Tuesday 7 February 2012

A little bit of sunshine

I suddenly lost all I was doing so hope I have not published by mistake. Anyway these few daffodils add a touch of brightness to a winters day and although we have not had snow ,unlike many here in the UK it has been mighty cold. Due to the cold pain kicked in toward the end of last week so stitching had to be put on one side and the warm snuggly knitting was brought out to play. I now have this sitting on the sofa.
I think Graeme is impressed that it got finished, he knows what I am like with knitting. Anyway still on the subject of knitting , I was browsing (as you do) and saw that Rowan and Deramores have teamed up and are doing a Lazy Snood on Ravelry. So I ordered the 2 balls of Rowan wool on Friday last and downloaded the pattern. On Saturday I started it and here I am with it now.
The colour is called Fog and is a grey blue lilac colour very pretty. Still have a way to go with it yet. I am thinking this blog entry will not be very long as I have not much to show you this time.I did stitch last Tuesday on Quaker Diamonds and shall be out with the needle and thread tonight. This is how it is looking at the moment. I do not know why I put it away last year in the basket of unfulfilment.
When it is time for bed I do not want to put it down as I know it will be a week before it is picked up again. Last evening being Monday , I ventured up to Sallys (she has snow) and started the pincushion Merry Be by Shepherds Bush Here is the point I stopped.
So there you have it folks, but before I go I would like to thank those who took the time to enter the giveaway and leave a comment. I shall be choosing Winners on Tuesday next as it is Valentines Day. Hope you all keep well and if you want to enter and haven't leave a comment on the previous post. If I remember rightly and gosh my brain (what little I have ) is so fuddled these days, someone asked me who the designer of Simple Joys was - it is Shepherds Bush. Now off to put rice pudding in the oven (Ollies favourite) who may I add is STILL suffering with his feet, vet said last night he is stumped and would we consider sending him to a skin specialist in Hampshire> DEEP JOY. Take care hugs n stuff Barb


Michelle said...

Beautiful daffodils Barb - I love them they definitely brigten up anyones day. I love your knitted cushion it looks lovely well done.
Keep warm and well xx

angelasweby said...

Barb hi,
Lovely post as always!
Rice pudding is my favourite too so I'm on my way over :-)
Sorry you had to pack up your stitching due to being in pain but something positive definitely came out of it. I absolutely love that little pillow with it's Nordic like design. It's perfect for this time of year. The snood is making good progress too.
I keep meaning to start SB Merry Be and seeing yours has inspired me.
Pretty daffs! I've got some Tete a tete by the window and they are brightening up the whole place.
Have a good week dear friend :-)
Angela xx

Sally said...

Your knitting is lovely Barb. I love the colour you chose for your snood.

Gorgeous progress on Quaker Diamonds and love your start on Merry Be. I know you'll love stitching it.

Hope you are keeping warm down there. Still chilly up here so shall be glad when the heating comes on!

Those daffodils are so pretty. I have some just breaking through the soil.xxxx

Brigitte said...

It's a feast to the eyes to look at these wonderful daffodils. And looking at them makes me long for spring - which is still so far away. When I go out into the cold I can't even believe that it will ever be warm again, lol.
That snuggly knitted pillow is just perfect to keep your heart warm. And I hope it also helps to lessen your pain.

butterfly said...

Lovely Daffodils makes you feel good , Great Knitting I use to be a big time knitter now just can't seem to put my needle and thread down I just love my cross stitch.
Your wips look fab, and how I still love your header, have a great week.

Hazel said...

Your knitted cushion is fantastic. I am very impressed. Your snood is coming along lovely. Lovely colour. Great stitchy progress too. x

Mouse said...

ooo lovely daffodils and love your wee cushion too and that colour fog is gorgeous ...
your wips are coming along beautifully and glad you got to sally's ;0
poor wee ollie with his feet hope some one can get him sorted out soon :) love mouse xxxx

Julie said...

Ooooo I love the knitted cushion, so gorgeous.

Nice wool for the snood too, have seen this on a few blogs, wondering wether I can resist it any longer.

SB looks smashing, such a pretty design.

Mr Stick is thrilled with QD, it's growing beautifully

Take care in the cold, apparently it's going to be -10 here tonight, yikes!!!! Hope DH shares his hottie bottle in bed lol.

Deb said...

Your knitting is wonderful - such a perfect thing to do when it's cold outside! Love the Fog yarn - such a pretty color. Your stitching looks wonderful too!

Christine said...

Great stitching Barb and I love the knitted cushion.
That colour would have been my 2nd choice for the snood. You've got more of yours done than I have of mine.
I see on the facebook page that some people are knitting theirs in Cashoft Aran, I've got some of that lying around so I might have to make another

Lesleyanne said...

Love the colour of the wool you are using for your snood. Your cushion looks great too. Lovely progress on your stitching.

Kate said...

Barb your posts always bring a little bit of sunshine.
Love your knitting - that. Cushion is fabulous. QD is looking lovely and great start on the SB design (my brain is fuddled and I can't remember the name of it!)
Hope Ollie gets some relief soon.

jane said...

Love the cushion Barb, and the snood is knitting up nicely - I am very tempted to order some wool and knit one!
I am sorry to hear that you are suffering in the cold weather, hope Ollie's feet improve soon, skin specialists for dogs - whatever next!

Elisa said...

Some beautiful knitting and stitching Barb :0) I love daffodils too, they just brighten up the room don;t they xx

Tina said...

Daffs are my favourite too,they definitely cheer you up.Love,love the cushion,well done you it's fab.
Love the SB,the stockings are fab,not like mine for the op,they were white and thick lol
QD is coming on lovely too
Keep up the good work

Anonymous said...


Just found your blog.

Beautiful daffodils - so very spring like and cheerful.

Lovely stitching and knitting. Your snood looks great.

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