Friday 23 October 2015

Catching up at last!!! warning it is a bit long

Here we are another month almost gone and again I am so far behind in catching up with this old blog of mine. I know some of you are going through worrying times you know who you are and thoughts are winging your way, Talking of winging your way I  have just sent off my annual Halloween exchange with Tina (no blog), I will show you what I sent and what I was sent. I put together the things in the verse and wrapped it all separately
Mine to her.
I stitched a Notforgotten Farm design, Of wicks and wax ,and bits of string, and thoughts of Owls on the wing, of cats and crows and spirits high we wish you well this Hallows High. I bought a calico bag and attached the the stitching to it  Tina is hosting a meet up of the Needlecraft Haven ladies at a needlecraft store ,I thought it might come in useful. She will probably need 2  lol.
So I  bought a beanie Owl, and cut up a few bits of string, the white candle has a crow and ghost on it, and the card had the cats on. The trick was the confetti but I took it  out of its wrapping  so it would be a spooky mess lol, the black yankee candle was Witches Brew. I think she liked it.I wrapped it all in spooky napkins.
Will show you a pic of the really nice goodies she sent me later . Thanks Tina for the Halloween Exchange 2015 Here is to next year.
I have had some finishes to show you too. I have started my Christmas cubes this last Monday and here it is .

I  used tiny sequins I had for the bell clapper. The picture does not  show the sparkle.These will replace Mondays Halloween stitching.  Sally who is sal with me , is trying to get her AOTH  Blackbird designs  finished so she  stitches those while I am doing the cubes. On Fridays we stitch  the  CCN ornaments and I have finished 2 since  I last  wrote. At least I do not think I showed you Holly Jolly. 

Here is the latest one to be  finished , Birdhouse and I am now stitching  Merry Merry ,we are both rather giddy as it is a sheep!!next time.

On Wednesday I was in the parlour at Needlecraft Haven and I finished Louise and Henry. I am going to put it on a bag as  I did with Tina's Halloween one , and use it for keeping my wool in.Do you think that is a plan. So you see Barbara in Orlando, I stitched it ,thankyou for the gift.
Saturday  I stitched on my Strictly UFO piece, The sheep is now outstanding in its field with a new addition to the flock due this weekend. 
It is very crumpled I am afraid. I got quite excited when doing the sheep so maybe I shall have another finish soon and Miss Julie and Mr Stick who host the ufo nights will give me brownie points towards the glitter ball . 
2 new starts this week for me,  On Sunday whilst watching the rugby I decided to pick up my Blackwork journey,This one will take a while I am sure , just hope my eyes play nicely. This is a large project and I will pick it up as and when . It has 131squares and I have the outline done for 6, Wish me luck.
The other one is to replace Wednesdays L&H, it is Moonlight by LHN and here is where its at ,
We have not been out and about so much as Martin has had his archaeology hat on and has had several courses to go on. More time for me to do my thing wink. He has been busy with his glass too and we now have a pumpkin sitting next to the witch in the window. Have taken a pic for you to see, but it is better when the sun shines through as his mouth and eyes shine an orange red colour like flame.

So all  set for Halloween here, just got to polish the broomstick Just for you here are a few bits and bobs round the lounge.
This is my tin pumpkin bought my son when he went to the U.S.
I have another cauldron with Take one my pretty and a witch on .

I expect you know most of  the designers of the various things.Hope to get more done for next year.
A slight mishap there with alignment. . Ju st have to show you the beanie owl.

So last but certainly not least Tinas  Exchange parcel to  me. It arrived and was opened to reveal.
Inside the orange  piece of felt that was  held together with a purple headed pin.was this ,and I love it love it.
Can you guess what is in  here.
Oh how lovely is this,I had not seen these before. Tina always finds something a little different.

I think this was a little treat but I cannot eat this so the grandchildren ate it for me. Really yummy they said. Alfie the youngest said Can you come to our for Halloween Nannie, and bring all your Halloween stuff , that would be really cool.Hmmmm!!!!
Then I even had a parcel from the cat.

Oh wonder what is in here ,could it be fish, or a mouse no NO NO.Yes you have guessed it's the

RAT .......
Such a lovely exchange ,thanks Tina . I was bought this little trinket when Martin did a craft fair last week.He thought I would like and yes I do.

Also this week I have been reading about Lyn and her shawl so I bit the bullet and sent for this, it is  
sooooo soft.
It even came in this white bag .It is for 2 shawls ,I have started the pink.The other arrival was the latest book from Kate Morton,
I am reading another new one at the moment, Spectacles by Sue Perkins.,I think I have probably got to the end of my missive. Hope you all have a good Halloween as I will probably not get back before. Take good care of yourselves and thanks for any comments , I know how it is , its so good to visit your blogs but then I get sidetracked into looking for things you mention and it simply slips  my mind.  Quite a  lot slips my mind these days , I almost forgot to stop typing. 
Bye for now 
Spooky wishes


Barbara said...

Dear Miss Barb, I love all your Halloween goodies and I also have that LHN Moonlight design to do for Christmas. Maybe I'll start that next because I finished the Shepherd's Bush Sheep Joy to Ewe and I can't wait for you to start'll love it. I love those yarns you bought....I'm a pink lover and that shade is lovely. Funny we are both working on shawls now also and I also have that same thread winder. Please give Ollie a hug from across the pond and stay warm on those walks. Louise and Henry looks so nice....I still have mine to make into a pillow...maybe this weekend.

Christine said...

The two exchange packages are wonderful, nice idea to finish the piece as a bag. I did laugh at the rat! It could have been so much worse you know...
Beautiful stitching as usual, I love your birdhouse ornament finish, and speaking of birdhouses, that little stained glass one is just adorable.

Vickie said...

Oh Barb, you have gotten a lot of Christmas stitching in already. I have not started due to this wrist. Drat! Love your many sheepie projects. That Blackwork Journey is going to be spectacular!

Tina said...

Wow love your Halloween decorating,can i have a sleep over? Love everything! The cubes look gorgeous finished,Martin is so clever with his stained glass, very talented pair😀. Love those orange pumpkins,are they felt? Love,love,im going to have to come back several times to take it all in.thankyou for a lovely exchange,loved mine and the bag will come in handy(with a suitcase) when i go to Nimble Thimble.will have to get my thinking cap on for next year.The sheep looks lovely and great idea to put it on a bag,just like mine.lovely wool,i can't get in to knitting,used to a while a go,but limited time,i need to stitch.

The ornies look lovely too,ive only stitched 3 of them so far,and haven't made them up yet.
As usual i have wrote an essay.
Take care
Tina xx

Christine said...

OMG ~ What a wonderful post! Looking at all your pics is giving me such an itch to FINISH my stitched fall pieces sitting in a drawer so thank you for sharing them!

And I've never seen The Primitive Hare blocks - so adorable!!

Sally said...

Oh wow Barb it is lovely to see a post from you and it's filled with so many lovely things! Love both exchanges! I had to laugh at the rat!

Your Halloween blocks look fantastic as does all of your Halloween/ Autumn pieces.

Martin's stained glass pieces are aamzing.

Love your Louise and Henry finish and your WIPs are gorgeous. Your new start for the parlour is going to be so pretty. I love your ornament finishes too. I haven't made up the birdhouse yet but I must get it done.

Looing forward to seeing your shawls. Love the colours.

Julie said...

A post full of delightfulness. A great Halloween exchange, fun goodies you both included with the lovely stitched pieces. Your Halloween decs look super. Lots of lovely etching happening, will enjoy watching your black work develop. Pretty shawl wool, that does look sift and snuggly. Martins glasswork is beautiful.
Live and (hugs) x

butterfly said...

What a great post Barb, LOVE LOVE LOVE your halloween display.
All looks great.
Your stitching is looking great so much you are working on right now , I see loads of sheep ha.
Lovely exchange with Tina.
Can't wait to see your next post , hugs and a Happy Halloween.

Brigitte said...

What a great exchange you were doing with Tina. Great stitched gifts and goodies were sent. And your Halloween display is really exciting. There are some wonderful pieces to look at.
Happy stitching on all your newly started projects.

Andrea said...

What a great post. Your Halloween display is fabulous. Lots of stitching going on too.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Hi, Julie sent me over here to admire your Hallowe'en Cubes! I have just finished stitching mine and plan to start on the Christmas ones for next year.

Yours look amazing all made up and are a real inspiration to me to get mine done too!

The exchange looks like a lot of fun, love the trick rat at the end! Your decorations look great too. I'm sure your family love coming to visit at Hallowe'en time.

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