Wednesday 2 June 2010

Make a cuppa and pull up a chair!

At last I have an update for you. I do hope so anyway, if this laptop behaves itself,it has almost taken a trip through the window this last couple of days. I get things all typed in then it all drops out and I lose it all. I have changed the header pic please do not think you have got eyesight problems , its blurry ,I thought I would show you these sweet lily of the valley that grow just outside the lounge window and smell gorgeous.
I have been out and about in the garden with some pics for you to see. I have stitchy things to share and and some stash to show you too as the camera had a problem too last time ,all sorted now, it is just the person that uses it that has the problems now lol.
Well firstly a Rak from Sally , how pretty is this, I do read a lot which Sally has picked up on and so this will be used everyday.Thankyou so much Sally I love it. It is typical Sally colours and is just so delicate the whole thing is just lovely.Are you ready here it is.

The pics are clickable if you want to see them bigger.
The book that is shown is clled In Praise of the Needlewoman and is full of pics of needlewomen stitching.
I think I will do alternate pics of garden and stitching this time.So here is a picture of our Clematis that climbs its way over the garage roof which I can see from the kitchen window.

Now a little story, a little while ago you may remember Julie sent me Seymore bunny to help me with my UFO projects, he carried in his hand a stick ,supposedly to help him hop along ,but I think it was to whack me with when I was not stitching!! After a while he fell for Rachaels bunny and was disappointed when she did not return his affections, so as a last resort he advertised for a mail order wife. Of course he never dreamt anything would happen, but one day to his great delight a bride arrived in the form of Miss Rose, a wedding took place,again you may recall the pics of the happy pair. Well time passed and being bunnies they got up to what bunnies do best and along came Maisie and Millie. You are beginning to wonder where this is leading arent you, well a few days ago in time for the Monthly Challenge at STitch and Stash, Miss Rose had a birthday and the girls and Seymore gave her a new apron and Seymore gave her a crystal bracelet.The chart for her apron was Tulip Time by Bettys Primitive a freebie. When I saw it I just had to stitch this. It is stitched on Osnaburg fabric.

I think Seymore and Maisie had gone into the garden to see the old man who lives near the bottom of the garden but they must have been behind a bush looking for something nice to nibble so couldnt take a pic,

Our garden is a bit untidy but pretty in places.
Of course being spring my next pic has to be my latest finish ,Oh dear Heidi not another Happy Dance .This is my CHS The Song they sang ,stitched on Sassys French Cafe over 1. It will be framed at a later date when I do a couple more for the birdie wall.

Hope you are still with me!!!!
Talking of spring we have a flock ,well more than one family, of starlings visiting the garden at the moment and wow do they get through the food. We put a block of fat with fruit and seeds in every day. We are very lucky and have a great assortment of birds that come to feed and drink just outside out lounge window (they can smell the lily of the valley too when they come for a Despite being on a busy road ,we are set back a bit so they are not really disturbed. Even Ollie sits in his chair to watch them. So a pic of the baby starlings waiting for breakfast.

Well this is working quite well , we do have lots of places to sit in the back garden and I shall be out there in the summer no doubt. The summer house (theres posh) that Martin built 8 years ago when he was made redundant ,before he got another job.One of the places to sit ....

Can you see what I see lurking is it a "PURPLE FROG".

Just in front of the summer house, is a raised bed that we did when my dear Mum died,as she is buried 300 miles away ,I wanted a place I could call hers, so this is Mums garden.

Right back to the stitching and here is yet another May finish which is the Monthly Christmas Ornie Challenge over at Stitch and Stash .I finished this from the JCS 2008
By Full Circle designs,I finished it into a pillow and I am quite pleased with it.
Yes they are SHEEP in the pic with it.

I am still stitching on Quaker Christmas and have finished page 3 ,but have not got pic of that ,you will have to wait until next time.
Meanwhile back in the garden another place to sit is futher up and you may just catch a glimpse of Phoebe she has been carrying the pot for quite a while now and we never hear her complain!!

On the other side we have the gravel and water feature that was a 40th wedding anniversry present from the children.

Are you dizzy yet all this toing and froing.
Well you know that I faithfully stitch every week on my UFO night with Julie and Mr Stick, (tongue in cheek here) I found this little gem in my box of abandonment and here are the pics that show the weekly progress it is Generosity by Drawn Thread.

I think that is all my stitchy news apart from stash that may have to wait until next time or even a post all to it self lol.
I have couple more of the garden one is of the decking area that we did a couple of years ago with the water feature that i have now planted. Yet another place to sit, we often have meals out here.

I am not going into family news suffice to say I think it is ongoing to those in the know. Although I will say my DH Martin will reach 65 on Saturday and although he has decided he wants to do another year (probably to buy me more stash lol) we are going out for a family meal . His mum bought him this fab rhodedendrum for his birthday.

On that pretty note I will say Happy Birthday to him and its see you next time from me.
Take care all and many many thanks for all of those comments and if you have stayed thus far well done ,and the tea is cold!!!
Hugs n stuff Barb.


jane said...

Great stitchy pics Barb - I love Miss Rose in her new apron and your bookmark from Sally is beautiful. Great to see the pics of your garden too, it looks lovely.

Tracey said...

Beautiful garden! I love an untidy garden myself, much prettier and more natural! I mailed S&S to you today- was going to enclose a bird freebie I had but I forgot. :( I think it is ok to copy so I will scan and email it to you if I can remember! Love your WIP- the sheep are sweet and your finish is lovely!! I love all the pictures!

Lainey said...

Barb your garden is just beautiful, thanks for sharing all those lovely pictures.
Your bunnys area adorable and what a sweet apron for Miss Rose.
All your stitching pieces are gorgeous.
Hope your hubby has a lovely birthday.

Hazel said...

Oh what a lovely post! That is indeed a very funny bunny story. Your stitching and finishing are just perfect Barb! Beautiful garden pics. x

Julie said...

A very lovely post to read, your garden looks wonderful, perfect places to sit and read ot stitch in the nice weather.
Happy Birthday to Martin, i hope you have a lovely meal out.
Great stitchy pics, Miss Rose looks pleased with her new apron, tell her to help out with all the ironing!!! LOL

Melanie said...

Lovely garden pics! I wish mine looked half as welcoming as yours.

Kathy said...

Where do I start?

You garden photos are simply lovely. So beautiful, colorful and restful. I absolutely love the little summer shed/nook. It looks like the perfect spot to sit and stitch and be out of the wind. Just lovely. Though I'm not so sure Rory would leave it that way. He has a tendency to run through my garden and lift hi leg to water all the flowers. Sigh


Gorgeous stitching too. I especially like that CHS one. Over one??!!?? That makes it even more beautiful.

Stitchabilities said...

Beautiful pictures ,both stitching and garden alike.

Mylene said...

Great post, Barb. I always enjoy my visit here. Such beautiful pictures-garden flowers and stitching.

Happy Birthday to Martin. Hope you all have a wonderful day tomorrow.

Tina said...

Hope Martin had a great Birthday and that he had lot's of lovely stash LOL
Your garden piccies are lovely,love all the ornaments.
Stitching is lovely as always and love Sally's RAK
Reading your blog made me a bit more cheery
Tina xx

Susimac said...

Gorgeous pics of your garden and stitching. Can I come and sit and stitch there with you.

Loved the story BTW of Seymour and Miss Rose, her apron is beautiful, she looks a pretty bunny.

Heidi said...

Oh my Barb, we really must quit all these dances we keep Love your finishes and the bunny apron is just so sweet. How lovely to receive the RAK gift. I think little things like this can really make a difference in our lives. But so can being in a beautiful garden as yours is! I could sit with you there and stitch the day away.

Sorry to hear you have problems with RA. Mine is actually a combination of it starting and having Hashimoto's disease. Boy, that frame is such a great thing. It really makes a difference.

Hugs from Holland ~

Sally said...

Wow Barb your garden looks absolutely lovely! The perfect place to sit and stitch on a lovely day :)

Miss Rose looks lovely in her new apron:) What a lovely idea.

Love your finishes and your WIP. The CHS one is just gorgeous.

Happy Belated Birthday to Martin!

Karan said...

Lovely RAK from Sally & lots of beautiful stitching too. I adore the bunny apron. Barb I am so envious of your garden - it's gorgeous & so interesting, with all those feature/sitting areas. Hope mine turns out half as nice & I'll be happy! :0)
Belated Happy Birthday to Martin - glad you had a lovely time. Hope the other things settle soon (((((hugs))))).

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