Sunday, 28 August 2016

Would anyone like a scone?

 Freshly baked scones available. I did try and post this yesterday ,I thought I was saving  it as I went  but no,  I pressed something and poof  lost  all  I had written. I think I have a gremlin lurking in this confuser. 
So my friends I try again , I am very trying!
It is now Sunday morning and I have just been handed a gin  and tonic (without the gin) I pretend you see. What a day we had yesterday thunder ,lightning , and loads of rain. Today is drizzle and as I cannot get out there to mow lawns , I am going to catch up here. 
Hope you are all well, thankyou so much for coming to visit and leave comments. Well first of all I can show you what I have been working on, I did mention I would send an unbirthday gift to someone whose birthday I had missed.  It was for June of Butterfly wings blog. Thanks for the card June. The needlebook  was a success, I was pleased with it and June loved it. I do not profess to being a neat embroiderer or a great put togetherer but it worked.
Inside is a scissor holder and needlecase.
I managed to find a butterfly button , and a blue tape measure as I know June likes blue. The pen has flowers on it and I stitched a Shepherds Bush scissor fob In my garden. The needlecase is next to it and I took the words from a Drawn thread chart I had when I am sewing. The button I had been given and was in my button box so I added some flowers. Also got a butterfly needleminder.
inside I put size 26 and 28 needles and these pins which I found , then comes the pouch I made to put a little  notepad in and a french pattern featuring a garden . 

Sorry forgot to show you the pins,
When you fold the pouch over ,this is the stitchery I did for the back.
So there you have it. I really enjoyed finding the bits and bobs to put in it and putting it together , I think I may need a new one. Or maybe I will have a giveaway at some point and do one of these what do you think. 
Talking of gifts I had  a gift from Lainey , I sent her a gift of a sheepie design that I had 2 of. I  was surprised  to receive this from her as a thankyou. 
It was the second attempt at a biscornu , I think she did great, I did send her a message to thank her but if you read this Lainey thankyou so much .I have also been stitching and got a few things done ,but not put together yet. In the previous post I told you about the Christmas  ornaments from the JCS mags of Christmas. I showed you the ones I had done already but I was  way behind  Sally and Chris. So I cheated a bit and chose some small designs so that I could catch up. Here they are designs are  by Jeanette Douglas Designs and will be finished up sometime this week. I will be starting on another on her designs on Monday with Sally.

I mentioned these will be for my daughters Christmas tree, I wondering how to finish these.. I also had a finish on a Wednesday in the parlour which is for  my Santa bowl.

Sorry it is rather blurred , I put Miss Julies tape measure she sent me a while ago now next to it to give  you some idea of scale. He was  stitched over one ,only about 10 more to do  lol. This last  Wednesday I picked  up the Christmas Cubes again ,finished I ,

This is where I picked it  up , I  have finished it just not  got round to a photo.I  will be starting S on  Wednesday, that is all the stitching at the moment. I have read  a couple or maybe 3 books since  last time and I am currently reading A wicked stitch at the moment.Oh forgot to add photo of sheepie design I am working on Fridays with Sally. Spring Makeover by Madame Chantilly. There are sheep in it !!
I have taken some pics of the front garden as you have seen the back.  We have some really exotic plants  at the top including a banana tree.  I somehow do not think we will see  any bananas, there are several bamboos and Martin is thinking of getting a sign saying beware of the  pandas  . The view toward the house.
This  agapanthus is almost over but has been wonderful.
The view from the jungle at the top of the garden.
See what I mean about jungle  and there is a T.Rex lurking  in  the corner.
Well  that is its nick name real name is Tetra Pannex. We do not have a lot of flowering things in the front. We do have cannas  etc. 
So my friends  thanks for staying with me and my ramblings.Ollie is still going strong,  swimming twice a day and is being rather naughty not wanting  to come out. We had a stand off the other evening when he would not come out,and we had impasse  for an hour.  Not best pleased with him.
The daughter and family have gone on a canal  boat holiday for a week, have heard the weather for them was awful yesterday. I have to say I am so proud of her at Slimming world she has got to target and lost 5 stone. So you see why I cannot have cheese scones. 
Take care all and I shall be with you again next month,wonder what I can achieve by next time. 

Saturday, 23 July 2016

Saturday and I have a plan

Yes  I have  a plan for this blog of mine that has been neglected for far too long. I  have had some issues not all I can share  with you as  this year so far has been yuk. Anyway back to  the plan, I have  decided that as my other half is out all day on the 3rd Saturday of the month, I will try to make my definite day of the month to catch up .I have found through not  updating  it   (at  least for  my benefit I forget  what books I have read and what I have finished) I can quite  easily forget who  I am and what  I am  doing here ,but only sometimes (wink).
So  what  has been happening in the last (gulp)few months well .....
This is a picture of our not there now  outer oven door.I was hoping for a new one as it is quite old, unfortunately after some wondering if the part was obsolete one was found. One morning I was making my breakfast, after  giving  the  other half his ,which  he had  sat at the dining room table to eat. He  said he heard this almighty crash and  I was  lying on the floor surrounded by shattered black glass oven door. The first I knew about it was a voice saying ,she is vacant and not hearing me and what had happened. He of course had phoned 999. When I came too and heard  him apparently I said  I was  fine and not to worry them . I  slowly got to my feet still insisting I was ok, but the back of my head felt funny. I had a very deep wound ,as  I hit the oven door handle as I went down. So within minutes a very nice paramedic in a nee nah arrived with his partner. I told him I was ok insisting I did not need (or  want to)go to the hospital. He suggested they did some checks in the ambulance to be sure. So after getting in there he said you will have to have that wound looked at , although it was not bleeding a lot. Also the reason for the black out. Outcome  being I had a day in hospital having various scans ,ecg etc and my head stapled together . They did take me to a ward and said I was being admitted. Apparently I had an irregular heart beat and very high blood pressure. A very nice dr came along that evening and said all seemed to have settled down and I could go home . So home I came.
I do feel a lot better now but Kate called the paramedics out the following week as she didnt like the look of me IS there an answer to thatS!!!!, I had felt woozy at slimming world(that is dedication for you) and apparently was grey so she brought me home and got them out again. This  time although Blood Pressure was very high they did not think it warranted  a  visit to hospital.Between then and now I have  been seen  by so many doctors I have  a season ticket and I have to see a consultant about my heart next month. The fourth lot of bloods taken yesterday. I really do not think there is anything serious wrong. So there you are I should have told you to skip this bit shouldn't I.
I think the vinegar and brown paper would have done the trick.
You would think with all this resting I am  supposed (wink) to have been doing ,I would have been stitching etc and getting lot done. Nope My mojo has gone missing and although I have done a few things no where near as many as I should. My parlour stitching has gone missing too Perhaps that was in the missing part of my head,, I had June lady half done and when I thought about picking it up  on Wednesday last , no note  to  say it was leaving ,or anything  . So unless I find it mean time I am having a new start this week.
I shall  show you a few bits though and we have had an exhibition so a few pics of that for you to see . This maybe and epic post , but then again I have done it once and deleted it all somehow. I am not good with this confuser,and as for all the other technology ,well I am just back in the dark ages.
So without  more ado here are some pics.

A little parlour night finish,by The Sampler girl. It sits nicely with my other tea inspired littles.If you see any let me know.
As you may know it is a Jane Austen quote,whose quotes I am quite fond of. I have taken a picture of a rose to show you too , It is  called Pride and Prejudice which of course I had  to have.

Another Jane  item  I have acquired this week  is a new book ,which although not fiction it looks  very interesting, 

If by chance you are a fan  of  Barbara Erskine  , it is worth  trying Pamela Hartshorne I have just read  House of Shadows and could  not  put it down. I  have read her  latest last and so have just ordered her other 3. I am not very good at resisting  books,  I believe one can never have too many books ,just not enough room.  Same  goes for stitching stash too.
Martin  bought me these  two as he thought I might like reading her story. 
Amanda has been on several tv documentaries. I think  I may have to buy a crook next.
At the moment  the book  in  the summer house is Goats and Sheep and I  am really liking that  one ,set in the summer of  '76 and so much I can relate too. 
I am not  forgetting the finishes here is another few. The sal  ornament with Sally is still going , well  I do a bit then  lose  interest but here are this  years finishes up to now.  Of course I am way behind Sally as usual but she doesn't mind and if  she doesn't mind it  doesn't matter.
These are to be for  my daughters tree this year so I have  to get a move on. I have finished a Halloween exchange piece for My witchy friend  Tina. I cannot show that as the exchange is not until the first of October. I really would like to show it you but she reads my blog so I cannot.  I am  really really pleased with it and I hope she really really likes it too.  I have at last finished Martins jumper  ,and here it is hanging  on the tree.

A new arrival  was expected by a lady down the road and so I managed to knit her a little  blanket for  her little one. I saw her pushing a pram the other day so it has arrived  but I do not know what she was having so went for these colours.
As I mentioned  earlier we had an exhibition at our Arts and Craft Community R.M.W. the theme of Royalty was the outcome of some  of the groups work  . Martin did this  in fused glass.
I put in my Quaker Diamonds.
Some of the work on show ,,,,
Rag Rug group
Aren't these little mice so cute,and I just adored these Morris Mice.
Not sure what the two  people  on  the ground were doing.
Patchwork  group.

Glass group and the top of  my cross stitch crown.Which is another of the christmas ornaments for Kate. So I can now count 5 as done,still got last months and this .
Last of these is  from our art group  and a local photography group. The photgraphy group supply the photos and the art group interpret them into paintings.
Another ,there are far too many to show ,but the work was incredible.
A little taster of our summer exhibition , some very talented  people about. Sam our second grandson has  joined the glass group and has done some stunning abstract pieces. He whilst talking of him  has just passed out from his fire cadet course. They had to do a "live" demonstration  for  all the parents  families and friends that attended the presentation of  their certificates.  He was in charge of  the ladders at the smoking  tower where he had  to rescue a person trapped in the building .  There was quite a lot of smoke.

He was not keen on heights when he started but thought nothing of going up to the top of this tower.As you  can guess a few lumps in throats from the family. So proud of him.  They all received a B tec certificate which shows they completed a course and will help on their C.V. later, I think Sam will be lost on Monday  evenings now. He really enjoyed it and  being part of a team,I have a lovely photo of him and the chief  fire officer from  Dorset and Wiltshire fire service. I cannot show it you this time as Martin  has  it on  his  phone.. 
Talking of family,  the header on the top is Ella and our much loved Ollie. Graeme Sue and Ella got back from a 10 day cruise of the med yesterday which they thoroughly enjoyed. I also have photos of Ellas prom night and again have to be transferred ,they are all looking so grown up now. 
I am almost there folks ,if you are still  with me. I have been taking some photos of our jungle and a few new plants that have flowered.
I loved these when they came out ,shall have to get more I think. Taken  a few weeks ago now as the forget me nots were still out.

This has grown  huge.

This is almost but not quite at the bottom  of the garden.Looking  toward  the house.
Almost at the bottom ,  now you see why it is  called  the jungle. I even found a tiger stalking in the bamboo yesterday. Well it was a tortoiseshell cat actually but he/she was  having  a  wonderful time.Trying  its  tracking  prowess out..
My mums and various pets Remember Place.

Taken  a little nearer to the house ,forgive the hose  it was all  in  desperate need of water  last evening.The hot border has  certainly lived up to its  name  this  week.

On the decking  is this wonderful lily and the scent is  gorgeous if a little  overpowering.

Right at the top looking down , summer house is about a third of the way down..
So that is back  garden , the front is for next time.  So for  this time that is almost it ,except to say I do hope you are all keeping well, if I have forgotten anyones birthdays You may get an unbirthday gift at some point. Take care and it was good of you to come back after I have been missing for so long. Last but not least. If you find this anywhere please send it home.
I have a wip I have to show as its my sheepie friday piece with Sally a bit more was done last evening until I thought I had miscounted and so I threw it on the table in disgust. I have looked at it again this afternoon and it was just the fabric distorted in  the frame. Phew.
So have a happy summer now it has arrived and I shall see you next month if not before. 
Much love and many hugs to all.
Barb .

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

April showers bring forth -atishoo

Well hello all who are reading this. Would you believe it I have ty
ped this once  and just had to post a goodbye ,and  whoosh it all disappeared grrr, wailing  and gnashing of teeth, I had hoped that I had escaped the winter cold ,but no it has caught up  with me.  I think Martin  was  beginning to despair of me last night. Cough cough cough and  in the end  at 3 a.m  I took myself off to the lounge to sleep on the sofa. What little sleep I got. No voice  today and so I thought I would speak to you .
Things to share so better get on with it.
April is  almost half done  so I had better show you some more  of the header and the mantle.
The tree has a weather boy and girl that Martin made me . He also put some  umbrellas  and boots onto acetate ,and some raindrop crystals. It certainly has lived up to its name  this month with lots of heavy showers.
Last Friday we decided after the weekly shop, we would venture afield and visit a  woodworking show about 40 miles away. We have been there often when Martin did more woodturning and as they had advertised they were having craft exhibitions we decided to go. We did have a longer journey of about 5 miles as neither of us recalled places , we did get there in  the end with the help of Sat-nav. It is so lovely to smell all the wood , my dream is to have a woodburner. When we went to Kate and Iains for dinner on Sunday he  said he was thinking of getting one, I said oh when can I move in. I hope I have not put him  off with thoughts of putting mother in law up. lol.
Anyway lots of nice things to oooh and ah at and a couple of purchases made. Loved these trees but walked on by.
Also loved the wise old owl made in wire, underneath was a spade with a little mouse perched on the handle.
Of course had to take this picture of fused glass sheep just as a hint to himself.
A lady was there demonstrating wet felting , and so Martin bought me the chicken one and a pair of bunnies.
Here are the kits I chose, so you may see them in a future post.
Lots of things to see ,origami, crotchet ,knitting, Tilda stall too which I had a quick look at . Quite fancied this hare ,but it wasn't until I looked at this I realised there was a mirror behind it so I  am looking at you too.
What about this fine fellow a snap at £87 .
He is rather handsome isn't he. I think that is about it for news from the show. I have done a little stitching but not a lot. I said last time that I would show you what is in the knitting bag. Well I have done the back and a sleeve of Martins jumper. It has certainly given me the bug for knitting and  hence stitching hasn't had much attention. The colour is all wrong on this as it is in life a deep rich brown.

I think Martin had given up on it ever being knitted. So half way there . 
I have been stitching with Sally and Chris ornaments from the JCS Christmas ornaments magazines. A pic of the piece to show you size , a thimble next to it. 
Today I finished and here it is . Ta  da.

I have done a bit more on the journey,step is more of the frame for the next 6 blocks.
Now I am on April with Chris and Sally and here it is from JCS 2006 can you guess what it is yet. These will be for my daughters tree and as she has 4 children  I thought it quite apt.

I have started a new Sampler Girl design in the parlour at Needlecraft Haven so will give you an update on that next time. I also  have started the bag that I showed you a while ago. In pieces at the moment so will give you an update later. Ithought you may like  to see just how messy I  get. This is the dresser that sits by my stitching chair.
Books bought this week, why do I need more hmmmm. 
I could not resist either of them.Not sure when they will get read.Last week I was taken to the range by Kate and I succumbed to this,
This is a tablecloth sorry the picture isnt too good ,but it is still in its wrapper.. So the sheep fix has been satisfied  for a little while. 
Thanks for  staying with me and for all the comments , I love to get even a few words. Take care and I will see you in a while. 
Much love.
Barb, x