Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Halloween comes early to our house.

Hello all, I just had to post to share the exchange Tina and I did for Halloween,we were actually on time with the first of October. I like to have a  Halloween month. So I am going to show you the lovely exchange Tina did for me.
All these lovely things arrived in the  post ,whoo hoo. 
Isn't that fun  and  so unusual , Tina  said  the witch  was stitched on a Silkweaver  fabric. It is now  hanging in the kitchen . Wonder what the 9 year old  grandson will  say to that. 
This was only the tip  of the witches hat ,here is the rest on my little table.
I think the grandchildren  will be over to  carve pumpkins don't you. The notebook is  a lovely touchy feely one with etched designs on .The Room  on the broom witch is sitting  next  to the cauldron and this book I could  not resist for my Halloween Kitchen.
I sent a copy to Tina in her exchange parcel , wonder what she thought of that lol.
Balloons that will be snaffled  by grandchildren or maybe trick or treaters. Then there was this.
Inside this dear little box was eeeew a black spider. Not real  of course. Last but not  least a little  something for me  to stitch before next spring.

This looks so sweet. Thankyou so much Tina ,heres to next year. 
Now as Tina has not got a blog I will post what I stitched for her,  she was very pleased with it ,as was I , in fact I almost kept it as it was stitched before the one I did for  June . So here is Tinas Halloween needlebook. 

The inside as you open it.
I fell in love with the witchy fabric . The scissor fob was from a Prairie Schooler design.Moving  on.
As this was a needlecase , I altered the wording to read Why yes I can drive a stitch, and when you open it this is the inside.
2 pages of  needles size 26 and 28,I find they are the ones I use most often. Then a  page of pins.
The next compartment holds a notebook  and a little Lizzie Kate chart, on the pocket I put our names.
This folds back over the needlecase and is embroidered  with this.
I loved the little purple witch from Just Nan. So there you have it. I did not  take a pic of the chocolate spider or the one in his web and you have seen the Kitchen Witch book , so didn't we do well. If you would like a needlebook  , leave me a comment and what your theme  would be and I will sometime  do a giveaway if anyone is interested. 
Staying on  the Halloween Theme last time (not so very long ago) I showed you this. 

 It is now a pumpkin. It may be the only one as it was so thick to knit ,we  will see.

Also now  finished is  this row of sheepies.

So there you have it for this time, I will be back with goodies I have been told are on their way. Keep well and thankyou for the comments last time, they may have been few but they mean a lot  to this old person lol.Don't forget to  comment on the needlebook  theme.
See you next time 

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Here again ,with the monthly update.

Hello everyone, Thankyou for coming along to visit me. Your comments are always so welcome. I  am a proud nan today as yesterday my grandaughter Caitlin took her driving test again and this time passed. So thrilled for her as it was someone elses fault she failed the first time. Well done my darling girl. I will stay on the theme of family to start as we have an updated photo of Caitlins brother Jack and his fiance Katie.
I am biased I know but aren't they such a nice looking couple.  Another visit to the vet for Ollie yesterday,, more antibiotics and tummy settler. He does seem better today so fingers are crossed. Vets bills are soooo expensive,  but what can you do if you own a pet you have to do the best for them, the love they give you unreservedly if they are treated well. 
Anyway that is up to date family news,
Now for the stitching I have done since I saw you last. I have just  finished a ornament from  the JCS christmas mag 2016 ,I just had to stitch this ,but I am  afraid it is  not put together yet.
It is just so me. I am going to show  you a couple of finishes that I show you in some  trepidation  as I have never made  a bag before. I am pleased with them and I  have just to say a big Thankyou for my inhouse measurer and cutter of straight lines, Martin . Before I do though ,a  couple of weeks or  so ago I asked my dear friend Julie if she would take a commission to make me a red and white tape measure as that was the only thing I had not got. I received  this and it is perfect , do you not think.
Thankyou so much Julie it is just perfect,and  sits in  the little pocket perfectly. If you would like to see my red work book  that now sits in my red work bag. Both these designs were taught me by Annette Bolton , you can google her and  see some of her work .  She is a lovely lady and if by any chance  she reads this ,well there you go Annette I have  actually got  it done. Anyway this is the book  I did with her in 2007.
I forgot to take a pic of the front or the needle book that is in the fold under the girl. Still this is not the finished bag. Here it is.  Drum roll.
It has a different design on each of its 4 sides. 

I love red ,  I have just bought some red curtains for the lounge and  it  is so cosy when they are drawn.
I had to have a sheep didnt I. 
The inside is like this.
Again  with the goodies inside.
I love my little red bag.  You can just call me The bag lady this time. As yesterday I finished another one ,again first attempt and again help with problems talking things through with better half./ I also had a bit of  talk  it through from Susie dil as I was having a bit of  a melt down puting it together. 
Really pleased with how this eventually turned out. It is from Quilting Cats and Dogs by Lynette Anderson.I am hoping to do the one that is pictured on the front of the book. If I can pluck up 
courage.There is  also a purse to go with it so maybe I will be attempting that too.
Here is a pic of the  inside.

You will be thinking no cross stitch this time. I do have another finish to show you but I am going to re do it , as I am  not happy with it. The design is fine  but the finishing is  not  good. So I will at some point do it over one so it is smaller. 
My friend from Orlando sent me the chart of this and I  had to stitch it as soon as it arrived. It is just a little too big for my liking. Thanks Barbara for enabling me to stitch this not once but twice lol.  
I have been in the parlour over at Needlecraft Haven and on a Wednesday I have been stitching along with the ladies. At the moment I am  stitching on The Primitive Hares Christmas Cubes ,started M last week ,but here are S and T for you to see.

Now T.
I am really excited about these and seeing them all finished. 
I have also been stitching on a Friday with my friend Sally doing a sheep design. This will be shown a few times as I still have lots to do on it. 

Don't you just love the sheep in the tub, his friend is a bit grubby that is waiting.  I have still 2 sheep to put in on the other side of the tree, but cannot wait to get to the next line underneath . Just love it.
Then on  Strictly nights last  week was 2 nights ufo. So I got Miss  Violet out and  here are pics of the start again  and where I am now. 

 I will show you a pic next time of where I am with this. It is very pale.but so sweet.

I think that is all  the stitching to show you, September has been a book buying month ,when are  they not. I borrowed Room  10 one from  my daughter and the first book she had written was on offer so had to have that ..

Then this was released this week and of course had to have it. I love his dog Nigel ,well he is a retriever enough said.

My bookcases are like my stash overflowing but I still keep buying just no hope. 
I also had to have a wool fix after seeing  this months Landscape magazine that I subscribe to.Just had to knit these pumpkins.

Will let you know next time how they turn out , I ordered the wool from Love Knitting and this is how it arrived.
All done up in a little net bag. 
On the order front I have asked Chris at The Nimble Thimble to order some new Shepherds Bush items so Sally and I have decided to go back to SB stitching next year. It won't be long in coming I am sure ,
The nights are drawing in and mornings have that lovely autumnal chill , spiders webs covered in dew, sparkling like tiny diamonds. Until a certain dog goes through them in the fields. However the header pic is one he could not reach in the garden, So now my friends I will be back maybe a little earlier next time as I have an exchange piece to show you ,Tina has said it should be posted the first week in October so whoo hoo I am looking forward to that. Meanwhile take great care of yourselves ,hope I have not bored you to tears.
Much love 
Barb x

Sunday, 28 August 2016

Would anyone like a scone?

 Freshly baked scones available. I did try and post this yesterday ,I thought I was saving  it as I went  but no,  I pressed something and poof  lost  all  I had written. I think I have a gremlin lurking in this confuser. 
So my friends I try again , I am very trying!
It is now Sunday morning and I have just been handed a gin  and tonic (without the gin) I pretend you see. What a day we had yesterday thunder ,lightning , and loads of rain. Today is drizzle and as I cannot get out there to mow lawns , I am going to catch up here. 
Hope you are all well, thankyou so much for coming to visit and leave comments. Well first of all I can show you what I have been working on, I did mention I would send an unbirthday gift to someone whose birthday I had missed.  It was for June of Butterfly wings blog. Thanks for the card June. The needlebook  was a success, I was pleased with it and June loved it. I do not profess to being a neat embroiderer or a great put togetherer but it worked.
Inside is a scissor holder and needlecase.
I managed to find a butterfly button , and a blue tape measure as I know June likes blue. The pen has flowers on it and I stitched a Shepherds Bush scissor fob In my garden. The needlecase is next to it and I took the words from a Drawn thread chart I had when I am sewing. The button I had been given and was in my button box so I added some flowers. Also got a butterfly needleminder.
inside I put size 26 and 28 needles and these pins which I found , then comes the pouch I made to put a little  notepad in and a french pattern featuring a garden . 

Sorry forgot to show you the pins,
When you fold the pouch over ,this is the stitchery I did for the back.
So there you have it. I really enjoyed finding the bits and bobs to put in it and putting it together , I think I may need a new one. Or maybe I will have a giveaway at some point and do one of these what do you think. 
Talking of gifts I had  a gift from Lainey , I sent her a gift of a sheepie design that I had 2 of. I  was surprised  to receive this from her as a thankyou. 
It was the second attempt at a biscornu , I think she did great, I did send her a message to thank her but if you read this Lainey thankyou so much .I have also been stitching and got a few things done ,but not put together yet. In the previous post I told you about the Christmas  ornaments from the JCS mags of Christmas. I showed you the ones I had done already but I was  way behind  Sally and Chris. So I cheated a bit and chose some small designs so that I could catch up. Here they are designs are  by Jeanette Douglas Designs and will be finished up sometime this week. I will be starting on another on her designs on Monday with Sally.

I mentioned these will be for my daughters Christmas tree, I wondering how to finish these.. I also had a finish on a Wednesday in the parlour which is for  my Santa bowl.

Sorry it is rather blurred , I put Miss Julies tape measure she sent me a while ago now next to it to give  you some idea of scale. He was  stitched over one ,only about 10 more to do  lol. This last  Wednesday I picked  up the Christmas Cubes again ,finished I ,

This is where I picked it  up , I  have finished it just not  got round to a photo.I  will be starting S on  Wednesday, that is all the stitching at the moment. I have read  a couple or maybe 3 books since  last time and I am currently reading A wicked stitch at the moment.Oh forgot to add photo of sheepie design I am working on Fridays with Sally. Spring Makeover by Madame Chantilly. There are sheep in it !!
I have taken some pics of the front garden as you have seen the back.  We have some really exotic plants  at the top including a banana tree.  I somehow do not think we will see  any bananas, there are several bamboos and Martin is thinking of getting a sign saying beware of the  pandas  . The view toward the house.
This  agapanthus is almost over but has been wonderful.
The view from the jungle at the top of the garden.
See what I mean about jungle  and there is a T.Rex lurking  in  the corner.
Well  that is its nick name real name is Tetra Pannex. We do not have a lot of flowering things in the front. We do have cannas  etc. 
So my friends  thanks for staying with me and my ramblings.Ollie is still going strong,  swimming twice a day and is being rather naughty not wanting  to come out. We had a stand off the other evening when he would not come out,and we had impasse  for an hour.  Not best pleased with him.
The daughter and family have gone on a canal  boat holiday for a week, have heard the weather for them was awful yesterday. I have to say I am so proud of her at Slimming world she has got to target and lost 5 stone. So you see why I cannot have cheese scones. 
Take care all and I shall be with you again next month,wonder what I can achieve by next time.