Friday 20 May 2011

All along the backwater among the rushes tall,

Ducks are a dabbling ,up tails all.

This was taken last weekend ,we went to Graemes at Wimborne and had a walk with Ollie down by the river. As well as the speedy ducks, gliding along all serene was this
and following a discreet distance behind (no not Ollie although he desperately wanted to join them) was her mate.

Anyway my little swanducks how are you all, I have to say I am a lot better this week, apart from the back which I will not go into here ,just saying I am sitting here with a bottle(not gin) tucked firmly on it and not moving a lot.
Thankyou all so much for my welcome back comments, was I gone that long ! Hope your weekend is as good as ours last weekend. We spent Saturday with Graeme Sue and Ella as I said earlier. Graeme cooked a 30minute recipe from Jamie Olivers book and it was so yummy. I did try and get a pic for you but got his hand instead and when it was dished up we were so intent an just eating it I forgot. Here is the scrummy chicken dish complete with Graemes hand.

Then on Sunday ,Martin and I spent all day in the kitchen cooking for Kate and her family and mil. Phew at the end but it was nice.
It is a bit of a birdy theme post this time, as we started with water birds, how about another one-

Just had to take a few of him - I think he has a split personality he thinks he is a garden bird.

I think the birds are desperate for water ,apart from the ducks etc of course, and so is our garden ,the front needs sorting so don't look too close. Another visitor in for a drink with the sun showing all his wonderful colours in his feathers was Mr Magpie.

continuing with my birdie theme I visited Christines blog ,Alchemey Stitchcraft and she had a mention and pics of some fabulous fabric she had ordered. So as you do, I went and had a look at Fabric Inspirations website and WOW!!! HAVE they got some fabulous designs. I only succumbed to 2 one of which I cannot show as it is for an exchange piece. However I can show you this

What do you think ,isnt it gorgeous , I can see some cushions in that and even Martin liked it. I may even have to think redecorating around this just love the colours- so Christine thanks for the link ,will let you know if Martin thanks you too when I show him the paintbrush .
I have had a little stash too this week ,one I cannot show that exchange again, but I ordered this yesterday and got it this morning and it had only arrived in the shop at 3 yesterday afternoon. This was from Chris at The Nimble Thimble she is so brilliant for SB designs.

Now do I do one of these or French Heart for the SB sal with Sally and Colleen , think it will be French Heart first,so that is next Monday sorted. Speaking of Shepherds Bush and the Sal this week saw yet another happy dance (wonder if that is how I did the back ,just too much dancing !)with Sophies Roses ,will show you front and back.

As I have lost my tame framer and am running out of wall space I thought another little cushion was in order.
As well as the SB sal ,I am also doing a sal with Jane Austen and The Sampler Girl designs over at Needlecraft Haven as many of you know and this week I finished my other bedpost design a TSG design but changed the colours. This is the letter from Darcy to Elizabeth.

What do you think?
I am not the only one who has been busy Martin has been busy with his glass fusion, and I am delighted with these two that he finished, first a votive holder for a lovely lavender /lemon yankee candle, it stands about 3 inches tall.

I hope to have more to show you of his work when he retires -if you want to see- but the other one he did was this little dish .The dragonflies are copper sheet punched out with a dragonfly punch . Brass sheet and little wire coil.All sandwiched in between 2 sheets of glass and fired in his kiln.

I think that is all my news for now, so I will wish you all a very good weekend, we are hoping to get in the garden this weekend ,and so I shall end with a pic of our Rhodendron that is not going to last too much longer.

Take care all and we will talk again soon. Please leave me a comment I do like seeing who is reading this waffle!
Hugs n stuff


Barb said...

This is me writing a comment to say Christine is at The Alcymysts Study a dur moment there sorry Christine.Barb

Sally said...

Oooh Barb you have two lovely finishes there. Happy dancing with you:) Looking forward to seeing you Monday with French Heart unless you change your mind and start one of your new ones lol!

I was going to ask you when I reply to your email where you get your SBs from but you've answered my question here! Is she quite good with her prices?

Lovely to see the photos of the birds in your garden. I love watching them in mine. They can be rather comical at times!

Martin makes such lovely things. He is so clever. The dish looks so pretty.

{{{{hugs}}}} Will reply to your email soon.

Lesleyanne said...

Two lovely finishes. I love the backing fabric on Sophies Roses. Great new stash, I particularly like Sophie's pincushion. Great pictures of the birds on your walk and in your garden.

Lisa said...

Lovely photos Barb.
I love your new stash items, I'm really getting to love SB designs, going to have to work on adding more to my stash in the future lol.
Well done on your cushion finishes, they look wonderful.
Your DH has done some fab glasswork, love your votive holder, the lemon/lavendar yankee candles are my favourite, followed closely by Fresh Cut Roses and Baby Powder lol.

Michelle said...

Lovely photos Barb - I always enjoying seeing your pictures. Your TSG finish is lovely - I also have this chart to stitch. It does look lovely stitched up xx

Jules said...

Beautiful birds! Love the swans!!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Definately lots of birds there! Hope your back is feeling better.

You have two lovely finishes!

Colleen said...

Love the bird pictures! The swans are very regal looking, gliding on the water. Martin is quite good at his glasswork; please let him know I compliment him on his artistic ability.
Sophie is very lovely. I love the way you finished her. Fess up now Barb, you happy danced so much that you ended up with a sore back! I told you not to start the tango, with a dip to the floor.LOL. Hope your back is on the mend.
Like TSG finish. Now you are matched on the bed posts. Oh, love your SB additions to your stash; I have to stop drooling over them. Wow!! The bird fabric is awesome, Barb. I have to have some. Please tell, who is the designer? I wonder if I can find a piece here in the states?
I'll be seeing you and Sally for SAL, Monday night. Can't wait to see your start on French Heart & Sally's new start. As for me, still stitching along on Checkered Sheep. I would like to be finished or close to it by my birthday in July.

Karan said...

Great birdie pics & I so love that fabric. Very nice stash & two beautiful finishes Barb. LOVE Martin's glass pieces - he really should be selling these! Very much enjoyed my catch up. Just hope that you start to feel much better soon - healing vibes & gentle (((((((((hugs))))))))) coming your way. :0)

Elisa said...

Wow Barb so many lovely things to look at...not sure where to start...loving Sophie's Roses...think I need to add that to my wish list...Love Letter is beautiful too, it's on my to do pile, some great stash too xx

Julie said...

Lots of lovely piccies to see on here this week, i bet your walk along the riverbank was lovely, its so nice to see wildlife out.

Graemes dinnere looks really tasty!

Super stitching, Sophie is lovely. I've never ordered from the Nimble Thimble will have to check them out.

Hope you had a good weekend in the garden and didn't do any more damage to the back xxx

angelasweby said...

What a lovely post full of inspiring pictures. The birds are definitely thirsty and desperate in the case of that poor gull :>)
I've been away for just over 3 weeks so have missed a lot of your news, Barb but I'm slowly catching up.
I love your SB finish. It's so pretty especially with that gorgeous backing fabric. I also love your stash. Can I ask where The Nimble Thimble is? Is it the one in Buckinghamshire - very near me, or the one in Shropshire - very far away from me...haha! The Buckinghamshire one has a website but no mention of cross stitch, only fabrics patchwork and knitting. I love the little SB kit and the chart stash.
The love letter from Mr Darcy is really pretty finished up as a little pillow. I need to scroll back and see the other one you've made.
Lovely glass pieces from Martin's talented hands.
Hope the back is better soon. Maybe the gin bottle might be better after all :>)
Warm wishes Angela xx

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