Sunday 26 January 2014

The sun sets.....on another day

Hello everyone, yes I captured the sun setting while out walking with Ollie the other evening, it was rather a magnificent sunset and I for once had my camera with me. This is looking over the fleet to Chesil Beach in the background. Since then we have had still more rain and as I speak it still is .

These were taken the same evening , I was really pleased with these too.I wish I could paint. So after causing much merriment in certain quarters this week, I took the dogs medication for epilepsy as well as my own. Don't ask me why , I think senile dementia is setting in, I did not know if to call the vets or the drs. No one home with me so not able to get through to drs I called the NHS helpline who after finding out what was wrong connected me to a clinician. She was quite concerned as Ollie is on quite a high dosage ,so she had to phone the Poisons unit in Cardiff and would call me back . Ok Now I start to panic, perfectly calm before she said that. Anyway not long to wait before she called and said I was below the toxic level. Phew!! But I may feel sleepy. I had phoned Martin to tell him and hmmm I could almost hear him sniggering.
He then told Kate dd, so then it began. Kate texted him at work and asked if he wanted her to come and let me out at lunchtime. Lots of other comments as you can imagine. They are now out of my reach.
Tests at drs are no different than last time but she is still needing me to have a scan. So I wait and she will see me in 6 weeks for more blood and hopefully results of the scan. Still having pain in that area so I am needing to get it sorted. Thanks for all your good wishes and I am sure I will be fine.
Well I have a few bits of stitching etc to show you. Today was reveal day over at the Christmas Challenge held by Christine at Needlecraft Haven. She had chosen The Little Stitcher Design a freebie . Here is mine.

I made mine into a needle cushion with a Kelmscott Needleminder ,I did enjoy this one and hope to get Februarys done too. I have managed to get Quaker Diamonds framed too and here it is sitting on the mantle shelf.

I also have finished Kindness the Little Sheep Virtues and here it is.
Tomorrow sees the start of Gratitude with Sally. On Fridays talking of Sally ,last week Sally finished her Jardin piece and this week we started out 12 days by the Little Stitcher I did not get much done but this is the progress I made.
I finished the Jardin piece and backed it with pink fabric ,here it is on the wall.
On Wednesdays in the Parlour I have been stitching In the Meadow and here is how far I have got in building my snowman.
Then my ufo with Miss Julie and Mr Stick was practically non existent , I am going to frog the letters I have done (another one of those ,why did I do that moments)as they are totally the wrong colour (dark). Here is Rosie anyway and next time I hope to get a little more done to show you.
Also hope for a better picture next time. I have stitched a little on my man in red but he is so small it is not noticeable yet, so save that for next time too. 
I have started Gillian the tortoise for Caitlin grandaughter who is 16 but loves tortoises and turtles. Ours is not to question why? So the colours I have chosen are.
I think she looks rather sweet. Caitlin said I had made her day when I showed it to her. Alfie saw a scarf he wants me to knit him from the same magazine. Katy Jacks girlfriend wants a penguin ,so I am on the look out for a pattern. Why do these things snowball.
The tribe came over for dinner this week so we were 9 and it looks like 9again on Tuesday next and then 7 on Thursday. It is so lovely being a nanny.
On the book front it gets no better I am afraid it is a weakness of mine. I have read 4 books this year and at the moment I am reading one that came this last week.
The Storyteller. I think this one may take a little longer to read. I have just put in a request to Martin for my birthday which I saw on Jacquis blog Bunny Mummy. It is A Fine Romance by Susan Branch. Will show it you when it arrives. Bit early but it may be hidden.
Now in the voice of Cyril Fletcher (who remembers him) Pin back your lugholes . This is the Squirrel Ode by my daughter Kate that I have been promising to show you for ages and this last week she found it.

The Lament of a Squirrel.

My name is Cyril Squirrel Esquire,and this is my tale of woe,
For I have been evicted,left with no place to go.
I'm a very well trained animal , (rodent is such a nasty phrase),
and I am looking for a nice new home in which to spend my days.
I was living in a lovely place,kept me warm and dry at night,
then evicted without notice ,what happened to squatters rights?

I'd been a model house guest,no wild parties ,music always low,
To find myself out on the streets it really was a blow.
The couple I lived with are humans Graeme and Sue,
I loved them both so dearly,I thought they loved me too.

Graeme fed me every morning,breakfast delivered without fail
I knew that I could count on him ,come rain or wind or hail.
THEN one morning I had a shock , my breakfast wasn't there ,
Graeme hadn't served it , had he ceased to care?
I don't know what I did for the situation to turn grave,
It seemed to stem from the day I popped my head out of the loft and gave a little wave. 

My fears were soon to be confirmed a man came to get me out, 
Please do not evict me ,was all that I could shout
I didn't get time to pack my stuff-had to leave a lot behind
Perhaps one day I shall return, perhaps they'll change their minds.

I've thought of how I could persuade them,perhaps to let me stay,
Maybe part time work at Sainsburys so I could pay my way?

If this is not to be though,whatever shall I do?
Have you got a nice warm loft,could I come and live with you?
I'm not worried about insulation,if its dry its fine with me,
After all ,its got to be better than going back to a bloody tree!!

written by Kate for her brother Graeme who was having problems with a squirrel.

Hope it made you smile. Something from me to you .For staying with me this far.
Some pretties that are on my window sill. Take care have a wonderful week and I will try and stay off the dog biscuits and out of his medicine cupboard . 
Much love Barb.x


butterfly said...

Oh barb what a funny post, you sound just like me , I keep spraying my hair with air freshner , they may put us in the same home ha.
Love all your stitching , love your hanger looks great.
Also love the squirrel verse so funny.
Beautiful photos such beauty . hugs.

Vickie said...

The Lament of a Squirrel is hilarious!
Quaker Diamonds is gorgeous.

stitchersanon said...

Love the stitching. Just beautiful. Had a small smile at your medication issues, especially about not knowing who to call. Sending hugs xx

Clare-Aimetu said...

So glad you were OK after your doggie mishap :-)

Quaker Diamonds looks great framed and I love your Positive Thinking hanging.

Great Ode to Mr Squirrel too

Christine said...

Great stitching Barb, the Quaker Diamonds looks stunning framed.
David says it's the cooler air at this time of year that gives the clearer light for sunset pictures. Yours is a beauty.
Had to laugh at Kate's squirrel poem

Shirlee said...

So many lovely stitchings! Cute squirrel verse : ) Praying that your tests will bring good news!

Julie said...

Kate's squirrel poem is fabulous, gave me a giggle this morning.
What a super sunset pic, ahhh the joys of Chesil Beach and all it offers.
Positive looks wonderful and Quaker is stunning in its frame.
Beautiful flowers on your windowsill, so bright and pretty.
Enjoy the reading, some nice choices you have there.
Lovely tortoise, I like your colours and love your challenge finish, thought you might do that one being a sheepie.
love and {hugs} xx

Kate said...

Barb I fear there is no hope for you - fancy taking poor Ollie's meds! I have to admit to a wee snigger myself.
QD looks fabulous framed up and positive thinking is gorgeous too - I'm still working on mine.
Knitting is something I haven't mastered but would love too.
Enjoy your busy mealtimes - reminds me of home life when I was younger, not really sure how my Mum managed to feed all of us.
Have a great week.

Tina said...

Lovely photos,love Nikki French...just waiting for the Thursday one now,
QDLooks fab as does your other finishes,love the fabbie you stitched the challenge on.
Great Squirel poem


Carin said...

Oh my, you did a lot of stitching. i love the sheep ornament !!!

Carol said...

Lovely sunset photos, Barb, and your stitching is so pretty. I've just stitched my first two Sheep Virtue pieces and am finding myself addicted :)

Michelle said...

Love the lament really made me smile. Beautiful stitching Barb x

Andrea said...

Barb ... what a great post, love the lament and oh the knitted tortoise is so sweet. Your Quaker Diamonds looks lovely framed, as do all of your WIPs.

angelasweby said...

Oh gosh, Barb, so glad there was no serious repercussions after taking Ollie's medication!! I can see that it would lead to a lot of doggie jokes though :-)
Your stitching is lovely. You seem to have so much on the go and have finishes quite regularly. I love the Little Stitcher design. It's so pretty on that fabric. Your framed Quaker Christmas looks stunning. What a wonderful achievement.
I love the Squirrel poem. It has a nice gallopy rhythm :-)
Finally thanks for those beautiful sunset photos of Chesil Beach. What wonderful memories they evoke!!

Sally said...

I am way behind on blogs Barb but here at last!

I hope you've had no lasting effects from Ollie's medication. I think we all do silly things. I started spraying glasses cleaner on my hair once instead of heat spray. Hmmmm!

Lots of lovely WiPs and finishes. Love the way you've finished your challenge piece.

I shall see you this evening for day 3 if you are ready. Let me know if you're not and I'll stitch on something else for tonight. I bet you've told me you've finished it and I've forgotten!

Hope you are OK with all this nasty weather. I saw Portland on the news last night. Keep safe.

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