Monday 9 January 2012

Cracked it at last!

I have been trying to post honest, but blogger had other ideas ,so after dragging my feet I installed Google Chrome and it works.
The lurgy I have had is finally going, and I have a sort of voice again. So now I can catch up with all the Christmas (seems like forever ago now) and even some before Christmas news. Well Christmas was a non event here as New Year and I was so disapointed we could not see grandchildren open presents etc but my other half cooked us a Christmas dinner and it was lovely.
Before Christmas I finished Snow in love a little ornie from L.H.N. but I cannot show you cause guess who forgot to take a pic before putting it away. I did take one of this finish again before Christmas by Country Rustic Primitives. Just  loved how this turned out .
Some needlefelting books

Some wool for the felt making.

My attempt at a bag!
I think maybe the family think I have too much time on my hands as I had quite a lot of crafty things,something else new I have not tried before and notice what it is a picture of!

Now I have started a kit given by Graeme and family and oh I am really enjoying this ,it is so long since I did any fairisle knitting, but I saw this in a magazine and when I was asked what I would like this is what I chose.
I  thought I knew exactly the stitching that would accompany it , on a Wednesday in the parlour at Needlecraft Haven- I am going to be stitching this. As we started last Wednesday I can show you what I have achieved so far.

My other stitchery things have now been started (see list in sidebar) some I have done very little on but as it is my night with Sally and Colleen here is my start from last week.The Shepherds Bush needleroll Tiny Garden.
Please excuse wrinkly fabric ,hope to get more done tonight to show you next time. Colleen is doing a wonderful job on her Checkered Sheep. I thought I would start with some littles before maybe doing a biggie.

For christmas Karan sent me a Prairie Schooler chart I have wanted for a while D-E-F and also some Santa charts ,she also told me sew and so had a sale on ,bad Karan ,bad Karan, of course I had to get some of the others as well it would have been silly not to really.
The ones Karan sent me and the others I bought.
Before Christmas these arrived this was down to Hazel of Quietly Stitching as I had to go see as I had not heard of them before. So Christmas stitching will be in plenty this year !!!

I have started oneof the Santas but not done enough to show. I also have started the Big Red Hen that Michelle gifted me .So many new starts. 
I am going to go and see if Mr Stick and Julie will have me back on a Tuesday for a UFO I started last year Quaker Diamonds so we shall see progress I hope on that one.
I have also started Elizabeth by Carriage House Samplings ,she has a hand and an arm so is somewhat disembodied. 
So there you are a glimpse of what is to come.
I finished 46 items in 2011 and read 36 books. Wonder how this year will go. I am trying for a few more books and maybe 50 finishes but we will see maybe I am being a little optimistic here!!
Talking of books -here are a few I had from my daughter and crew.
I watched this series and was so pleased to get the book, she also got me this one.
What did I tell you about being busy!
I do hope you are still with me, I have a few ornies to show you that I had from stitchy friends. Julie espied the pineapple themed ornie from one of the church ladies and it hung on the tree.
So from left to right, A little ornie so beautifully stitched and finished from my Irish friend Anne. I asked her who the  designer was and she told me it was in the GOS a little while ago. The little blue one was from Barbara another friend who keeps in touch from time to time again stitched so beautifully and finished . The one on the right was the pineapple one. Would you like to see the backs?
I think that is all the stitching I have to show you . The weather here lately has been so windy and I have been really worried about damage that can occur when these high winds are occurring.However,we have stayed more or less intact, the garden and some of the fencing has taken a battering but on the whole not too bad, Where is the cold winter ,I still have geraniums blooming in the garden and I noticed when I took Ollie out at lunchtime there is a single marigold bravely  thinking it is summer. Violets have been out for ages.Just a couple of pics of the Camillia and the Vibernum
Well who needs a medal for staying with me thus far, I can tell you  that this blogger has nearly driven me nuts trying to get my head round how it all works now. PERSEVERANCE!!
Now be afraid ,be very afraid as here is a pic of me wearing the cowl that Heidi made and I won in her giveaway.
Sorry about that, but Heidi needed to see me wearing it. It has kept my poorly throat warm and I love it thanks Heidi.Notice the new specs and I think I need to get my hair cut!!
Take care all hope you have not been too bored.
Look forward to seeing your comments appear, thanks for taking a little minute to leave me a few words, they mean a lot. 
Hugs n stuff


Michelle said...

Hi Barb

Lovely photos - thank you for sharing them with us. Happy New Year to you. I too have had this throat/chest infection/flu thing but I think its on its way out now - glad to see you are feeling better x

Jane said...

Medal please Barb, I stayed with you right to the end word! Love your posts and miss them when you're not blogging :(
Well, poorly you at Christmas and New Year ~ so happy to hear you're feeling better now.
Love the PS Santas, they'll make a great collection if you get them all stitched by next Christmas, love the fairlisle knitting, love the craft books, love the stitchy gifts and love the cowl ~ that's it I'm all out of love!

Christine said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better Barb. Great stitching and knitting going on there andou certainly got some nice crafty bits for Christmas. Lovely to see the pic of you in Heidi's cowl.
My garden is all confused about the seasons, I've got an azalea out!

Tanya Willis Anderson said...

Lovely pictures and you have been BUSY BUSY! Absolutely LOVE that red and white knitting - so charming.

Happy 2012.

Cath said...

Glad you're starting to feel better .
Love the stitching and knitting , and lots of new stash to keep you entertained .X

jane said...

Lovely pictures Barb, you are certainly going to be busy, hope you find time to blog about all your activities!
Glad to hear that you are on the mend, such a shame about your family Christmas but good to hear you enjoyed the day with DH.

jane said...

Just noticed that you are reading "Death Comes to Pemberley". Are you enjoying it? I can't decide whether to get it or not.

Kate said...

Lovely to hear that you are feeling better.
Lots of lovely new stash - I think you may be a wee bust bunny for a while. Love the knitting and that SB design with the flowers is so sweet.
Lovely pic of you wearing the cowl, bet you were pleased to have it!

Kate said...

That should read busy!

Colleen said...

My dear Barb, so wonderful to hear that you are feeling better & on the mend....been worried about you! Lovely WIPs & I LOVE your knitting. Must be alright for your hands & wrist? Love the felted projects. I've been missing you. I'll be posting my progress on my checkered sheep, in the next day or so...only the lower border to do!!! We shall celebrate with a dance & champaign!! I printed out your picture with the cowl & you are now sitting in my stitching/craft room. My best to Martin & a Huge hug to Ollie....Miss Wrigley sends her love to her soul mate.

Mouse said...

coooo where to start ... first of all happy new year .... well done on the felt bag :)and love your knitting and your sampler above it :0 ... needle roll is sooo cute too and way to go on the PS santa charts ... lovely ornaments received and nice to see you tooo with your new cowl .. love the colour :) take care :) love mouse xxxxx

Julie said...

Super pic of you in the gift from Heidi.
Lots of excitings plans for this year, going to be fun coming and seeing them progressing.
The fair isle I s stunning, I do like that.
Fabulous gifts from the family, the wool felting purse is beautiful.

Stitchabilities said...

Lots of lovely gifts to keep you busy!!
Oh new stash!! Lovely!!

Sally said...

Love photo of you Barb. I can imagine sitting with you stitching away :)

Lovely start on the SB roll, your Sampler Girl and the cushion

It looks like you are going to one very busy lady this year:)

I am hoping for some cold weather to get rid of all these bugs and nasties. There's no wonder so many are ill with the all the mild weather we've had. Glad you hear that you and Martin are finally on the mend {{{hugs}}}

Heidi said...

Oh Barb...where do I start? Lots of lovelies here to admire. Great stitching finishes and lots yet to come. Now I just loved seeing you in the cowl. As I told you, I am giving you a hug whenever you wear it and I hope it will keep your throat nice and warm and help you get better!

I have the entire series of Twas the Night Before Christmas stockings and they are wonderful. I have only finished the first so far.

And last but not at the very least...KIRSTIE! I am a huge fan and watch and rewatch her series. I think there is far too long between. I bought the first book when it came out and also now the second. They are wonderful and I can get my Kirstie fix now just by grabbing a cup of tea and my books. :-)

Hugs from Holland ~

P.S. - My word verification on this post is dishes. That made me laugh...

Dani - tkdchick said...

I'm so glad you're on the mend! What a post! Look at the wonderful stash and beautiful wips!

Sue said...

I love your knitting project! Very pretty! Goodness you have a lot going on there! Very inspiring!

Brigitte said...

Lovely post about so many different crafts. Your red and white knitting project looks gorgeous. And your little wool felt bag is so pretty. I have a lot of instructions for wool felting but haven't had a go on it yet. One day ...
I'm sure, you will have a lot of fun with the PS charts.

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