Friday 7 February 2014

Wind ,Rain and Rough Seas ,with a little stitching for good measure

Well here we are and we are deluged by rain and horrendous wind. The beach defences at Portland have not been able to hold back the sea and the area known as Chiswell has been flooded. The little inn that we went to last year for my birthday in the pic below.
has a picture from yesterdays paper showing the sea battering the wall to the front of the picture , the inn has had its downstairs and upstairs windows broken by pebbles being flung at them. 
I just hope the beach holds as I think we may have problems if it was flat. It has been there for a good many years so I think we are pretty safe. I somehow do not think I shall be going there for my birthday this year.Talking of which thanks Michelle I have put the little gift and card away . I still get excited at birthdays except I wish they wouldn't come round quite so quick and the three score years and ten is looming it will be here before I know it. Age to me really is just a number and I shall start reversing the years when I get to that age or perhaps I should start now..Those of you who have been hit by these storms I am thinking of you and wishing for a little spring sunshine to dry all the puddles ,that have become lakes,up. Stay safe all.
Now before I start sharing pics with you can I THANKYOU for your continued comments it does mean so much to me to see them appear. So now on with the show. 
The header pic is Portland of course and here is a photo of the sculpture that is named"The Spirit of Portland"it is a fisherman and a stone-mason.
This stands on the road up to the top of the Island,which is not really an island as it is joined to the mainland by a road now which runs alongside Chesil Beach. Another view of the same sculpture.
Taken last Saturday by Martin as I was watching the Rugby and so he went out to take photos-note the blue sky!!!!!!
This was Weymouth Beach last Monday ,we had been shopping and thought we would show you a relatively calm day ,there were lots of dogs enjoying themselves.Speaking of dogs ,Ollie was 11 this week and when we went for our afternoon walk in the fields ,his friends he meets everyday, came rushing over not to wish him a happy birthday but for the dog biscuits I keep in my pocket.!Scuse the pic of me .
This is Blizzard the ever hungry one, wherever we are if she is in the field she finds us. More often as not followed by the "gang".
Bailey the running staffie is usually a close second. Red coat is Poppy, a rescued lurcher, Sky is a rescued greyhound. Boomer the beagle, Oodles is a cross as is Dennis, and Mollie. Reva is Baileys mate and lives with him. Haven't got a clue what the owners names are but know all the dogs.
Seems they all know me too and gather round for their treat. Can you notice who is missing , Ollie!, he goes off when its bedlam and does his own thing.
I will get Martin to take a better picture of me than a well bundled up short woman in loads of clothes and a stupid hat and walking boots. So my friends I expect you would like to see a little stitching and a little stitching you shall have. Here is my  last Saturdays progress on Rosey.

While out shopping I bought some fabric which will make Rosey into a cushion.One day! 

Also this came this week and although the green looks grey it a lovely sage green with slate blue and brown trees. which I am using to back my 12 days. 

Speaking of the little stitcher and the 12 days , Sally and I start the 3rd day tonight, but these are the first 2 finished.

1st day,day of gifts Had a disaster when finishing this I have not used this method before and did not get it straight, for those of you who know me ,also know I do not do straight, so I am pretending the tree on the left has a lean cause of too much snow. Could not adjust it as the glue had set.I am not doing it again so it will stay. The next one is Day 2 The Day of warmth, I love the little descriptions that come with each one. 

As you know I am having a Christmas winter theme all year this year apart from any exceptions I may make. This is another finish this week, My man in red. Prairie Schooler 2004. There will be more of these throughout the year.

This is stitched over one. I am looking to do 1999 next. I wandered off a little there ,nothing unusual about that I hear you say. I was showing you this last weeks progress. After Rosey last Saturday ,on Monday I was stitching with Sally on the penultimate (whoo long word there) , sheepie and here is Gratitude ready for their border on Monday.

I shall be sorry ,as will Sally, to see this series end. Got to get thinking head out of the dusty cupboard and dream up a way to finish them.
On Wednesday I was stitching (catching)snowflakes in The Meadow, this was in the Parlour over at NH.
The fabric needs an iron sorry.
Last night saw a new start , another wintery design which I shall perhaps show you next time as I have only done a roof. So have I bored you to tears yet.
I may be back a little sooner than usual next time I may have birthday goodies to show. A rather large cardboard package came this week but it was nabbed by Martin and made its way to his hidey hole before I could investigate further , I do know he has a couple of books for me (I did mention subtly (not) that I would like or even need them.
Martin has his craft and art organisation that he is the chairman of ,their Have a go day is on this weekend and so he will be out.Anyone can go along and have a go at the various crafts i.e. Stained Glass, textiles e.g. felt making , needlefelt, anything to do with textile, lacemaking, art, beading, rag rugging and lots more. I am hoping to get a little baking done as G,S and Ella are hoping to get down on Sunday.
 The tribe will be here on Tuesday as usual, it was quite amusing last Tuesday. I did all Alfies 7 favourites, He had 2 digestive (not chocolate, )biscuits and a drink when he got dropped off here from school. Then I did Lasagne the Tuesday favourite,apparently no one does lasagne like me , I think that may be flattery. He had garlic bread peas and chips and a second helping of chips with that and then I did apple crumble and custard. Kate was sitting opposite him and she could see him desperately trying to eat the last couple of spoonfuls. She said he looked at her and pointed to his forehead and said Mummy I am just too full. He was ok after a sit down quietly.Kate took the 2nd lasagne home for Jack with garlic bread and pudding which he demolished at 11 at night. I do like to feed them all well. So shall I offer you a piece of Kates favourite Lemon Cream Pie..

I shall be making this for Graeme ,Sue and Ella this weekend if the weather does not prevent them from coming. It is a little frustrating that I can no longer eat things like this, I usually have yoghurt . I must think on the bright side as I am 3 and a half stones lighter now. Iwas hoping to get to 4 by Sue and Graemes silver wedding in April but it is coming off so slowly now.Ella has a hockey match in Weymouth ,more like a mud fest. AND I have just looked up from this and it is Raining!!!!!!
So on that depressing note I will try  to uplift you with a pic of the little bit of spring I have in my kitchen.

Pussy willow and daffs would could be nicer. Enjoy your week and thanks for staying with me. To my birthday twin who has not got a blog ,Angela have a fabulous day . 
Take care all and keep safe and dry.
Love Barb 


Sarah Beth said...

Your stitching is super cute. Love the tree fabric. I also love the finishing. How do you get the bow on top to look like that? That green handyed fabric looks lovely too reminds me I have some as well

Carin said...

We also have a lot of wind overhere ! I love the pictures you made... love the one in your heard.
Congrats with Ollie's birthday and I realy love your red coat, I think its beautiful !
Rosey is going to be a beauty when you have it finished with that fabric and the fabric with trees is perfect for the 1 days.
Maybe an idea to mark the line with a pencil on the back of the linen, on the place where you are going to put your cardboard. I always mark my line when I make pinkeeps, but I love how you made the first two.
Your other stitching is also wonderful. The meadow is on my wishlost too.

Vickie said...

Happy Birthday Ollie! My, what a lot of friends he has!! I had to laugh Barb. I am the same way as you. I do not remember or know the owner's names, but I know the dogs names. ;)

stitchersanon said...

Oh I love the pics of the dogs...that is just so cute. Please be careful: we have friends near you and have been watching the news..I hope the weather this weekend is a bit more kind on you. Lovely stitching!

Kate said...

Do you think the other dog owners call you Dog Biscuit Lady!
Lovely stitching update - I haven't started my 12 Days yet as I am still working on my French SAL - yours are looking great - I too love the description that comes with each day.
Well done on the weight loss, I know what you mean about it slowing down as I'm still trying to get rid of the last few pounds.
Stay safe and I hop that G, S & Ella aren't hindered by the weather.

butterfly said...

Lovely post again Barb, you have moved on with your stitching , I love your new start Rosy .
What can I say about the weather here it is now even getting me down.
Happy Birthday to you and ollie .
Take care and have fun hugs .

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday to you and Ollie Barb. The weather is dreadful. I think of you when I hear another storm is moving in. Beautiful stitching xxx

Julie said...

Birthday wishes to Ollie and early ones for you too.
What a lot if dogs, Barbara Woodhouse would be proud of you giving all of them a little treat.
Super finishes and I love the green fabric for your parlour stitching.
I hope Martin gad a good turn out for his group on Saturday and that the weather was better than they predicted thus weekend for you.
PS Santa's are so lovely, I keep say I will stitch another if them.

Clare-Aimetu said...

I love your ornament finishes Barb

I have been thinking of you in these storms (and everyone else affected) I have fond memories of Weymouth and Portland

Simply Victoria said...

Cute fabric you picked for Rosie. Happy Birthday to you and your sweet pooch.

xstitchatoz said...

Great pictures, love the beach ones with all the dogs. Happy birthday to you and Ollie! Well done on your wintry ornies and I think the rosey fabric for Rosey will be perfect, can`t wait to see the finished cushion! Happy stitching!

Sally said...

Love the photo of you with all Ollie's friends!

I hope you are safe down there. We had terrible winds last night and I know it was worse for you. All this wind and rain is horrible. I've never known a winter like it.

Lots of lovely progress. Love Rosey and the snowman. Your 12 Days are gorgeous and the fabric you're backing them with is perfect. Can I ask where you bought it from please?

The PS Santa is so cute.

See you tomorrow. I think we'll need an ark :(

Stitching Noni said...

Happy birthday!!
I have been seeing the pictures of the horrendous conditions in the UK on the news... I can't believe the weather you guys have been having!!
Your stitching is lovely :)
Fingers crossed Spring comes real soon and the storms go away!!
Take care,
Hugs x

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