getting to name a design, and I love the primitive Christmas tree ornie.

Sorry to hear about your SIL.

Stitchabilities said...

Congratulations on naming the chart.
You have done some lovely stitching Barb
Sorry to hear about your SIL

Jules said...

Congrats on the design name!!

The two completions look great and the snowman is cute! I look forward to seeing the finish on that one...

May God be with you and your family in your time of grief.

Julie said...

Congrats on the design name, a great name and worthy winner.

Nice stitching finishes and progress on 4 Wishes. Osnaburg looks good.

{{big hug}} hope you are soon feeling better, time heals they say ... hope your family will be comforted in time by the happy memories of your SIL

Beaupippin said...

So sorry to hear about your loss,{{Hugs}}. Great news on your naming on the pice. Congratualtions. Enjoy your stitching time.

Chris said...

Very sad news about your SIL I hope all the family are alright.

Love and Blessings

Chris x

jane said...

Sorry to hear about your SIL Barb - difficult times for the family.
Your stitching is lovely as always and I thinkk the way you finished Fa-la-la is great. Well done on getting to name a design - I have only just found that site and the designs are very nice.

Carol R said...

I'm sorry to hear of your loss Barb - my thoughts are with you and your family at such a sad time.

Thanks for the great name for Sew Animalistic. I hope you enjoy stitching your chart!

Sally said...

So sorry to hear about your sil Barb. My thought are with you all {{{{hugs}}}}

Lovely finishes and congratulations on naming the chart! Can't wait to se your WIP on it :) Nice progress on 4 Wishes. I'm really enjoying stitching that one.

Karan said...

Hope things get better for you all from now on Barb (((((((((hugs))))))))).
Fabulous finishes & WTG on the naming & win. Must pop by Carol's blog again soon as I love her pieces. :0)

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