Wednesday 24 October 2012

Alfie and the witch

Hello my dears, well it is almost Hallowe'en so thought I would share last Saturdays comment from Alfie with you. I had set out the mantle shelf with the Hallowe'en bits and bobs. Kate popped in last week with Alfie who was very intrigued by pumpkins and witches. On Saturday we were asked to have the boys for a couple of hours and standing by the front door Martin heard Alfie say to Sam ,"Sam come and look at the witch in the  front room,(I was in the front room!!) Martin was seen to smile !!.
Anyway although I am not a witch (a Christian through and through) ,I do like witches and Hallowe'en type things. So I decided to buy this from The Primitive Hare ,just awaiting fabric to arrive.
This will not be done for this year I may add.
Thanks so much for the comments last time, Barbi asked which designs I liked in the JCS Christmas ornie book, well I have 5 marked to do and I am not sure which to start first. Meantime SAL with Sally we decided the first Sal after Blackbirds ceased singing ,was an ornie for Christmas ,I finished mine this week but have not put it together yet. This is LHN it is snow cold. I really enjoyed stitching this one and now have to get the sewing machine out to finish it .
This is not the only one I am stitching of LHN at the moment as you know I open the doors of the parlour on a Wednesday over at Needlecraft Haven and we stitch on any design from LHN ,CCN or The Sampler Girl. Julie and I are doing the same design and here is my progress up to now.Last Wednesday when all the ladies had gone I picked up a book I had been loaned.

Must admit it spooked me out a bit, but I had to sit with it on Thursday until I had finished it. I have also got some knitting finished that you can see.This is my 3rd Shawlette and it is so Autumn to me.

I thought I may do some fingerless gloves and sent for some wool yesterday it arrived today. So tomorrow I shall be doing a little knitting.

I have now decided to have a wool basket ,the basket Martin made is fab-u -lous ,but dont tell him I told you lol. I was going to put my berries and birds in it but they looked a little lost. So hence the wool.

Taken outside .and then taken full-ish inside.

He has been busy of late trying to get things made to sell at our annual craft fair in a couple of weeks.

 He was in the workshop the other day and with all the rain etc its a little slippy underfoot. I decided to go our in unsuitable footwear (flip flops)I can hear what you are thinking silly woman! Yes you guessed it ,coming out of the workshop the earth moved under my feet and there I was having a mud bath. Oh yuk. Not a lot of damage though apart from a few more aches to add to the pain .
 So I had to have a shower and a sit down. Which calls for a trip to Amazon and these 2 arrived a few days ago.
I have all the cottage tales and this is the last one I am sorry to say.

So my catch up with you is almost at an end and just one more pic to show you of another new start ,hope to get it finished by Christmas (famous last words) .
Now all that remains for me to say is I hope your week is a good one and that you wrap up warm against these cold winds etc that are on their way. Take care and if you would like to leave me a little word or two it is appreciated as always.

  Hugs n stuff.


Vickie said...

Hi Barb. I have read all the cottage tales and I was sad to see them come to an end also. Such enjoyable reading.

Julie said...

Lol had to smile, out of the mouths of babes, as they say.

Lots of lovelies you are working on, the shawl looks beautiful and nice wool for the mitts.

Great new Halloween chart you have purchased.

definately time for a treat after your fall, enjoy your reads. Are you still using the kindle? Or like a few people I know have reverted back to the paperback books (they have said, the kind,e is too much like work looking at a screen and are not feeling so relaxed when reading using it)

WTG Martin, beautiful glasswork, they are sure to sell fast.

Much love x

Michelle said...

Oh bless him my friend. Love your Boughs of Holly chart stunning. Thanks for sharing your photos with us xx

Cath said...

Lovely stitching and knitting , and the glass pieces are really pretty. Hope you are ok after your fall. I do things like that too ,lol. xxx

stitchersanon said...

aw bless. A lovely stitchy post. I don't know the cottage series so will have to look it up when I get back from quilting group! Thank you xxx

Tina said...

Haha,that made me smile,children are so funny

Lovely shawl,my colours too although I prefer the summer season.

Poor you,hope the bruises have diisappered.

Love your new chart,I'm not surprised it won't be for this year,only a few days until the 31st

Great new start,looking forward to seeing the rest

Take care

Fingers crossed I can postxx

jane said...

Lovely post, Barb - great knitting and stitching and Martin basket and glasswork are great too.

Christine said...

Great stitching and knitting Barb. I love the new Christmassy start.
The basket Martin made is indeed fabulous (and I totally read your comment in Craig Revel Whatsits voice). I fear I could never have my wool on display like that, my cats would have a field day!

Carin said...

I left a comment on my blog to the questions you ask :-)
I love the halloween pattern you bought, its beautiful ! Love your stitchings too. And that shaw is so beautiful so knit, great job !
Good luck with your new stitching, hope you can finish it in time.
Have a great weekend.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Lovely ornament finish!

Sally said...

Lol @ the witch comment! Made me smile.

Love your Snow Cold finish. It is so cute. Nice start on Boughs of Holly. Very pretty.

Lovely knitting too. How are the mitts coming along?

Love the basket Martin made.

I hope you are OK after your fall {{{{hugs}}}}

angelasweby said...

Barb, I love looking at your Halloween stitching and your lovely spooky displays. Your blog header is absolutely brilliant. What a great little aside comment from the boys :-)

We are doing our birthday twin bit again :-) Not only am I just about to start stitching It's Snow Cold but I also recently received my copy of The Tale of Castle Cottage :-)

Can I ask you if you if you used Ecru for the snowman? I thought it looked just a little too beigy. Yours looks great.

I've read all of the Beatrix Potter takes and am so sad that this is the last one. I'm going to savour it.

I love your gorgeous shawlette. The colours are so Autumnal. They must be really useful to just throw over your shoulders to keep the cold out. The fingerless gloves will go perfectly with it. I'd love to have some and may have to dig out my dusty knitting needles! What a fantastic basket Martin made. How lovely to store your wool in something so wonderful.

Glad to hear your bump didn't prove too painful but it must have shaken you. Remember for next flip flops in slippy weather :-)
Angela xx

Fabric Quilt Shop said...

I just love the shawl. Wish I could do something like this but quilting seems to be my thing. Cann't stop looking for fabric and it's not hard to find when all I have to do is go into my fabric shop. You have such wonderful projects and I love seeing them.

Brigitte said...

There are some great Halloween pieces in your blog header - and more to come next year as I can see, lol. I love that Primitive Hare design. And the ornaments you are stitching.
I'll go and see if I can get that Littlewood book in the library. Sounds very good. And I have some books of Susan Wittig Albert on my book shelves, it might be time to put them on my soon-to-be-read pile.

Solstitches said...

Love the blog header Barb and I enjoyed the boys and their witch conversation lol. The book looks interesting.
Your shawl is gorgeous - love the colour of the yarn you chose.
The basket is just perfect for knitting projects.
Lovely cross stitch finishes, WIP and stash aquisition.


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