Sunday 27 April 2014

Easter over and the Grand Affair.

Well hello all , something of a flat feeling here, all has gone and now back to normality. Thanks to those who left me a little comment last time ,they are much appreciated. So now what has been happening since last I wrote, well not much stitching as I have been having problems with the back and not felt like much. However today it feels betterish so I am going to try and do a little later. Martin has got me hooked on a game on my tablet called Hay Day,so I have been forever feeding chickens, milking cows harvesting and sowing crops. I have 5 sheep and 10 pigs too. So life has been busy for a virtual farmer. If you fancy having ago it should come with a warning -highly addictive.
Hope you all had a good Easter, I coped with cooking for the multitude , but had to go lay down and rest the back after. I had a lovely surprise and some really sweet cards thanks to those who sent.My friend Jane who has been really having a tough time lately with family and her own health, so pleased you are on the mend now Jane. If you do not know who I am talking about , Jane is Buttons and Stitches who owns Tilly and Oscar the bunnies and Monty the dog. This is what she sent.
I LOVE IT. That was not all.
I know this is really a peg bag ,but I have it hanging over the radiator by my chair so I can pop stitchy things in it. They were all wrapped up in the pink tissue paper with the bunny stickers on each one, reminding me of Tilly and Oscar. The little sheep bookmark you can just see against the spots of the bag came in its own little box. I just felt so special when this arrived. Thankyou so much Jane.

As I said not much done in the way of stitching by me to show you this time. Sally must have been despairing of me this last week and the ladies in the parlour. NEXT TIME promise.
I have been mentioning my Dress to Impress grand affair, my much loved Son and Daughter in laws Silver Wedding celebration. Well here as promised are some pics .
This was taken outside Kate much loved daughters home before setting off.
Disaster as Jack notices a hole in the back of Caitlins dress. Nanny to the rescue with needle and thread .
A now smiling Caitlin and a very proud grandad.She looked absolutely stunning.
Dad and our daughter Kate.

Ok I do not like having my photo taken as you all know. So left to right me, Martin, Iain sil, Kate ,Caitlin ,Katy and Jack.

Jack eldest grandson and Caitlin posing by their dads car. Of course Jacks girlfriend Katy had to get in on the act.
So we set off Kate drove us and the others went with Iain. The next one was taken as we arrived but I was in the car and Kate was driving. Hence it is a little blurry.

A red carpet welcomed us. Along with Ella Graeme and Sues daughter.
Then onto the entrance hall.
The arrangement you can see in the lopsided table ! Is white orchids , white lilies and it was beautiful.
Of course the main people of the evening were these 2 very special people. Sorry the photo is of them seperate as I could not get them together at the time , so Graeme our son, Kates brother. 
His bow tie even had silver speckles in it. And the girl who looked a million dollars. Sue our daughter in law of 25 years.
This is them on their wedding day. A voucher we all had to play on the gaming tables. Yes it was a casino night-why Sue said think James bond. 

We were given champagne when we arrived and Graeme did a lovely speech ,even had Sue in tears. He mentioned how they had first met at bakery college ,well on the train there and had done a film to go with it. Lump in the throat job. Then back to the tables .
The lady on the right was bridesmaid with Kate on the couples big day.
Sues mum and dad, the orchids were on the tables and were presented to  family and close friends at the end Mine is here on the window sill , hope I do not kill it. They really celebrated their 25 years in style. I did say to my son in law I hope he was taking notes as it is theirs in September. 
The dresses were a mix of short and long and some more there than others but everyone looked fantastic and I am sure had a good time. We all felt rather flat and rather lethargic the next day ,we did not get to bed until 1a.m ,not used to that. 

Sam and Alfie did not come as it was not a children friendly thing really. Sam though is on crutches as he has broken the growth plate in his foot. Slipped on the stairs, he cannot see the consultant until Wednesday but that is what the hospital said when Kate took him. 
So my dears ,sorry it is not much about stitching this time mainly family .I shall leave you with a pic of the 2 grandaughters together.
Will catch up again soon,meanwhile stay safe and just think it will soon be MAY!!!!
love Barb. x


Clare-Aimetu said...

I do hope you are feeling better soon Barb x x

What gorgeous family photos at such a great event. Congratulations to the happy couple :-)

butterfly said...

Hope your back is feeling much better Barb,
Lovely sheep gifts .
What a beautiful family you have , you all looked just wonderful hugs.

Karyn said...

Sending hugs and hopes that your feeling better, day by day, Barb.
What gorgeous pics…your family is just beautiful, and a good time seems to have been had by all.
Thanks for sharing the pics with us.
I just love Jane's goodies that she sent…what a treasured friend she is to have done that…and what a treasured friend you must be to her.

Kay said...

How wonderful to have such a lovely celebration.
Your sheep gifts are delightful, I love the design on the small pillow.
Hope the back is feeling better soon. x

cucki said...

Aww so much fun :)
Your sheets gifts are so cute..
Hope your back get well soon.
Hugs x

Carol said...

Jane's gifts are so sweet--I miss her blog so much!

And don't you and your family all look grand, Barb!! Sounds like a wonderful time was had by all :)

Hope your back problems are gone soon...

Mouse said...

ohhh wow what a lovely evening :) you all look fabulous ...
re orchid , water with cooled boiled water once a week ish don't over water and add some orchid food to the water when flowering (about 10 drops to a lot of water and voila ... I have had mine in my craft room for 5 years now and it flowers constantly :)
love mouse xxxxx
ps hope your back is feeling much better I can truly sympathize

Christine said...

What a wonderful celebration, you all looked stunning.
Hope your back is feeling better soon

Julie said...

What an evening to remember, perfect in every way.
Lots of lvoely ladies, you all look so smart and lovely and the gentlemen look so suave. Your new haircut looks wonderful.
Hope this week sees you pain free.
Much love xxx

Vickie said...

What a wonderful, spectacular evening! Barb, you look gorgeous! Please take care.♥

Michelle said...

Hope your back is better Barb. Sending you a hug. What stunning family photos you have shared with us - what a lovely time you had xx

hazel c UK said...

Lovely sheepie gifts you received. The 25th celebrations were lovely to see. You looked very regal Barb and how nice to be able to celebrate together.

Hazel c uk

Tina said...

Whit woo,you look stunning as do the other guests,looks a lovely place,lovely sheeps gifts too.
Hope you are feeling better
Take care xxx

Shirlee said...

Lovely family photos ... a truly beautiful family, you included : ) Great gifts from Jane : )

Andrea said...

Hope you are feeling better. A beautiful family occasion, you all looked to have really good time. Lovely sheepie gifts.

Sally said...

Hope you are doing much better now dear Barb. Love all the photos from the 25th. Your dress is beautiful. You look a million dollars.

What a sweet gift from Jane. So very you!

See you tomorrow with Day 8

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