Thursday, 19 January 2017

A new year albeit 2 weeks in.

Hello everyone, What is it with me and this old blog of mine it is always a plan that I do it  once a month at least and here we are ,late again. I have got a different mantle  for January and in a couple of weeks it will need changing again, still here is January.

Not much stitching to show you on  there just a sweet little cushion  Sally made me with a sheep  and snowdrops on.The garden birds are so hungry at the  moment and  I have to fill  the feeders every day,I have 3 in the apple tree and a very large one just outside my lounge window.. We seem to have an awful lot of goldfinches, I love to see them they are such pretty little birds. A seagull was  standing on the garage roof this  morning ,she /he had only one leg it appeared ,unless he had the other one tucked up as it was soooo cold first thing. The grass was white and the car was iced in and out. However ,it has turned out to be a beautiful day with blue sky and sunshine, if a little chilly.
As this is a new year it started with a trip to the sales and a new pair of shoes.
A comfortable pair of shoes ,reduced from £65 to £25 bargain. I really must thank those of you who sent goodies at Christmas too, it seems ages ago so I won't go in to too  much detail.

This came to live with me ,  Martin is a star as I can now see  my stitching clearly.I also had books and cds all sorts of goodies ...
It is so nice to sit and be warm with a cup of EarlGrey and some nice music playing. I will either be stitching or knitting. You may remember I was knitting a hat before Christmas ta da ,said hat.

Got wool to make another , then what happened couldn't find the pattern.I did replace it though and will do another at some point. On the needles at the moment are a pair of socks for Martin.

I  did think I would knit myself a pair too, but I hope no one is holding their breath I don't do things quickly these days,
At christmas I got my 2 stone award from Slimming World, hoping for another stone gone by March.We will see.
A slimmer me , but I still hate having the photos taken.So now onto stitching. Well I did get another Christmas Carol ornament done which is Marley was dead to begin with ,these patterns are by Gaynor French of Stitcheranon. I still have  the 3 ghosts  to  get  which I will do later in  the year. Anyway here is Marley.
This was stitched  over one . I used the very last piece I had of Sassys fabric , I think she has given up now ,so if anyone has any they want to sell let me know . I love stitching on this fabric..
Here he is with Ebeneezer and the Bah Humbug.

Still  on a wintery theme and the sales. I saw these in M&S at half price and yes , I just could not come home without 2.
So like Ollie,who I might add is getting thinner and sleeps a lot. Hope we have him for a while yet but every day is a bonus as he will be14 at the beginning of Feb.  Again  in the after  Christmas sales, we picked up these and again they were half price.
They look so pretty whith their candles alight.Sally and I have restarted our stitching nights and Sheep on Friday saw the Makeover by Madam Chantilly come back into action.  The left hand sheep has been finished ,only one more sheep to do on that  line , I just love the grubby sheep and the clean one in the tub.
Again with Sally ,we are stitching Winter by Cross eyed cricket. We both started in  the middle with the snowman but Sally went left and  I went right so here is how far I have got now.

 Sorry that is awfully blurred but you get the idea. I am again stitching  this over one. Each letter measures about 1 and half inches.This is another one I really love stitching, I have Spring Summer and October to do. That is it for my crafty work.I have purchased these to make into an advent calendar for next year, still have to work out how I am going to do it but I am sure I can enlist the man of the house to help. 

I just fell in love with these little designs and I just knew I want to stitch them. I have also added 2 more books to my collection . Just read A year at the Star and Sixpence my first book of the year. Letters to the Lost  is next.

I  would like to read more this year too. My friend Julie showed this on her blog and now I am  reading twice a day with her,as at Christmas she sent me the Friendship book which we read every day and now this one with a poem for every day of the year.Sent for this so I could read it too.
On that note I shall wish you all a very Happy New Year , thanks for all of your gifts loved them all and I shall leave you with a page from my Hygge book ,which sums up the season as I  would like it to be ,just for a few days lol.
Will try harder to post more but I expect that resolution will not last long. Take care of yourselves it was so good to see you visit.
Much love

Monday, 12 December 2016

Red is the colour.

Well  hello my readers and how are you all.  I have as  you see by the header finished the cubes . What do you think.
Here  are the self same cubes  for you to see.
The next three.

The last three 
Martin  cut out the blocks for me and painted them white. I stuck red ribbon around  them to hide the fabric and added a little parcel bow to the tops ,wanted them to look like parcels. They have been admired by family when they have visited.The design was by The Primitive Hare on her fabric.I have ordered the LOVE ones to do for Valentines.
The christmas ornaments that I was stitching with Sally have been given to Kate and she has them hanging on her tree. I think I may have started something there as she  said  there is room  for more. Talking of ornaments I have 2 that have arrived from friends which are now hanging on my tree.  The first one that came is from my friend June who lives along the coast from me in Devon. I do not usually open gifts that come for Christmas but as it said ornament on it I thought I had better succumb. So pleased I did .Here what was in it.
I just loved the reindeer and the tiny sheep under the washing line. The little wooden reindeer was so cute and she also sent me this little sheepie to stitch ,which I will be doing very soon I think. Thankyou so much June , yours is on its way ,posted this morning so I cannot show you that. 
My good friend Sally that I stitch along with on Mondays and Fridays and on one week a month we stitch on something for  a week ,has sent me the exchange ornament that we do annually  . Of course being a Sally stitch it is perfect and it also is hanging on the tree. This is a design I stitched for a neighbour as I loved the words ,always promised myself I would do one for me ,but it has never happened.
Sally my stitching friend also sent along my exchange ornament and again it is so gorgeous. I stitched this a few years ago for a friend and have been promising myself that I will stitch it for myself one day. Now I do not need to ,thanks so much Sally, this is the pic of it.
Loved the little card too. The little present is under the tree. Along with Claires and Miss Julies  which I haven't opened  but Thankyou to those ladies too. Will be showing you what I have been sent at a later date. My tree is looking rather splendid , I have  to admit. 
About  a month or so ago we visited a  wood art gallery and I  was treated , to this bowl  which reminded me of  flames -the phoenix rising from  the  ashes.

 It is made from Sycamore. We went into another part and saw this. Made from wood and it so reminded us of Ollie and one of his friends  on the beach.  Just so clever . We came away mighty poorer but happy.
I do  not have a lot  to tell you, apart from  I have spent more time  at drs and hospitals than I have done in my life  this last month or  so.  However with medication  I think I will tick along. I do hope so anyway.I have also been stitching on Away we ride by Blackbird designs , this was put in the box of abandonment at the beginning of the year and  so I thought I would get it out again , this is where I am at and it has now been put away for  a while ,I shall be stitching with Miss Julie on this on Ufo Nights next year. 
Tonight I am startinWinter by Cross eyed Cricket . I was waiting for some hand dyed fabric to arrive, but it still has not arrived today  so I shall  use what I have , bit upset about it as I was promised it by the weekend. Oh well it will be used I am sure. Updated just had mail saying it has been dispatched so I will hold on until I see it . Sorry Sally but being your birthday I do not think you will be stitching , but if you are I will have an extra night  with it next week,I have one more ornament to finish too , which will go to Kate as soon as it is done.  I am sorry this is just a short post ,I think my talking head has gone walkabout. If I do not get back  before Christmas have a wonderful magical peaceful time .  Thankyou for sticking with me and please leave a comment for me. I know it sounds odd but this old dear sometimes feels invisible in this blogland lol.
Bye for now take great care ,love and hugs

Thursday, 10 November 2016

My goodness me , November has arrived and I am not ready at all for the next month to arrive.
Leaves  are falling and  the colours this  year are magical.I collected  a few leaves to put on the mantle shelf but they have shrivelled somewhat. The header you notice is all the needlerolls, I had a  request from a friend to show them so here they are , I was telling her about the latest one for Halloween from Shepherds Bush so she asked to see it and here it is.
Really pleased with how it turned out.
Sally and I stitched on this together and she  was pleased with hers  too. You may remember that I have been stitching along with Sally for some years now we have  decided to stitch Winter by Cross Eyed Cricket. I ordered one a week or so ago as I have Autumn that you can see on the shelf. I was looking through my charts to find one and came across , you have guessed it ,I came across Winter ,knowing  Sally likes more or  less the same as I do  ,I asked her if she would like it so now we are to do stitching Winter somewhen. so look out for wip on that. I have also been stitching over at Needlecraft Haven  on Parlour night . We have changed it to whatever you would like to stitch come along (virtually )and join us we have cake that does not put on inches and you may get some stitching done and you get to post a pic of your evening of stitching. Miss JULIE, has us beavering away on UFO projects and I have been sitting with her stitching these .Why don't  you come and join us , we have a lot  of  fun with different things going on at  the forum  , just get in touch with Clare at  Needlecraft Haven and she will,  I am sure, let you join  us.
 I have been busy today painting the cubes to put them on. Will show you a pic when they are totally finished. Another finish is my November  ornament for  my daughters christmas tree ,again not put together but the stitching is finished .  I thought the robin fabric went well for  the back.

Another finish if you remember this ,
I have now made this to go in it.

I have to say it took  me a while to sort out the top and  I am still not completely happy with  it.  The inside looks  like this.
So that  is what  I have been up  to.
We did take Sam  and  Alfie when  they were on half term to visit a new  museu 
Our daughter had a day off so she chauffered us . Which made a change for Martin , this has only been open a few days and they have really done well with how it is  set  up.

I made this  one  bigger so you can  read  if you want  to what it is all about.
There is a large  room  dedicated  to the fossils that Steve has collected .Some pics for you.
Tried to get a pic of the video that goes around the top  of the walls.Absolutely brilliant.

this fish had 56 teeth and did not chew just swallowed. Teeth were used  for  grabbing prey.How about meeting something on  a dark night with a hip bpne  this size.
Alfie was thrilled to actually meet the archeologist who found all these and even better was given a vertabrae of a marine dinasour.

I quite liked these amonites.
So thanks Steve we had a great day out..
Sorry if that was out of my usual stitchy theme. So I shall show you what I have succumbed to since last we spoke not a lot but I just loved this.
Sorry pic is blurry ,blame the photographer hmmm yes me.I did take a pic of another Shepherds Bush kit I got, but it is even more blurry than this one. It is called Be Frightful and I hope to get it done by next Halloween. Then I saw this and just had to get it.

 This one is by Jardin Prive. Look forward to stitching this too. So as I said not a lot , I did buy only one book last week I am adding it to the collection of the many I have not read. 
So my friends I am going to , get the needle and thread out and see what I can do this evening. Thanks for still coming to see me and commenting I do love seeing your comments. Take care and I will be back before you know it
Hugs Barb.

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Halloween comes early to our house.

Hello all, I just had to post to share the exchange Tina and I did for Halloween,we were actually on time with the first of October. I like to have a  Halloween month. So I am going to show you the lovely exchange Tina did for me.
All these lovely things arrived in the  post ,whoo hoo. 
Isn't that fun  and  so unusual , Tina  said  the witch  was stitched on a Silkweaver  fabric. It is now  hanging in the kitchen . Wonder what the 9 year old  grandson will  say to that. 
This was only the tip  of the witches hat ,here is the rest on my little table.
I think the grandchildren  will be over to  carve pumpkins don't you. The notebook is  a lovely touchy feely one with etched designs on .The Room  on the broom witch is sitting  next  to the cauldron and this book I could  not resist for my Halloween Kitchen.
I sent a copy to Tina in her exchange parcel , wonder what she thought of that lol.
Balloons that will be snaffled  by grandchildren or maybe trick or treaters. Then there was this.
Inside this dear little box was eeeew a black spider. Not real  of course. Last but not  least a little  something for me  to stitch before next spring.

This looks so sweet. Thankyou so much Tina ,heres to next year. 
Now as Tina has not got a blog I will post what I stitched for her,  she was very pleased with it ,as was I , in fact I almost kept it as it was stitched before the one I did for  June . So here is Tinas Halloween needlebook. 

The inside as you open it.
I fell in love with the witchy fabric . The scissor fob was from a Prairie Schooler design.Moving  on.
As this was a needlecase , I altered the wording to read Why yes I can drive a stitch, and when you open it this is the inside.
2 pages of  needles size 26 and 28,I find they are the ones I use most often. Then a  page of pins.
The next compartment holds a notebook  and a little Lizzie Kate chart, on the pocket I put our names.
This folds back over the needlecase and is embroidered  with this.
I loved the little purple witch from Just Nan. So there you have it. I did not  take a pic of the chocolate spider or the one in his web and you have seen the Kitchen Witch book , so didn't we do well. If you would like a needlebook  , leave me a comment and what your theme  would be and I will sometime  do a giveaway if anyone is interested. 
Staying on  the Halloween Theme last time (not so very long ago) I showed you this. 

 It is now a pumpkin. It may be the only one as it was so thick to knit ,we  will see.

Also now  finished is  this row of sheepies.

So there you have it for this time, I will be back with goodies I have been told are on their way. Keep well and thankyou for the comments last time, they may have been few but they mean a lot  to this old person lol.Don't forget to  comment on the needlebook  theme.
See you next time