Wednesday 9 March 2011

Have you got your dancing shoes with you

Well hello on a fine spring day and doesn't it make you feel sunshiney inside and out. I had a wander down the garden this morning the Hazel has catkins on about 3" long ,I have 2 contorted ones and was tempted to cut a twig or two but Martin is not a lover of the pollen they are full of.So instead I took a pic of the camillia.

Anyway the title was have you got your dancing shoes ,you may dance along with me because here are the finishes I have to show you, as you know I have been stitching with Sally and Colleen my Journey with Shepherds Bush,and this week I am happy dancing. In fact the girls and I danced so hard on Monday,I have had to have the feet up all day yesterday. Mind you the soothing lavender had me nodding off. As you can see I have finished it into a lavender pillow(can you smell it).

I am not sure what will be next as I had a birthday present from Colleen and this is what she sent .
So do I stitch "Lucky" or do I do a biggie hmmmm decisions.
I also had a gift for Janes birthday that I had stitched, it is a Blue Ribbon design and I also filled this with lavender ,got a thing about lavender. Do you like lavender may I ask.I also sent her a Fobbles gift voucher so I am looking forward to seeing what she is going to choose.

Talking of birthdays - Jane did send me a gift voucher from Mary Kathryns Handicrafts and I chose these, and on Janes birthday! they arrived here ,thankyou so much Jane I got these for my birdie wall.

As most of you have seen Julies blog, and the baby box I sent for Amy and baby, well I popped into Weymouth this morning to meet my friend Jean and when I got back I saw propped up on the doorstep a long green box. Inside were these:-

12 pink carnations ,gyp and fern. Such a sweet thought and totally unexpected. Thankyou Amy they are beautiful and you really shouldnt have done that. You need your pennies for the pink!!!!
I also had another suprise this week (goodness me) this came from Hazel (quietly stitching) ,bet you cannot guesswhat it is .it begins with an S , and here it is.

I had a bit of a deciding moment! should I put my crocheted sheep on my scissors or keys ,as you can see the scissors won. I did wonder if Hazel had been busy with her hook, but she mentioned in her note that she saw it and had to get it for me. I do not know what I have done to deserve such generous and sweet friends from the stitching blogging world ,but I am so touched when an unexpected comes in the post.

These next few goodies were ordered by me, and ohhh I also have another couple coming (bad girl ,bad girl) The Stitchers Journey book from Blackbird designs ordered from Down Sunshine Lane -Amy is brilliant. Just have to stitch this one that is in the book,as I live by the sea.

From Thread Bear I ordered these and want these done Now too !!

I am hoping that these designers will let me catch up before they show me anymore temptation! I seem forever to be playing catch up.
Of course I could always ask Kate dd if she wants any more to do. As you know I like to try and run one theme into another and talking of Kate here is her progress on Celtic Autumn (changed colours) ,she has not done loads and was a bit concerned I was taking a pic to show you. Silly girl -you are such nice people!

So one more finish to show you ,Jean my old school friend bought me the cream lanterny thing and I said I knew exactly what I wanted to stitch to go in or out of it.This is what I did.

A closer view,

I stitched this over one on 28count slightly spring Sparklies fabby. It measures about 2inches square. Lark by JBW designs and the "Lark" words I put on the back.
On Saturday we are off to a friends 60th birthday party, hope I may have some pics to show you as it is being held at lunchtime in a rather up market hotel . You may remember that I told you a while ago that she had major heart surgery ,she is being put on the transplant list at the end of the year. She did not think she would live to be this old,sad but she is so positive. Anyway she had a call from her son in law her daughter has had a heart attack and will have to have a bypass and is also suffering form unstable angina she is 32 with an 18month old toddler. Life is so unfair at times. So if you are reading this and suffering I do wish you well and hope that you know folks do care and from one here in particular "if you need a hug,you got it".
Well now off to re read this in case I have written a load of rubbish ,well why change the habit of a lifetime . I should finish S&S tonight on the Jane /Sampler Girl SAL on Needlecraft Haven. So another finish coming up and maybe next time i write I will have the other 2 charts I have ordered -now where did I put that needle.
Take care sweeties
Hugs n stuff
Barb x


Jacqui said...

Lovely finishes Barb. I can smell your lavender...unless that's the kilo I had delivered earlier. LOL.

Lesleyanne said...

Congrats on your finish - it is lovely. Great new stash. Gorgeous gifts received. Looking forward to seeing what next and your next finish and new stash.

Cath said...

Some lovely stitches ,and stash. Enjoy .X

Sally said...

Wahoo congratulations on your gorgeos happy dance Barb!!! My feet are still aching from all that dancing. I think I need at least a weeks rest now!! Seriously it is beautiful and I love the way you've finished it.

Very nice new stash. I'm still waiting for my BBD book. Apparently it got returned to Karen. She's had bother with international packages being returned because mail carriers have read the return address as the mailing address! Sp it was resent to me on 28th Feb!

Looking forward to seeing what you are stitching next/ Are you keeping on with Colleen and I with another SB?

Lovely gift from Hazel and those flowers from Amy are gorgeous.

Glad you are OK. I was getting worried. What are we both like?! {{{hugs}}}

Hazel said...

Woot! That SB finish is just gorgeous Barb. I love lavender. I need to buy more. I am running low. It's a fab idea to make it into that. Anyhoo, lovely gifts and stash - I need to update my wishlist lol. Right the race is on tonight - see who is first to finish. I bet it's you! xx

Jane said...

Love your finish, I've watched your progress on it throughout and it's turned out fab, my dancing shoes were all ready for the big occasion!
Naughty, naughty Barb ~ far too much new stash (lol!) and do I spy a new chart with bunnies on, Breath of Spring, well need you ask which you should stitch next?
I'll have to pass on the lavender as it sets my asthma wheezies off, but the smell of coffee now thats different!
Have a good weekend love Jane & Tilly xxx

Christine said...

Your SB pillow is gorgeous Barb, and how lovely to fill it with lavender. Hmmm, just talking about lavender makes me want to go and make lavender scones for tea.
Some great stash and gifts there too, didn't Hazel do well finding a crocheted sheepie?
I used to have a contorted hazel plant in my garden too, but it has straightened! I think it maybe it was grafted and the contorted part has died off and a plain old hazel has come from the rootstock.
Sending my best wishes for your friend and her daughter

hazel c UK said...

Happy belated birthday wishes and glad you had such a nice day with lovely gifts.

Such a delightful post with some beautiful stitching, your My Journey is lovely and the sheep is so cute.

Love the photo of you sitting on Pulpit rock, a favourite place of mine years ago.

Hazel C (UK)

Heidi said...

Sorry but I cannot dance as I am far too busy gazing at your beautiful camillias!!! :-) You have been turning out one finish after another lately my dear friend. I think you must not sleep any longer? Just wonderful and there is lavender in the air as I read this post. The little crochet sheep is adorable by the way and all that glorious stash means you really cannot afford to sleep anymore. :-)

Hugs from Holland ~

Blu said...

Lovely finish! The SB pillow looks great!

Enjoy your gorgeous new stash!

Julie said...

Beautiful camelia, must be a lot warmer down South, mine still tightly in bud.

The Journey looks beautiful, i bet it smells heavenly.

Lots of lovely new stash, there'll be lots of exciting WIP pics to see soon.

Hope all goes well for your friend and here daughter, enjoy the party on Saturday

Dani - tkdchick said...

Lovely finishes! Congratulations!

Rhona said...

What a great feeling being able to put those dancing shoes on! Great finishes, and as for the, lucky you!

Heather said...

What lovely finishes Barb. I love your new stash too.

Lavender gives me a migraine in any form. I love it in the garden, but it's no good in the house.

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