Sunday 28 March 2010

Morning has broken

I know some of the ladies over at stitch and stash will have seen this finish but not framed,so ta-da here it is in all its framed glory . Awake the Dawning Day by Blackbird designs, stitched over one on Sassys fabric Celery with the called for threads.
I also couldn't resist the music to go with it. If you dont want to listen just turn the volume down.
I think this maybe a bit long ,so if you want to go grab a coffee ,feel free!

Will do stitchy news first this week ,just to ring the changes.
I also finished for the s/s monthly challenge , 'BE TRUE'by Plum Street Samplers. Again it was done on Celery over one with DMC threads. As it was a blackbird I have had it framed for my 'wall'. Thanks to Christine for choosing this free design for us to stitch .Wonder what will be next months.

By the skin of my teeth I finished March ornie challenge over at S/S.
Entitled Merry Winter by Country Rustic Primitives ,I do like these little designs and have got 4 more to do ,so that will take me to July!!
This is stitched on Osnaburg fabric and with the DMC threads asked for. I used hairy string for a hanger.
Very simple but I like them.

I think that it is about all for my finishes, but here is my wip for QC for March,Oh I am so pleased with this.

Page 2 is finished ,onto page 3.

Sally ,Hazel and I are starting a SAL ,The Sampler Girl At home with Jane Austen. We are starting on the 9th April and I am really looking forward to it.

Speaking of Sally, this week I have been awarded by Sally The Beautiful Blogger Award, which i was so thrilled to get.
Then I had Sunshine Awards from Clare, Babs and Chris . Awww thankyou so much and I really am absolutely delighted that you think I am deserving of an award, however although I am chuffed to bits, I have decided not to put these on my blog, (I have told the ladies involved as I should hate to hurt anyones feelings )I have decided to make this an award free zone. So to all of you who read the rambling woman and comment ,you are all special to me and I do hope you continue to visit,and read me go on ,and on ,and on ,and on !! lol.

Now next is Stash for this week well on Friday I opened the door to a smiling postman, yes we have a smiley postman,and I was absolutely speechless when I opened a parcel from my Irish friend Anne , she has recently returned from NY and thought she would send me a 'few' goodies from the big Apple. Just thought I would share.

Anne visited a shop called Annies Attic and purchased some Soy Silks hand dyed threads. Of which she sent me 3, in pink lilac and cream.I hadn't heard of these threads before and I will enjoy doing something in these along with the Mandarin Floss that she sent
Also in the parcel was



Then there was this

Shaun the sheep is now hanging on my bathroom door handle. I cannot beleive that ANNE sent me this parcel of gold ,she is so very generous and she made a dull Friday into a rainbow of a day. Thankyou again so much Anne, I know you read this ,but she has not a blog of her own , her work is fantastic too and I think she should have a blog to show you it all ,shall we nag her girls as Julie and Karan did me!!See what you two started.

My purchases were these This I got from e-bay but I do like the little verse .

This one I saw and liked (because of the birds)

This one is for Martin at some stage -he likes his boaty sea themes.

AND that is All my stitchy news friends for this week.

Not much other news ,visit to the Drs this week for antibiotics, and Martin had a hospital app , Jack has his braces fitted on Tuesday. Graeme Sue and Ella came for a quick visit yesterday. Sue has to see top consultant in London on the 8th April.Good news is her dads cancer is treatable they think .Karan you will know what I mean when I thankyou for that.
Well my bloggy friends I hope you have liked looking at the bits and bobs and maybe listening to the music. I love the cherries on this background maybe finally I am getting this blog together. Please look after yourselves and thankyou for all your lovely comments , I feel so lucky to have found you all.
Hugs n stuff to all ,speak to you again soon


Lainey said...

Barb your Blackbird pieces are beautiful. The snowman is just too cute and your wip is going to be stunning.
Lovely stash from the states, look forward to seeing what you stitch with those pretty threads.

Lesleyanne said...

Your stitching is all gorgeous. Lovely new stash.

Hazel said...

Your finishes are fab. I love the little freebies too. I keep missing them on the sns forum :( too much to do. I am trying to persualde Tracy to join us in the SAL too. I am really looking forward to it. Your ebay purchases are great. Where did you find such great buys?? I can never find anything on ebay. x

Jules said...

What a great bunch of new stash!!!

Julie said...

2 nice new additions for your bird wall, QC is growing nicely too. A super parcel from Anne, what a treat to open all that. Nice new charts, they should keep you out of mischief for a while. Hope the meds so the trick and you are soon feeling much better.

I vote Anne should get a blog too. Love your birdie 'award free blog' sign.

Tina said...

Love all the new stash especially The song they sang,haven't seen that one before.
Lovely stash from Anne,can't wait to see what you you do with them (no pressure lol)
Love the new additions to the Blackbird wall(you will be needing extension shortly)
Glad you are feeling better.
Fingers crossed for Sue for April
Take Care
Tina xxx

Karan said...

Beautiful finishes, as always Barb. QC is developing nicely - another beautiful one. Fab stash all round. :0)
Hope the antibiotics are working well. Hope Sue's appointment goes OK & that her Dad's treatment has a successful outcome. Their names are in the HB, so they'll keep getting healing every week.

Mylene said...

wow! Great stash from your friend Anne as well as your e-bay stash...enjoy.

Your finishes are simply beautiful! Well done!

Tracey said...

Your finishes are wonderful! I love that little prim snowman- too cute! And what great gifts! I received some last week too- pop by my blog for a look. :)

Clare-Aimetu said...

Great stitching, great stash and I was very pleased to give you the Sunshine Award - enjoy :)

Theresa said...

Your framed Blackbird piece is stunning and I love your little freebie stitch too - I'm also a big fan of birds. Lovely new stash that you've received and I especially like your Ebay chart - can you tell me what the name of it is please?

Sally said...

Oh wow Barb! Beautiful, beautiful finishes! The BRD piece looks stunning in it's frame!

AQC is looking stunning!

Lovely new stash!

Stitchabilities said...

Lots of lovely stitching and stash.
Oh makes me want to get QC out again!!

Michelle said...

Great finishes and so much stash! I'm drooling.. :) You are motivating me to get QC on some Q-snaps!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Your finishes are fantastic. The string hanger on your ornie is so simple and rustic, it works beautifully! Your WIP is looking great!

Wow what a fantastic parcel of goodies you got from NYC!

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