Wednesday 2 April 2014

Oh to be in England ,now that Aprils here.

Isn't it lovely seeing all the trees showing there spring greenery, especially when the sun is shining. Today ,Wednesday it certainly isn't and the grey clouds and rain have returned. I am hoping it will not be the state of affairs for the whole week as yesterday was gorgeous. DD Kate came over with the boys and they were able to play out in the garden and we and they thoroughly enjoyed it. So what have I been up to since I last wrote, well a couple of finishes to show you some wips and purchases.
So without more ado. On Monday we went to see a tutor at her studio she is going to come along to RMW and teach Viking knitting. A picture of her studio from outside,
a quaint little old school room in a little hamlet ,a very small village of about 10houses. I love the bell and the moss on the roof. An example of the viking knitting she will be teaching.
She informed us that they have examples of this "knitting" in a museum in Oslo ,but knitted in gold. Will be interesting to see how it works. This weekend I am doing a silk ribbon embroidery class with Ann Cox who is an international tutor, Scary stuff this doing things out of my comfort zone.On Sunday I am off to a quilt show at Westpoint , a friend has a quilt exhibited and has to go and collect it so we are going for a look see first, before she has to collect hers. I hear fabric is for sale -oh dear -an expensive weekend. Talking of expense I have not one but 2 posh frocks for the grand affair - the dress to impress Silver Wedding Celebration of our son and daughter in law. I will show you a pic maybe of us dressed up. Martin has a dress suit so I have my own James Bond. Although he says he has silver hair and no Aston Martin.
Shoes with heels have been purchased ,just hope I can walk in them !!
So we are all set now. As most know it was Mothering Sunday last weekend and I had a voucher for M&S from Graeme who told me to buy something nice with it, and a Rose bush to admire in the garden from Kate ,who chose me a double damask for the smell. She also got me a little notebook which I liked,
I was not forgotten by Ollie dog, he is just so clever, he begged pocket money off Martin and bought me an extra 4 paws to remind me of him and 2 bunches of daffodils.
Hes just so cute. On Monday we had to go to the County town of Dorchester to pick up a repaired ring I had lost a stone out of. We were browsing a market stall near by and I picked up these 2 for £3 . I read one of her books recently and enjoyed it so I succumbed to temptation and got them.
This week stitching wise , I had this arrive . I am hoping the proceeds of this purchase will go to help rescued golden retrievers in the U.S.
I just had to have it as we meet so many friends of Ollies while walking in the fields along the Coastal path. So I shall be stitching this in the parlour with my Needlecraft Haven friends at some point. I got a little package of threads to stitch this and my new start this evening ,which is a country cottage one.
Oh and before I forget, the bane of my life my memory, thankyou for your suggestions regarding fabric for Carols in the square. I bit the bullet and ordered the Nocturne suggested in the pattern from Picture this Plus,.They sent me an email on the 20th March saying it had been shipped but not arrived yet. Has anyone else ordered from them?
I almost had a fit when I saw what the Gast and Weeks threads would cost me if I stitched it as chart says, over £100 , I DONT THINK SO.Good old dmc may have to do.What say you?
As I said earlier I have a few stitchy things to show you so I shall start with the finishes.
This is my latest Parlour finish, In the Meadow by CCN on Week dye works fabric Scuppermong.
Martin framed it for me and I added the snowflakes to finish it off. The other one is the Needlecraft Haven March ornie challenge. This is the design Christine chose for us all to print off and stitch . I did mine over one on 28count and instead of stitching the berries on the trees i used little beads.

I loved stitching this one. Christine I know reads this so thanks to you Christine for choosing this one . I thought the trees looked like Rowan trees with the berries.
Now onto wips , still with NH ,some of you will know last year I started the Wordplay series, for some reason well I know the November reason ,but November and December were not done. November because I knew I would have to change it to a more British design , sorry to my friends in the US but I being of contrary mind wanted it to be British .So last Saturday the first day of Miss Julies weekend UFO nights I charted the design how I wanted it. This is how it should be.
This is my version,up to Sunday last, it is now put down until next Saturday.
As you know Sally and I stitch together twice a week and last Friday was the Little Stitchers 12 days. I still have trees to do, but Sally has not finished her 6th day either so I don't feel too bad.

Sorry pic isnt very clear and hoop and crease marks arent helping ,but you get the  idea. On Mondays Sally is stitching her Frosty Forest and I am doing the Calendar girls, I am still on March as I started the Month that it was ,so I shall be behind all year!!
Yet another girl this is how far I am with Lilli Violette with you.
This is a pick up as and when no set night to stitch on it. I have not got very far on my ww1 memorial pieces but Martin has been playing with glass and has made this.
I can see him making more of this type of thing, maybe he will do one for Graeme and Sue for their wedding anniversary a wedding photo and a 25 years on photo with bells on!
He has put the name of my grandfathers brother ,,where he was killed and the date.on the memorial piece.
Well folks I think that is all for now, thankyou for all your comments last time on the sheep and Rosie finish, answering questions and making suggestions, I do appreciate every one. Also I may be doing a give away soon as I have hit 201 followers ,thanks to the newbies and I am waving to you. Will have to put some thought to that.
Meanwhile take care and happy stitching ,shopping and whatever else pleases you.
Much love and hugs


Justine said...

Wow, loads of great stitching! In The Meadow looks great on that green fabric. I love the "English" changes you made to the November piece. I'm intrigued by the Viking knitting and hope you will update us after your workshop.

butterfly said...

Lovely stitching again, I love all those girly ones , Looks like you had a good week , have fun.

Cath said...

Beautiful stitching barb. you are certainly busy xxx

cucki said...

Lovely pretty..l
Big hugs x

Vickie said...

Wonderful gifts you received this last weekend.
You and Martin are so very talented!

Clare-Aimetu said...

Great stitching Barb, your challenge ornament is lovely

Simply Victoria said...

So many pretties to look at with your wips. Love the little dog Ollie gave you.

Christine said...

Beautiful stitching Barb, I love the snowman on green. I'm so gald you liked the challenge choice, sometimes I worry that I will end up choosing too much to my own taste and not to other people's.
The Viking knitting sounds intriguing, I'll look forward to seeing your take on that

Chris said...

Great update Barb!
I am so glad that spring has arrived. Your stitching is lovely!

stitchersanon said...

Beautiful stitching. Yes, it lightens the heart to see spring and little green shoots: a season full of hope. Nothing wrong with DMC!! Thank goodness lol

Mylene said...

Lovely finishes as well as all WIP's.
I think i've read all of Erica Jame's books, they were not many...i love her style of writing.

Shirlee said...

Such a lovely post Barb : ) Love all your stitchings & Ollie dog is so cute! I love the old school building. I have never heard of Viking knitting. Very interesting!

Kate said...

Lovely post Barb - the Viking knitting looks really interesting.
I've been looking at the WW1 Memorial and thinking about joining in memory of my Great Uncle on my Mum's side.
Love the snowmen - I had to ditch my ideas about stitching the challenge piece for March as had wedding stitching to complete.
Look forward to reading you next time.

Kay said...

There is such a lot of lovely stitching here, I especially love the little girl.xx

Michelle said...

Lovely stitching Barb and the knitting looks interesting. Lovely post xx

Julie said...

Such a newsy post.
How was the ribbon embroidery? hope you had a fun time and also at the quilt exhibition.
Lots of lovely stitching, can't wait to see your charted version of the wordplay... exciting.
Haven't read Erica James, will have to give her a try, this week I've been reading Mariana that you gave me when I visited - a good read.
Love the scuppernong fabric, such a different choice.
Well done to Martin on the glasswork, he's such a clever gentleman.
love and {hugs} x

Tina said...

Love Martins new glasswork,fab wips.i love using weeks dye fabbie in 30ct,it's so easy to use.
Erica James is one of my favourite too.
Looking forward to seeing your wordplay,looks interesting
Hugs xxxx

Andrea said...

Beautiful stitching. It's better now we have a few more daylight hours.

Carol said...

What a fun and newsy post, Barb! I absolutely love the Little Stitcher designs that you and Sally are stitching. And your British switch-up of the November Word Play is looking great, too!

That's an astonishing cost for those threads--I'd be using good old DMC, too. And it's shocking to me how much you have to pay for even those overseas!!

Stitching Noni said...

Wow, what a great update! Your stitching all looks lovely. I agree with you re the cost of the speciality threads... They are often outside of my budget too... Good old DMC gets a lot of use in my stitching :)
I love the cute puppy that Ollie got you!!!
Hugs x

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