Friday 5 February 2010

Made me smile -

You are probably thinking I would have hearts and flowers being almost that day of the year but Oh no, racing sheep , I saw this photo by Rick Turner , well as they say the rest is history. As you know, I sort of like sheep,and when I saw this I just had to share. I love the jockeys .Hope it gave you a smile too. Then I thought ,I have to find the appropriate background and this was it. So until I decide on a change, which seems to be quite frequent these days, here is my current blog. I took the music off as I tried to update it and it was playing on top of itself ,if you know what I mean. Anyway if you don't at first succeed (give up).

When we set off on our journey last Friday (for the funeral) I was hoping to see some sheep to photograph ,however we were on busy roads all the way and those sheep we did see were too far away for pictures to be taken .Not saying anymore about the funeral,it was all rather sad.

It has been rather a nice day here today ,cold but sunny,the washing fairy has been very busy and the ironing one is hiding in the cupboard. I reckon that someone put a curse on me and that ironing board , it is always shouting at me .
Would you believe that these roses lasted 2 weeks ,threw them in the recycling this morning- wonder what I will get this week.Well a girl can hope , and Martin doesn't usually disapoint.

I have had a little stash arrive, and as I have yet another birthday soonish ,I am in the process of telling all the family what I would like lol.

Graeme Sue and Ella are off to Austria (OOOHHH SO ENVIOUS) they are going ski-ing though and we used to go in the summer, walking. In the mountains ,oh the air is sublime.
We wont be doing that again , grr stupid RA.
Anyway as usual I digress, I have my pressie from them sitting here beside me,unopened! as I will not see them before they go. It is not stitch related though lol.
Talking of Our dear Sue, she has to see a blood consultant-of course the appointment for her to gois for whilst they are away. So she is hoping there will be another one waiting for her when she gets back,still fingers crossed that it is treatable.

Ollie has been to the vets yet again, we have wooden floor in our bedroom as I think I have mentioned before,he does like to get on the bed if he can, (when no one is looking)but when he jumps off he has no purchase on his paws so slides. Then he ends up like Bambi when he goes skating with Thumper. So having done his Bambi impression by collapsing in a heap he hurt his back hip and leg. So walks on lead for 3 days .HE was not impressed and neither were we with another £100 VET bill. I hope he realises how much stitching stash he is preventing me from having.
Oh that was a good link wasn't it.
Stash for you to (perhaps) drool over is as follows.
This is my Emma Project from The Sampler Girl, more later.

I saw these Prairie Schooler trees and thought they may be fun to make at some point.
The other design was a Dessins design in French but with an English version.This is to make for my birdie wall.

Took pic of English side too, also I received my LHN third ornie (haven't done the second one yet.) This month is He is a flake.

Last but not least the 2 last stockings of the year and end of the stockings from Blackbird designs .November and December 2009 .They were a little late in getting here.

Worth waiting for though.

Now for the wips and finishes.
As you know I am doing the SAL with Yoyo on her Christmas Design. Which is my Quaker Christmas and here is where I am up to with this one.

Really pleased with this one, but I really must get some done this week.
Also I am in trouble with Julie and Mr Stick regarding no work done on the Vine ,so I am in detention and must attend class next Tuesday so teacher can keep her eye on me.
The JN sal is growing V e r y slowly but I have put a few stitches in it.
I have finished this one though for my birdie wall,it is going to be framed at the weekend.

This is a design from LHN entitled Morning Berries,it was a complimentary chart way back when. I stitched it over 1 on Sassys khaki with the recommended threads.It will have a black frame like my other birdies.
Then the really exciting one,I think so anyway and I am really really pleased with it. For any of you who are JA fans you will know what I mean ,I think Martin is a little unsure ,but then he is a man.


Emma on the wall.

So for this time ,that is almost all my stitchy news - maybe more to share with you soon, my dear MIL has finished her cross stitch thatched cottage. It has taken her over a year with many tears dripped while stitching remembering dad. Who as you know was a stitching man,but I am so proud of her she has DONE it,That too is off to the framer this weekend so I will see if I can grab a pic when we get it back.
Hope you have enjoyed the ramblings , thanks for coming to see me. I have also joined the TUSAL but have not posted pic of my Thin Lizzy jar- there is "no whisky" in it.
Bye all take care and will speak again soon
Hugs and thanks for taking time to leave me a comment.



jane said...

You have some lovely stash there Barb and beautiful stitching too. "Emma" is lovely in that frame.

Christine said...

Emma looks great all stitched up and you've got some great stash there. I love the Dessins one.
Those racing sheep are so funny with their little jockeys

DUSTY said...

WOW Barb, lots to comment on. i love the racing sheep with their great jockeys. They made me smile. Your stash is amazing. Emma turned out quite lovely. Tha is one of my fav movies.. I enjoy all the Jane Austin movies. Your small finish for your bird wall will be a great addition. Take care. BTW Sorry for your recent loss. (((hugs))))

Annie Bee said...

Beautiful lot of stash. Your stitching is gorgeous. Emma looks fantastic on the wall.

Karan said...

Fab new look & I love those racing sheep. LOL great new stash & gorgeous finishes, as always. QC is growing well - missed seeing Sally's updates when she finished hers so it's good to see yours. :0)
Well done to your MIL for persevering & finishing her piece. :0)

Julie said...

Just love those racing sheep, what a perfect header pic. Lots of lovely stash you've acquired there. Great finishes, Emma looks wonderful. QC is growing nicely for the SAL too. I hope you can get a pic of MIL's cottage, would love to see that.

ps its tuesday tomorrow and you know what that means ... LOL

Tracey said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog! :) Great stash! You know Tanya is having a sale right now- perfect time to get the S&S Sampler! ;-) I love that LHN freebie- I have gotten all the threads to do it but haven't done it yet.. maybe this year! Your WIP is looking great and you already know I love your "Emma" if you read the comments on the Jane Austen blog. :)

Chris said...

Thank you for your encouraging words I think I am in one of those doldrums that comes from too much time in side! All this cold weather and snow, while pretty from inside, is a bit of a pain to go out in. But then on a brighter note gives us all much more stitching time!!
Happy stitching ....what a lovely lot of stash.
I be happy to do any of them
Chris x

Sally said...

Lovely new stash Barb and I love your LHN piece. Quaker Christmas is coming along beautifully and Emma looks wonderful framed.

stitchersanon said...

Oooo so much nice stash! I will resist! I love the Emma Sampler..much nicer in the finish than I thought it would be from the chart.
You will love reading Twenties favourite book so far this year lol. That is exactly how I am gonna age lol

Stitcher said...

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Barb, Happy Birthday to you.

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