Friday 28 July 2017

Julys Scavenger Photo hunt.

Hello all and firstly thanks to all who commented on my photos last  month . This one I found a little more taxing ,probably owing to the fact I left it until  the  last minute hmmmm yesterday to be exact.
So here goes :-

A representation of the  type of cranes that were used in  the quarries ,the quarrying of Portland  Stone  that was very much used in buildings in  London.

One of  the 5 Olympic rings that were erected to mark the home of Olympic sailing held here in  2012.Made  from Portland Stone.

A  set  of measuring spoons that I use most days,

The Lighthouse at Portland Bill,  I am  sure  this light  has warned many unwary sailors.

Sorry not very clear. These cottages were close to what the locals call Bow and Arrow Castle , really Rufus Castle which was built in the 15c but is now a ruin. I will cheat a bit and show you a pic of it as you can see the slits where they would have fired  the  bows from.
A frog on  a spring , in  our garden  hope it makes you smile.


As you can  see in the background the Portland Museum  is  thatched.


Pennsylvania Castle , once  owned by William  Penn, I used to do the flowers here  when it was privately owned . The hall  had a very large  circular table and we  had to make a very large arrangement to go on it . Those were the days. Now it is owned   by a holiday company who hire it out for  corporate events, It is rather grand.


Not a very inspiring photo but it does feature the right word.

I just loved this cricket at my feet. ,mind  you I would not want to encounter  one  that big lol.
So there you have  my Julys choice now off  to find how others have interpreted the words.
If you want to have a look  too then pop along and see.
Barb  .


KC'sCourt! said...

Great photos especially love the last photograph.

Julie xxxxxx

kjsutcliffe said...

Clever you! Most of your images have the theme of Portland running through - excellent. My favourite? It has to be the sign for 'Bow & Arrow' brilliant! followed swiftly by the stone cricket at your feet - lovely selection this month Barb -nice one :) xxx

Jak said...

What a lovely selection of pictures. I love the Portland stone ring and the lovely stone cricket is my favourite.

shazza said...

Great pics. Loving the lighthouse at Portland Bill.Do have a soft spot for lighthouses. And the frog on a spring does make me smile.:)

Susan Smith said...

Great! I giggled at your little froggie on the spring. Ever so cute & what we can do with springs is up to our imagination. Love your ring photo & thanks for a glimpse of around Portland, somewhere I've not visited in UK. Maybe next time we come, as it looks lovely & interesting. Take care.

Louise said...

A great collection! I love the cricket and you found a good photo for ring. My favourite has to be the lighthouse! I used to love the Portland Bill stories as a child and my parents took us to that lighthouse - there's a photo in their living of my sister and I sat by that very lighthouse with ice creams (and ice cream all over our faces!). I'd love to revisit now! Thanks for the little trip down memory lane :)

doodles n daydreams said...

You may have left it to the last minute but you have a great selection of pics and I have enjoyed all of them.


Julie said...

It's a great view from the lighthouse, must come back and see more of your lovely area xx

Mary said...

Great interpretation of the subject matter in photos. The frog made me smile:) and I didn't realize that William Penn left a very fancy estate to come to the US. Never thought of a Quaker as wealthy...I have to read more about him now.
Love the old castle photo too as we don't have building with that kind of age here, they always fascinate me. Have a great weekend. Mary

Threads through my life said...

I can relate to all of your photos. Lovely selection and so hard to choose a favourite one. But I have selected Crane, closely followed by Ring. I've never visited Portland Bill as it is so far away but it sounds lovely. The Portland Museum is interesting.

butterfly said...

What a great post love the photos .
Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful day.

Mary - Lecoeurceltique said...

A good selection of photos. It's interesting to see how you interpret the words.

Christine said...

Great photos Barb

Barbara said...

I am thrilled with the picture of the castle where William Penn once lived. I am originally from Pennsylvania (which means Penns Woods). To think you were working at the castle while I was living in Pa. Something more we have in common.
The remaining pics are also great. I personally like the spring frog and the cricket. Love seeing your pictures.

Tina said...

Lovely photo's x

Anonymous said...

It's a great view from the lighthouse, must come back and see more of your lovely area xx

simplenaturalhandmade said...

A great set of photo's. How amazing that several of the scavenger hunt participants have springs like your frog one in their gardens! I must get hold of one and make a sculpture!

Astrids dragon said...

Fun photos, I love the cricket!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Great photos, I like the way you have interpreted each prompt word.

Sally said...

Wonderful photos Barb x

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