Tuesday, 17 October 2017

October and time for all things Halloween

Hello my fellow bloggers.
Yes it is  that time of year again ,and Halloween is  almost upon us.Tina my friend  who  I have been  doing a Halloween exchange for many years with now has been  busy with her needle and thread. She stitched me this .
I do not  know  who the design is by but it is now sitting  in the lounge.She  also sent  me these wonderful  goodies  , she   spoilt   me,  so thankyou so much my friend. Also sheepie bits.
 I  will share mine to her  later.I  stitch LizzieKate on Mondays with Sally another of my stitchy friends  of  many years,  I am so lucky with  all  that I am  in touch with.  Anyway back   to LK, I saw this and  thought of my grandaughter Caitlin who really this fits to  a T.  Finished  last week,I gave  it to her  when  she brought her new  boyfriend round to meet us ,must be  serious as she has  not  done  that before. They are  coming  for a  meal this week.They have chosen what  they want me to cook  too.This  is what I did for  her.
Yes  I did  fill it with chocolate ,although I expect it was empty soon  after. The back is this.
She loved it, although I think  it was  the chocolate really.
Now I will show you what I stitched for Tina. Halloween exchange  2017 ,
I asked Martin is he would make us both one of these and this is Tinas ,mine is cut but not put together.
The witches house candleholder.The October Moon  behind it was  a previous exchange piece from Tina.  The Pumpkin house design  was in this years edition of JCS Halloween  .
I have  not finished anything else but I am  working  on several bits. I have put Mondays onto the exchange  I do with Sally at  Christmas  , it is a bit bigger than an ornament so it will take  me longer. I do not  stitch as quick  as I used to . Arthur has attacked  the hands ,  age does not come alone.
I  will not  be  able to show  you that one for a while. I have picked up boughs of Holly again!!! This is Wednesdays in the parlour , I can show you here as  I cannot  get photobucket to let me share it with Needlecraft Haven.
Will share with you a bit more next time. Tonight I am  continuing with My Christmas List that I started last week. I am   stitching it over one so again it will take a while.
This was a new edition to the stash which arrived  last week. Also last week this beauty arrived it is all kitted up for a new start ,really got itchy fingers  to start it .
I will be doing this over one too. On Fridays I stitch sheep with Sally again  and here  is my progress on  Jump for joy.
Saturdays Strictly is back  so I join Miss Julie and Mr Stick in the parlour and I have picked up Away we ride again ,hope to get it finished by Christmas.
Sunday is Jane  Austen ,which is coming along very slowly.
I want to get back to the lettering but i need to finish the pattern at the top. So that is my week   of stitching . Now for Books. Well not so many this time as  I  need to get some finished. Martin did buy me this as I am   enjoying the series.
I also bought this ,as I could not resist the temptation. It is on its side sorry.
This is one of the illustrations  inside.
Lots  of  bits and bobs  about the festive season ,extracts from books and just a nice book to sit on the coffee table during the season. It will be here sooner than we think  . Martin saw  these and thought of me they were only £10 each from    Postscript. 53 cds , I will listen while I sew. I love the descriptive writing of Charles Dickens.
We have not been  out and about much so nothing  to share there.  We  do walk Effie everyday though but it is  usually the same place. She has  settled  down really well,been spayed so we are waiting for her fur to grow back . She is  in  her favourite  place with  me as I write this on the settee. I only have to move though and  she is right behind  me. She has grown a  lot  more confident both with people and dogs and loves to play with any dog  that is game. So lovely to  see her full of  life.
The garden is not at its best now as winter is around  the corner but I did take a  couple of photos for you to see,
Roses just about hanging on  in there. Don't ask me what the plant  is that is   next it  turns  red in  the middle and then the middle  goes  turquoise. Very unusual.
Very prickly too.
So  I now have family news to  share. My grandaughter Ella passed her driving  test first time on Saturday last . Now G &S will not know   where she is. Then this last weekend our eldest Grandson Jack and Kate his fiancee moved into  their first home together.I have not seen  it yet but have been  invited for the grand tour on Saturday. Such a special time for them  although the wedding date has been set for 2020  , so I have time to save for a new hat lol.

I think that is about it for  this  time  ,the next post will probably to a photo scraphunt which is due in a couple of weeks. Get thinking head  on  for  that.I will leave you with  a witch I have on my Patio door courtesy of Tina.  Off now to practise the cackle. lol.
OOPS she  is flying sideways.

Thanks for reading my rambling  and  even taking time for  a comment. They mean a lot to this elderly woman.
Much love and hugs
Barb xx

Friday, 29 September 2017

Septembers Hawthorns photo Scavenger hunt.

Hi everyone, I have got my photos for you to see.
 1.Shut .
Not very inspiring  ,however this box has a history,  predominantly it was used in  the age of steam on  the railways.It was used to hold tokens that the drivers had to pick up at the beginning of a single  track rail. To  prevent another train entering single  line working as  only the owner of the token  could be on  the line. The age of steam  has  passed and so this  box  is "Shut".

2. Copper.
The other evening the light was so good I  managed to get a  shot of  this tree  by the roadside outside our house.
 I love  this time  of year and the colours of the trees.


Our new  retrievers wrist. I struggled  with  this one  as I did  not want an  ordinary wrist or a watch. So hope this complies.

4.Quarter .

Again this one kept coming  as a  quarter to ,or a quarter past.  When  I suddenly thought of this.
Fat quarters  of fabric. Ready for a bag.

It  starts with a C.
A cross stitch Cushion. I made.

6. Foam.
Cheated a bit with this as it  was going to be C ,but it  is  standing  on  the foam  I used to stab him  with.


A woven scarf and pin from  the Hebrides.


A line of mugs  in the kitchen.


 This was taken  in a black house we visited in Scotland.I  remember  Vim well.

10.My own  choice. 
Our golden  retriever Effie  wondering  what on   earth it is. A friends tortoise  Mork that we  were  looking after whilst they were on  holiday. 
Not  a very inspiring set this  time ,will try harder next time . Off  now  to see some of  your  tens.

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Lots to share ,Lots and lots.

Hello everyone , I  have  been missing  for  ages ,due to a certain little lady, meet Effie our new golden retreiver.

She is 2 (last week) and is a rescue.Very timid and had not been walked off the lead at all  . She has settled  in  well and found  a corner of  our hearts that we share with our other goldies who are no longer with us.
As you can  see she has made herself very much at home.  None of our others were allowed on  the furniture ,but we   gave in  as she was so worried when we got her. A month in  and she is  off the lead in  the fields  and  comes when called,  it is  a joy to watch her bounding through the grass. Full of life and  happiness. She  is still wary of other people ,but now thinks  every dog is  a  friend  ,not got round  to playing chase yet but I think it will  come.
This one was  taken from the computer ,as  somehow it is not on my camera ,   Up in the fields,she likes  the sea but is not sure what it is, she paddles in the shallows  then lays  down  and rolls in it.  So funny to  see after out other swimming boys. We have booked her in to be spayed in a couple of weeks time. We are not allowed to breed from her and we  would  not want to. She has been very interested in  our friends  tortoise  that we looked after for  a few weeks.
Not quite sure what it was, but knew the routine of  getting  it out in  the morning and putting it away at night. I  think  she wonders where it has gone,as she keeps looking for it,
I  have done  a little stitching and have 3 finishes to show you.

JBW designs French Country Crow,
Promise Me by Lizzie Kate,made for  Kate our daughter to put on her desk at work,This I did whilst stitching along with Sally on our Lizzie  Kate Monday nights.
Christmas Rose by LHN. Now on to the wip ,I have a love of Jane Austen as some of  you know.so  just had to stitch this one by Lindys stitches.This was done on Friday nights ,with Sally as this is sheepie night.

I also have something else but that I cannot show  you as it is an Halloween exchange piece with Tina.That piece I am stitching on Wednesday night over at Needlecraft Haven .
Something else I have done this month is  needlefelting. I  bought a  kit from Krithinas Kritters  and here (or should I  say hare) us the outcome.
My moon  gazing  hare. I then thought I would try a couple more from out of a book    I have.
A retreiver  and  a penguin, the dogs legs  are a bit strange but practise will hopefully make me better . I bought a book ,oh yes you know  me  and  books but this  one is a doing book not a reading book lol.
So you may see more felties coming  at a  later date. I mentioned books hmmm  , should I tell you I have got more . These were my latest purchases.

Sorry it is  on  its side.Tilt the head to  one side.

My bedside pile  grows ever taller.I have a very dear  friend in Orlando who I was really  worried about as the Hurricane Irma  was projected  to hit there on  Sunday. I  think it veered left so maybe she was ok. Havent heard so I am praying  no news may be  good news. She kindly sent me  these 2 charts.
Looking forward to doing  these. I also gave in  and ordered 2 from  The Primitive Hare, I do love her designs.
Another Jane Austen  one . Then a Halloween witch one.
So I have put these in folders so I do not lose or use the threads. So much goodiness out there. I have got another 2 ordered that I am waiting for so they will be shown next time . I will leave you with another picture of the new addition ,and hope that I will catch up sooner next time. Meanwhile take good care of yourselves and this comes as usual with many hugs and much love. Barb x
Is  there  room  on  the chair for  2.

Friday, 28 July 2017

Julys Scavenger Photo hunt.

Hello all and firstly thanks to all who commented on my photos last  month . This one I found a little more taxing ,probably owing to the fact I left it until  the  last minute hmmmm yesterday to be exact.
So here goes :-

A representation of the  type of cranes that were used in  the quarries ,the quarrying of Portland  Stone  that was very much used in buildings in  London.

One of  the 5 Olympic rings that were erected to mark the home of Olympic sailing held here in  2012.Made  from Portland Stone.

A  set  of measuring spoons that I use most days,

The Lighthouse at Portland Bill,  I am  sure  this light  has warned many unwary sailors.

Sorry not very clear. These cottages were close to what the locals call Bow and Arrow Castle , really Rufus Castle which was built in the 15c but is now a ruin. I will cheat a bit and show you a pic of it as you can see the slits where they would have fired  the  bows from.
A frog on  a spring , in  our garden  hope it makes you smile.


As you can  see in the background the Portland Museum  is  thatched.


Pennsylvania Castle , once  owned by William  Penn, I used to do the flowers here  when it was privately owned . The hall  had a very large  circular table and we  had to make a very large arrangement to go on it . Those were the days. Now it is owned   by a holiday company who hire it out for  corporate events, It is rather grand.


Not a very inspiring photo but it does feature the right word.

I just loved this cricket at my feet. ,mind  you I would not want to encounter  one  that big lol.
So there you have  my Julys choice now off  to find how others have interpreted the words.
If you want to have a look  too then pop along and see.
Barb  .