Wednesday, 29 October 2014

I am back after a long absence with lots to share.Be prepared

I hope I have been missed a little, as I  have been such a bad blogger. I have had issues with health things,nothing really serious ,but I have not felt like being a dismal Dora and sharing it all with you. Suffice to say I am back and have lots to tell you and pics to share. Before I start though I would like to say a big thankyou to those who sent cards and words of support ,you know who you are ,but to my special friends Julie and Sally and Tina who helped so much.
So now onward with the news from here in Weymouth.Oh forgot to apologise for lack of comments from me on your blogs, I have visited but just not felt up to commenting please forgive me.
I have some pics of a place Martin took me when I was in the throes of despair, I will share them with you but not today as they were taken in June. So maybe I will use those to brighten January days. I have also something else to share with you , Martin (and I)decided we needed a new summer house (garden room)so a before and after pic follows.
This was the dumping ground for all the rubbish and after clearing here is what we put there.
 It is just so nice to sit and read or stitch in here watching the birds or just being.This is from the inside To the left.

This is to the right.As you can see lots of books and knick knacks.
Martin put electricity in so we have a small radio and lighting out there too.
Of course there had to be a Jane Austen quote in there. I also found this one I really felt drawn to.
It reads, Happiness is like a butterfly,
The more you chase it,the more it will elude you.
But if you turn your attention to other things,
It will come and sit softly on your shoulder. 
The frame of mind I have been in seemed to suit the peaceful room so perfectly.
Of course I had a lovely new place to sit ,so only fair Martin had something too so he has a new shed and has his glass etc in there so he can work whilst I sit.
You will have to excuse the washing ,the new shed and Summer house sit almost opposite ,Dale the gardener has been again and laid a path so Barb does not get her feet muddy when wandering down the garden. So that has been our main project this summer and who needs to go away when you can laze at home especially in the summer we have had.
Kate dd,and Graeme ds,came with their girlies to  have a look.They approve!!
Sue ddil   had a bit of a squeeze to get inbetween but she managed. Of course I have to show you my gorgeous girlies but then I am biased.
We reckon Caitlin has a look of Jill Halfpenny what do you think.
 Now it is Autumn and I HAVE Spooky stitching to share. As you have seen by the header I have at last finished the Wordplay series . This was finished with the help of Julie and Mr Stick over at Needlecraft Haven and so I thought I would take a pic for you to see them all together ,just to prove I did it. December Wordplay finished.
Now as we are in the spooky week and Tina and I have done a private exchange I shall show you what I received from a very wet postman this morning. I am thrilled with it Thankyou again Tina, Sally will like this one too I am sure as yes it features a SHEEP!!
Of course I simply love it and I had few Trick or Treat packages to open too. The trick in the pic is the black and white threads -Tina had put the colour labels on the opposite one,which at first puzzled me as I thought the manufacturer had made a mistake ,I am of very little brain you see, Martin said hmmm I think someone has played a trick on you . Dur so then I got it. A little ghost chocolate lolly , and a spooky pumpkin pin completed a perfect package. Tina was getting a little worried as it took longer than she thought to get here, but it is here safe and sound.
Dont you just love those orange pom poms , all those stitches , Tina you are a star. Now I expect you are wondering what I did for Tina ,well I will show you.
I hung it on my chimney so you could see how it looked hanging. It is a Madame Chantilly design I have not got a clue what the Title of it is as it is in Italian perhaps someone could translate. Volevo un gatto nero!
This was the backing fabric. I got it from Plush Addict , they provide good service and stock some unusual fabrics. 
We have decided to make this an annual thing so we are putting the year on them in future. Cannot wait until next years spooky stitch exchange now. 
Talking of all things Hallowe'en , Sally and I are doing a Hallowe'en stitch along and have just started Wicked by Barbara Ana ,here is progress up to Monday lasts.
I think the cats may have green eyes ,not as pattern but I shall see when I get further along.I also had a very special giftie from my Martin, he made me this. to hang in the window.
I think she is A-MAZ-ING, he even gave her Dorothys red shoes.!
So that is almost all my spooky bits, just going to finish this part with a pic of my mantle.
I also have had another set of finishes ,again with Sally we stitched the 12 days by the Little Stitcher , I know Sally has shown you hers so here are mine.
Also I have had a finish in the parlour at Needlecraft Haven and this is Snow Trio.I made it into a mat to hold the candle DD gave me.

So I have not been totally idle, now onto Wips in progress if you are still with me ,WELL DONE!
I am stitching along with Miss Julie as i said and as I have now finished December I have another ufo that was a ufo restarted last weekend.
It is a bit blurry sorry, this is over one and its It will be a magical christmas with you by Lilli Violette.So hoping to get that finished before the big day arrives in a few weeks!!!!
Mondays you have already seen the spooky night with Sally piece.
Tuesdays are a new start Moonlight by LHN not enough of that to show you this time as I had the fabric the wrong way round and had to restart. That happened with the Wicked one too, what is wrong with me as so many false starts lately.
Wednesday I am in the parlour over at Needlecraft Haven and I am stitching Joy Love Peace by Country Cottage Needlecrafts.
Sorry about the angle of the tree it is straight really!!
I was stitching on a Stitchers Prayer but we decided that we should do Christmassy themed ones up until Christmas.  Here is where I have got to on that.
I am thinking this may need to be tea dyed as it looks very white at the moment ,I shall see when it is done.
Thursday is a private exchange for Christmas with Sally a christmas ornie so cannot show you that. 
Friday is Tricotine again with Sally (she does keep me motivated ,thanks Sally). I have had 2 bad starts on this one,first one fabric was wrong way round so would not have fitted,.secondly I got the girl done then snipped an away knot and snipped fabric too,tried using a thread from the side but wasnt happy,so Sally is way ahead and here I am with my 3rd time lucky girl.
Thats a bit blurry too. I was supposed to take part in a summer exchange over at NH but that was when things came crashing down all around me so Clare stepped in and stitched for Kate. This is what I had started and as yet it is still where I had got to. 
Kate sent me a lovely little patchwork bag and I felt so dreadful that I had not stitched for her. I did send her a little something later for her to stitch. I also had Martin make me this for Clare for stitching something for me.
I think for now I have bored you to tears,so I shall end this here as Ollie needs to go for a walk (we always know what time it is when he starts to stir)hope to get out before its dark. I shall catch up again soon ,I promise . Another apology to make for those of you who had birthdays in my down time sorry I did not send cards ,so here I am ending this as I started it apologising lol. Take care all and I hope your summer has been a good one. More catching up next time.

Sunday, 27 April 2014

Easter over and the Grand Affair.

Well hello all , something of a flat feeling here, all has gone and now back to normality. Thanks to those who left me a little comment last time ,they are much appreciated. So now what has been happening since last I wrote, well not much stitching as I have been having problems with the back and not felt like much. However today it feels betterish so I am going to try and do a little later. Martin has got me hooked on a game on my tablet called Hay Day,so I have been forever feeding chickens, milking cows harvesting and sowing crops. I have 5 sheep and 10 pigs too. So life has been busy for a virtual farmer. If you fancy having ago it should come with a warning -highly addictive.
Hope you all had a good Easter, I coped with cooking for the multitude , but had to go lay down and rest the back after. I had a lovely surprise and some really sweet cards thanks to those who sent.My friend Jane who has been really having a tough time lately with family and her own health, so pleased you are on the mend now Jane. If you do not know who I am talking about , Jane is Buttons and Stitches who owns Tilly and Oscar the bunnies and Monty the dog. This is what she sent.
I LOVE IT. That was not all.
I know this is really a peg bag ,but I have it hanging over the radiator by my chair so I can pop stitchy things in it. They were all wrapped up in the pink tissue paper with the bunny stickers on each one, reminding me of Tilly and Oscar. The little sheep bookmark you can just see against the spots of the bag came in its own little box. I just felt so special when this arrived. Thankyou so much Jane.

As I said not much done in the way of stitching by me to show you this time. Sally must have been despairing of me this last week and the ladies in the parlour. NEXT TIME promise.
I have been mentioning my Dress to Impress grand affair, my much loved Son and Daughter in laws Silver Wedding celebration. Well here as promised are some pics .
This was taken outside Kate much loved daughters home before setting off.
Disaster as Jack notices a hole in the back of Caitlins dress. Nanny to the rescue with needle and thread .
A now smiling Caitlin and a very proud grandad.She looked absolutely stunning.
Dad and our daughter Kate.

Ok I do not like having my photo taken as you all know. So left to right me, Martin, Iain sil, Kate ,Caitlin ,Katy and Jack.

Jack eldest grandson and Caitlin posing by their dads car. Of course Jacks girlfriend Katy had to get in on the act.
So we set off Kate drove us and the others went with Iain. The next one was taken as we arrived but I was in the car and Kate was driving. Hence it is a little blurry.

A red carpet welcomed us. Along with Ella Graeme and Sues daughter.
Then onto the entrance hall.
The arrangement you can see in the lopsided table ! Is white orchids , white lilies and it was beautiful.
Of course the main people of the evening were these 2 very special people. Sorry the photo is of them seperate as I could not get them together at the time , so Graeme our son, Kates brother. 
His bow tie even had silver speckles in it. And the girl who looked a million dollars. Sue our daughter in law of 25 years.
This is them on their wedding day. A voucher we all had to play on the gaming tables. Yes it was a casino night-why Sue said think James bond. 

We were given champagne when we arrived and Graeme did a lovely speech ,even had Sue in tears. He mentioned how they had first met at bakery college ,well on the train there and had done a film to go with it. Lump in the throat job. Then back to the tables .
The lady on the right was bridesmaid with Kate on the couples big day.
Sues mum and dad, the orchids were on the tables and were presented to  family and close friends at the end Mine is here on the window sill , hope I do not kill it. They really celebrated their 25 years in style. I did say to my son in law I hope he was taking notes as it is theirs in September. 
The dresses were a mix of short and long and some more there than others but everyone looked fantastic and I am sure had a good time. We all felt rather flat and rather lethargic the next day ,we did not get to bed until 1a.m ,not used to that. 

Sam and Alfie did not come as it was not a children friendly thing really. Sam though is on crutches as he has broken the growth plate in his foot. Slipped on the stairs, he cannot see the consultant until Wednesday but that is what the hospital said when Kate took him. 
So my dears ,sorry it is not much about stitching this time mainly family .I shall leave you with a pic of the 2 grandaughters together.
Will catch up again soon,meanwhile stay safe and just think it will soon be MAY!!!!
love Barb. x

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Happy Easter one and all

Easter greeting from me to you. Thanks come to all of you who read this little blog of mine and to those who comment. As you can see from the header April is hanging on the chimney breast and thanks to Miss Julie and Mr Stick I have a new finish ,I told you last time that I was attempting to chart a British version of November ,and whoo hoo I have done it. What do you think?

Right hand side.

Left hand side.

This week I am stitching December started last year and hopefully finished this, I know it is here somewhere I saw it the other day ,since when my old head has forgotten where, it happens quite a lot these days. What a lovely few days we have had, it is such a delight to see the sunshine and everything growing rapidly. We are having Dale come back soon ,he is having a think of what he can do. We have a border out back which I wanted as a cottage come flowering garden ,but it never seems to look anything ,the rest of the garden is manageable but this patch isnt. So I will  be showing pics at a later stage. He is also going to remove a couple of trees damaged by the storms and finding something to replace them . You may remember our garden eighteen months ago when Dale revamped it.
The almost same spot, it is growing well .No flowers though just green .

Just love seeing the shadows of the restio on the grass. We have been out there tidying this last weekend. The weekend before I think I told you , I did a workshop on Silk Ribbon embroidery,very intensive although enjoyable. The tutor certainly kept us all in order , no lunch until we had got to a certain point , no talking unless you could work and talk. Several times I heard "Barbara , take that needle out of your mouth".I think Martin had had words with her to not let me come home with something else not finished. Saying that I did not finish it quite but I did on the Monday morning. Here is my rose sampler ,not perfect by any means but for a first attempt not a bad effort.

I also had to buy a couple of her books ,one which is out of print but she had one there. 

I also got the one behind . Oh such beautiful work she does, she had a basket of flowers that she had done in a frame , all spring flowers ,just lovely and I did not get a pic. The next day Sunday , my friend Jan and I went off to the Quilt show at Exeter. Lots of lovely quilts to look at and stalls too. Well I had to take a pic of  one that I loved  didn't I.I cannot  show it to you until I fathom out, or ask a man that can, how to get it  is off my camera. A clue though is a little gift that came from Miss Julies hols.

Yes it was a sheep quilt featuring 30 sheep and a sheep dog fast asleep counting them . Thanks for the stickers Julie , you really are a sweetie. 
Whilst I was at the quilt show, of course there were things to buy, I did not go with the intention of buying anything but you know how it is at these things. Some of my purchaseds for you to see.
Just loved this pattern and I will be stitching that one soon I hope. I also bought some fabric, ribbon and buttons but won't bore you with those. I did see this on a stall and just had to have it. Malbrigo wool and patterns that just take 1 hank. I won't tell you how much a hank is though!!!!!

The lady selling it was lovely , I said my husband will bless me having to hold a hank of wool for me, to which she said come back in a little while and I will have it wound into a ball for you. How is that for service. One of the patterns in the book was this ,so I may have to get some this colour too.

So I came home with a few goodies. My friend June has said there is another show in Somerset the weekend after this ,but not sure about that one as it is the weekend of the Grand Affair and I am not sure if we will be up to a longish drive. 
I usually have the tribe for Dinner on Tuesday but I have this week off, SIL is having the children for 3 days while Kate is at work. 
That is why this is getting written on a Tuesday. Yesterday I had a lovely suprise from Clare at Needlecraft Haven where I open the Parlour every Wednesday for those who want to stitch along on LHN, CCN,or the Sampler Girl designs. I sent her a few patterns I had no need for and she sent me this . Here it is hanging in situ.
I love it Clare , thankyou once again. She also sent some Easter crackers for the grandchildren. Also this week came my April Calendar girl one of the Sals I am doing with Sally.
I am afraid March had frogs visiting last evening, so her arm had to come off. Will try and catch up a bit in the week. I do have another finish again a SAL with Sally this time on Fridays and the 6th day was put together this morning.
I think her skirt maybe the wrong colour as I am sure Sallys is red, I have had to order more pins as I cannot find the other wheel I thought I had. Told you my memory is shot.
Well all I am off now with the man of the house to walk the dog of the house ,I expect said dog will be on the beach and in the sea before we get there.
Some bluebells in the garden for you, Love the colour.

 Take care and I will speak to you again soon.Hair cut tomorrow -scary ,new hairdresser too. 
Love Barb.x